Born in San Antonio, Texas. Blake has always been the best at what he has set his mind too.

Blake finally got his revenge on Nick Lopez at The Last Day when he spiked Lopez head into the mat injuring his neck which has forced Lopez to give up his wrestling career.After finally getting rid of his nemeses Blake set his sights on to bigger things,the SCI Heavyweight Championship. Blake won the title when he defeated fellow Centurian Cooter Boone in one hell of a battle. Blake went on to successfully defend his title ten straight times before being beaten by Red Hansen. Blake has become a cornerstone for SCI as The Centurians and Hard Time have made an uneasy alliance to make all of SCI fall under Centurian Rule. Blake's career is on the rise and who knows what the future holds for the bright superstar.

In March Blake made his debut in OWL where things began sort of slow. Blake couldn't buy a win if his life depended on it. However his mind was taken of off that when he arrived to collect the bounty on the head of Galactic Avenger. Blake was all set to collect on the bounty we he ran into someone that has consumed all his time. This person being "Acid Rain" Chloe Celex. Blake has tried to show Chloe that woman can't wrestle and have no place inside a wrestling ring,but does she listen? NO. Why? cause she's stubborn,just like a woman. he also has formed a tag team with Jonathan Merrick,though not by choice. They where teamed together by Merrick's Agency when Blke came to OWL to collect the nounty for Avenger. However,hey've done surprisingly well as a tag team even garnering tag team of the month in OWL.

Blake has arrived in VSW after his long absence. What business does he have in Vegas? Only time will tell.

Blake has become one of Vegas' great champions, according to him anyway.


Brash,arrogant, cold hearted. Likes to embarrass and belittle people. Refers to everyone as "scrub" which you all are.


Power wrestler,likes to inflict pain to opponents. Will bust out a submission move here and there but power is what gets the job done for Blake.

Favorite Moves

Fallaway Slam
Pumphandle fallaway slam
Double Arm DDT
Falcon Arrow
Overhead belly to Belly suplex
Release Northern Lights suplex
Flying Shoulderblock
Cobra Clutch Bulldog
Cobra Clutch backbreaker
Cobra Clutch suplex
Brainbuster DDT


Discus clothesline
Yakuza kick
Forehand chop
club to back
European Uppercut


Cobra Clutch
Buffalo Sleeper

Signature Moves</h2> Pain Trip: Package Piledriver Spinal Break: Is behind opponent as he lifts them on to the top rope.He picks the opponent up in a reverse samon drop and does a reverse Death valley Drive Crash Landing:Styles Clash Neck Fracture: Gets behind his opponent and performs a half nelson suplex right on the neck. Crusher: Lifts his opponent up in a fisherman suplex but holds them over his head before dropping them down on their upper back, move mostly used on smaller opponents, (Ki Crusher 99) Face Planter: gets behind his opponent and wraps his arms behind them as if to go for a tiger suplex. he lifts them up but instead of backwards he drops them forward as he sits down performing a face buster. Chest Collapser: Gets behind opponent and picks them up in sort of a reverse fallaway slam position. He then swings them around to his side as he drops to one knee and drops their chest right onto his knee. Pumphandle Driver: Move starts out as a pumphandle slam but Blake sits out as he drops his opponent head first to the mat. Snap goes your neck: Blake picks his opponent up for a Muscle Buster and drops down to his knees so his opponents necklands on his shoulder. Slingshot Sitout Powerbomb: From a position in which the opponent is sitting across the wrestlers shoulder, Blake bounces the opponent's back across the top rope. Blake then spins around, using the momentum to powerbomb the opponent. Basically he does power moves and tries to inflict as much pain as possible. He tries to overpower avery opponent he faces and adapts as best he can to whatever style his opponent uses. >Accomplishments
3x VSW Heavyweight Champion 1x VSW Television Champion 1x VSW Tag Team Champion 2x SCI Heavyweight Champion 2007 VSW Ironman Stable of the Month (Crisis intervention-Aces High-May 2007) SWA Most Improved Wrestler-December 2006 OWL Tag Team of the Month April 2004 SCI Most Hated Wrestler of the Month March 2004

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