Sebastian is a born again Christian of sorts, except leave out the Christ part of it. With strong views on religion, Cross has spent most of his life angering people with his outspoken views. Considered a master of suggestion to other people, Cross made his debut in the T.F.W.F. in 2005 grabbing a brief reign as the T.F.W.F. Hardcore Champion on that night. Cross regained the title the week after his first title reign on Monday Mayhem. The new found fame associated with Sebastian Cross certainly had the likes of Tempura and James jealous and a 20 minute Hardcore title match was booked at AA6. Pandemonium ensued, but Cross was able to regain his title twice during the 20 minutes including the most valuable pinfall of them all the final one. In his early run in the T.F.W.F. the aerial daredevil was certainly turning heads.

Not long after Cross joined part of the movement to overthrow Axis and did something people didn't think many could. Grab an impressive victory over Blake True. His hot streak continued in 2006 getting all the way to the semi finals of the KOTDM tournament before he was eliminated. He wasn't just turning heads now, he was becoming a household name. This was the platform he used to launch a new attitude and look.

The new look and new attitude that Cross employed was not settling well with the fans in 2006 as he turned on them when they were supporting new guys such as Donnovan Midas. Cross then launched a series of attacks on Midas leading to a match at HN06', but it wasn't to be for Cross as Midas picked up the win and took the Hardcore title. However, on the following Monday Mayhem thanks to the help of Shane Anderson, Cross regained the Hardcore title for a fifth time. This time the success was short lived as Cross was indivertibly pinned by Terry Heart when he was being stretchered out of the arena for the belt, but the real story was his developing rivalry with bad boy Joey Lupino whom Cross detested. Cross couldn't stand the big mouthed Lupino and the two crossed paths on many occasions.

The two were then set to face one another at D.O.G. 2006 where Lupino would defend the European title against the returning Cross. On the build up to the PPV, the match became more and more personal as Joey's family got involved. Cross manipulated Christopher Lupino (Joey's brother) into aiding him at the PPV and used this to capture the European Championship. With the rematch scheduled for DD7, the question was what would Cross do next in his mind games war with Lupino. The answer in their rematch became clear as Cross beat Lupino once more, once again thanks to a little help from Christopher whom it seemed Cross had pushed to the brink of sanity when he pulled a gun on Joey at the end of their match! Despite this reaction, the feud would not go away, Lupino found himself imprisoned weeks later when his brother turned up dead, with the court case pending, many were pointing the finger at the devious Cross, but Cross certainly had no evidence against him. When Lupino got out on a lack of evidence he challenged Cross to their final match at Hard Steel 2006 in a fitting Hell in the Cell, with pure hated on his side, Lupino toppled Cross on this occasion in one of the most brutal matches in T.F.W.F. history.

After putting himself through a tremendous first year of highs and lows in the T.F.W.F., Sebastian Cross was awarded the 2006 Rookie of the Year award. Another change of direction seemed in order for the rising superstar as he formed an alliance with a fellow new wrestler Trevor Karm looking to take the tag team ranks by storm.

Injury forced the release of Cross in 2006, but he secretly resigned with the T.F.W.F. at the IS06' PPV and impacted the IC title match taking down all three men and costing Mitchell his place in the match.

As Cross went through the opening months of 07' a few changes were seen in him as he became more of a fan favourite. This was particularly apparent when he defied the odds to become the 2007 King of the Deathmatches. The win catapulted the controversial Cross into the limelight and booked him a place in the Hell's Prison Match at Highlight Night 2007 with the winner guaranteed a title shot at Death or Glory 2007. Once more Cross put on a stellar performance, however despite getting down to the final two in the Prison match he was unable to topple Samson. But things were not so bad for Cross who has propelled himself into the spotlight and entered a feud with a man well known to him Sandy Makel. In the month of April the two met in a one off classic where Cross got the better of Makel and was crowned the brand new Intercontinental Champion.

It seemed the psychological edge was firmly with the Prince of Mindgames Sebastian Cross going into Death or Glory 2007, but Makel had a joker up his gambling sleeve, announcing he and Selina had secured the adoption rights to Meredith Cross, Sebastian's daughter! This turned the usually collective and rational Cross into a mess as he tried to deal with the personal trauma that was now being inflicted on him by Makel. As time developed it was revealed Makel used the adoption scandal as a means to psychologically unhinging Sebastian Cross, it worked, but it also fueled a light under Cross which saw him decimate Makel on route to retaining the Intercontinental title at D.O.G. 2007 and putting Sandy Makel out of T.F.W.F. action.

After finding out that his daughter was never born, resulting in the adoption being a ruse, Sebastian Cross set his sights on exacting his revenge on "Uncle" Rhys Pect - who had assisted Makel in the entire ordeal. Cross and Pect met at Dependence Day 07 with Cross' Intercontinental Championship on the line. To even further stack the deck, Ian Monks announced that the TFWF Heavyweight Championship would be held up for grabs in a battle royal featuring every superstar - Sebastian Cross drew number 1. In a hard fought, exhausting match, Pect used the gold to bash the champ in the face and take the victory.

Defeated, tired, and humiliated at his failed attempts at rectification, Sebastian Cross was further pushed to the limit as the Rumble began thirty seconds after he had lost his Intercontinental Championship. Thanks to an admirable showing from Phenom - the number 2 entrant - Cross lasted the entirety of the Rumble, setting a new record for the longest time in. His main focus in the match, Tiger Young. Young and Cross were the last two men, and in controversial fashion, Tiger Young captured his 5th World Title after interference from an angered Fallen Angel. Feeling cheated, Cross called out Young, who admittedly avoided the challenge from a man who the majority declared the rightful number one contender.

But Ian Monks had other plans. Hardcore Legend stuck his head into the business and shattered Cross' wrist during his match with Fallen Angel. Cross would go on to defeat Legend in the number one contenders match, to see who would face Tiger Young at Hard Steel, but thanks to Monks, Legend was included and ultimately won the title in a truly evil and highly controversial style. Now that the table has been set, Tiger Young and Sebastian Cross are set to do battle once and for all, with the winner hoping to retrieve the T.F.W.F. World Championship by years end. For Cross it was a victory to savor at Autumn Annihilation 8 and catapulted him once more into contention for the World title. Being one of 5 men selected to meet Joey Lupino at Ice Storm 2007 in a ladder match the question being was it Cross' time? On this night it proved to be as Cross finally achieved his dream of becoming the World Champion, despite the amazing win it was somewhat tarnished by a bitter James Onlee attacking him with the 'Deliverance' post the big occasion.

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