The Sedition Wrestling Alliance (SWA) was a wrestling promotion started in July 2000. It was well known for it's unorthodox matches and storylines, breaking the standards in both traditional wrestling and hardcore wrestling. It was run by Rev and Gladiator (better known as The Sedition). The federation was been inactive on September 2004, but still carries a cult following.

On April 10, 2010, The Federation returned with its show, Saturday Night Fever at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with its usual crazy matches like Rusty Blade on a Pole Match, Spanish Broadcast Table Match, and Trailer Park Match.

Known Wrestlers

  • Rat Fink
  • Kevon Matthews
  • Gravin Storm
  • Michael "Sarge" Wilson
  • Scarmanga
  • Kid Cactus
  • Apollo
  • Captain Insanity
  • The Prophet
  • Hardcore Hobo
  • Michael Saint

Current Roster (as of December 2010)

  • Ian DeTornado
  • Teen Throb
  • Larsen Van Der Kamp
  • Psycho Dragon
  • Branden Harvey
  • Waylon Hawthrone
  • Gabreal Martin
  • Bill Dumas
  • Ultimo Doom
  • Chip Pikurny
  • James Chambers
  • Dr. Rosen
  • Sinichi Yagami
  • Wade Wilson
  • Got Milk?
  • Duke Wallace
  • Danny O'Callahan
  • Mihail Stelio
  • Kazuya Kogemaru
  • Bryce Bridges
  • DC Antonio

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