Basic Info

Sebastian Cobain made his debut in PRW on October 25, 2005 as Enigma. In less than a year, he was the first (and two time) PRW Xtreme Champion and the first X-Division Champion (A combination of the PRW Xtreme Championship and the PRW Cruiserweight Championship). He was one of the first PRW Hall of Famers, and still continues to make his mark to this day. He was nearly killed by Spite in April 2005, but made his dramatic comeback a few months later. He is one of the founding members of Debellation, the most dominate group in PRW history. He was also a founding member of Debellation II, a reincarnation featuring former stablemate Wraith. He's also been a key player in Genocide II and an established singles wrestler. He's a superface, and wrestles for the crowd. To this day, he holds the record for most titles won when first brought into PRW with two titles.


Sebastian Cobain has had an interest in Professional Wrestling since he was four years old. He grew up through the 90's scene of wrestling, watching World Wrestling Federation more often than not. To this day, he has been known to watch the first ever Ironman match between Shawn Michaels and Bret "The Hitman" Hart before big matches to pump him up. You roster has also told us you can hear various punk bands, mostly The Germs, Crass, and Aus-Rotten, blaring in his lockerroom before matches. He has received numerous complaints and fines for Public Neusance and Distrubing The Peace.

Pre-PRW Days

Sebastian Cobain hooked up with former PRW Champion Wraith long ago on the streets of Los Angeles. The two of them, along with their two beautiful girlfriends Chriztine and Angela, lived day by day in the worst excuse for a squat known to man. After a bad drug deal, the four were forced to leave town. They hitched for almost a week up to Seattle Washington, Sebastian's old stomping grounds. It was here they got their lucky break. A talent scout from XHCW (X-Treme Hardcore Championship Wrestling) saw them one night tagging together to bring in a few extra dollars for rent and food. The two were unstoppable as a team. Both competors, both barely under six feet tall, could take on any team that came in front of them. To this day, they have never lost as a tag team.

After that night was over, a man named "Spyder" came up to them and talked Sebastian into a contract with XHCW. Wraith however, was not impressed and got his start a little later on. With Sebastian's check coming in weekly, the four were able to move into a small two bedroom trailer and decorate it quite nicely. Sebastian was fired from XHCW after refusing to job his Light-Weight title to the GM of the company. Taking a page out of Shawn Michaels book, he intentionally connected with the throat of the GM, causing him to become extremely short of breath and too weak to kick out. Sebastian was fired fifteen minutes later as he was getting out of the shower.

With no source of income, the four were on the verge of losing everything again. Violating his contract, Sebastian wasn't entitled to any more money. So they took the last eight or nine grand they had left and flew to the PRW gut check. It was here they blew away the competition like always, and were both offered a contract. Heidi Amazon, liking Angelas' style, also offered her a contract to PRW. Everything was great. They had three months of professional training before they could join PRW for good. The four of them couldn't be happier for each other.

During their training, they added a new addition to the "family". Chriztine, who had been eight months pregnat at the time of the gut check, went into labor three weeks early and gave birth to her and Sebastian's son, Draven Vincent Cobain. Sebastian insisted that he stay home and take care of her, but she declined his offer and instead had Angela remain with her. Sebastian and Wraith flew out to train, and once again proved they were the best tag team. But then in September 2005, tragedy struck.

Sebastian received word that his two month old sons health was failing for unknown reasons and it was taking a turn for the worse with every passing minute. Sebastian was granted access to one of PRW's private planes and was flying home within twenty minutes of making that phone call. He stayed at home, never leaving either of their sides, for close to a week. And then, tragedy struck the household.

Sebastian's son Draven had developed asbestos because of the unhealthy living conditions they had before living in the trailer. Two days later, Sebastian's son passed away after only being two months and three days old. This devastated the couple and Sebastian's wrestling goals were completely shot. Wraith was informed of the news and flew back for the funeral. Sadly though, there would be more than one funeral. Chrizitine, who was still weak from a very horrible birth, couldn't take the strees caused by the death of her first born son. She passed away of unknown causes, but was later diagnosed with "Johhny Cash Syndrome" (Death from a broken heart in lamens terms). Devastated, it seemd as though Sebastian wouldn't continue. After weeks of persuasion from Wraith and Angela, he finally decided to join PRW.

PRW 2005

Against the wishes of Wraith and Angela, Sebastian decided he didn't need to stay at home and was hellbent on getting his first match out of the way. Sebastian would enter his first match against Jester Colt Jackal and Jordan Xaviers, who would also be debuting that night. Sebastian had this match in the bag (JCJ was added into the one on one match later on, turning it into a 3 way) until the introduction of JCJ, which caused him to lose his focus and lose his first match. Pissed off to no end, he cut a promo asking to make a tag team. Wraith answered obviously, but not before the Wu-Tang Clan could come out and use this chance to embarrass the new guy a bit. This didn't last long though as Wraith and Angela made their presence known and Wu-Tang high-tailed it out of there. Within less than two weeks, the still unnamed faction recruited PRW General Manager Heidi Amazon and established singles wrestler Crys Maire and the team of Debellation was born. The most dominant faction in PRW history was now going to be unleashed. It was also during this time that under the supervision and convincing of Wraith, Sebastian changed his gimmick from Grunge Rocker to a Crow gimmick. He was referred to by fans as "The badassness of Vincent Perez mixed with the soul of Brandon Lee". Sebastian for once in his life could finally look around him and see his "family" as he refereed to it as.

In the Debellation era of PRW, Wraith would come to win the Undisputed Championship of Internet Wrestling and Heidi would be crowned the Women's Champion. Sebastian finally started to find his ground and his losing streak was finally coming to an end. But all wasn't well in paradise. A love triangle between Heidi, Wraith, and Angela occurred and Sebastian wouldn't have anything to do with it. Pissed off because his best friend refused to listen to him, he set his new gimmicks attire on fire and put back on the grunge wear. He went his separate way from Debellation, who would now have random members coming and going on a weekly basis. During this time, PRW owners Russ and Matt Caje would come into the stable, the very people Debellation were fighting against in the first place. Sebastian watched as the stable crumbled, not caring what happened to anyone in the group anymore.


The big problem about leaving Debellation was the fact that he was now open game for Wu-Tang clan, who Debellation called out constantly and made many inside jokes about. But Sebastian wouldn't have to face this on his own. Together with The Inquisitor, Advocate, Jason Sensation, and Angela; they formed a group known as Anti-Tang, which in turn had many jokes cast their way. That didn't matter though, because for the first time in PRW History a stable was able to take out Wu-Tang clan, including their two newest additions Jordan Javeirs (gimmick and name change) and Nador Tancna. The group walked out with their heads held high to the sound of forty thousand screaming fans.

Shortly there after, Sebastian befriended former arch-nemesis' No Fear, Assassin, and Souljah. It all started when Sebastian was heard playing "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam in his locker room as No Fear was passing by. He opened his door and Sebastian stood ready for conflict. Instead No Fear signals down the hall and almost as if out of the blue his own guitar and amp were delivered to him. The two began a jam session that would become the start of their friendship, and something so much more in just a few short months.

Also during his leave from Debellation, Sebastian started getting his shots at gold in PRW. Proving that he could go toe to toe with the best in the company and still get up for more, Mr. Bucks decided to put him in the spotlight. He had a build up loss to Souljah in a cage match where he preformed and connected with a Shooting Star Press from the top of the cage. Missing his landing, he quietly whispered to Souljah to end it because he couldn't breath. Souljah then took care of the rest and climbed the cage and grabbed the belt. fans voted it the best match of the night and wanted to see Sebastian in another title match. Within the next month, Sebastian would make enemies with two new comers from TWFX: Spardis and Mimic. The two technical brawlers took shit from nobody, and in turn gave no respect to anyone else. Sebastian made history again by becoming the first man to make Mimic bleed, a feat many had tried and none had completed before. This lead up to a conflict and feud between Spardis and Sebastian, which would end at the PPV for the Xtreme Championship (which would debut in the hands of the winner). Sebastian barely walked away from this one as champion and less than a month later was defending in a zero gravity chamber. In a match filled with fire, bloodshed, and no gravity; Sebastian was able to take out Joey Dynamite and sustain his championship reign. The following month would be the peak of the Sebastian and Spardis feud, and quite possibly his biggest moment in all PRW history. Here he was able to beat the odds and climb a tower to get the championship belt. That night he was holding the newly introduced X-Division championship (Which was a combination of the PRW Xtreme Championship and the PRW Cruiserweight Championship. For the first and only time in PRW history, Sebastian Cobain became the one to win two championships when they were first introduced to the PRW world. He was on top of the world for a change. Debellation had long since split up and no one in the group was doing as well as he. Wraith had lost his championship, as had Heidi. Sebastian, making the choice to leave his best friend behind for a period of time, turned out to be the smartest thing he could've ever done.


You can't stay on top forever, and this was proven as Sebastian answered an open challenge from a man who dressed like King Diamond and simply went by "Spite". He was on an undefeated winning streak and Sebastian decided to end it. He comes out to the arena to answer Spite challenge. While standing on the entrance ramp, a pyro chain tilted on its side without anyone noticing and when Spite was supposed to engulf the area around Sebastian in flames, he in turn set Sebastian on fire. Sebastian would flat line later on in the hospital and was almost buried alive in a non-scripted accident. The undertaker, forgetting some equipment in his car, was forced to head back. He there met an apprentice undertaker and struck up a conversation with her that would take around two hours. When he came back to start draining the fluids out of Sebastian, he was startled to see him jerk and scream. Heidi Amazon, real life close friend (though they played enemies on PRW since his split from PRW) was informed immediately while at his funeral no less (due to family reasons, an empty casket was placed in a graveyard while Sebastians still burned body lied at the morgue) that he was alive. She drove and flew to pick him up, and brought him back. Using money he'd saved from his merchandising cuts, he was able to afford plastic surgery on his face and upper chest to help get rid of the burns as much as possible. To this day he is still shot from far away whenever his shirt is torn off because of his self-consciousness of his burns.

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