Sergeant Eversmann
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Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight 231 pounds
Date of birth September 19, 1984
Place of birth New York City
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Resides New York City
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Eversmann, better known by his ring name, Sergeant Eversmann, is now a free agent. Before joining the Military, Sergeant Eversmann worked for the NYB. Later on in his career, CWF called him to offer him a contract which he accepted.

Eversmann debuted on CWF's PPV, No Man's Land, on May 20, 2007, making a major impact. After No Man's Land, he will have his in ring debut on Ignition, in a singles match against "Bandit" Dane West in the Main Event.

Sergeant Eversmann was reported to be dead on August 6, Monday morning. He was found lying peacefully on his bed by his mother. This was later known to be a gimmick as the Walking Dead Sergeant. This was however scrapped from CWF after Eversmann mysteriously disappeared from the company after being in a match with Dane West.


After joining his school's wrestling team, he was spotted by the New York's Backyard Wrestling(NYB). He worked there as an upper mid-carder as "Mr New York" before leaving New York for the military at the age of eighteen. There, he earned the rank "Sergeant" after lots of hard work and excellently done practices.

In his military years, he was trained with the Captains in the Military Wrestling Team, with the name "The Sergeant" Eversmann. After he successfully won the MWGA, he was called by the wrestling company, CWF.

After signing a contract with CWF, Eversmann never got the chance to train with anybody nor does he knows anybody until May 20, 2007 at No Man's Land. He was sent to the arena by the military helicopter.

Surprisingly, only after his first debut, the fans cheer his name like he was the champion.

Resembling his real life nickname "Sergeant", Eversmann brought his submission wrestling system and his lion heart along with him where ever he goes, quickly making himself one of the most respected face in the company. Superstars backstage comment that Eversmann is very friendly and like the fans, respectful. Eversmann has been involved in many small war behind the scenes resulting in minor injuries. His worst injury was a shot to his left knee.

NYB career

Eversmann debuted on January 5, 2001 edition of New York Backyard Wrestling(NYB) as "Mr New York". In his debut match, he made a jobber submit. For a month, he faces different jobbers who all were defeated by "Mr New York".

On February 1, he squares off with the Backyard Champion, Bomberman. Surprisingly, Bomberman was the second person to ever tap out after being locked in the Camel Clutch which at that time was known as the "New Sub".

The following week, Bomberman called Mr New York a fake American. Trying to "help" the citizens of America, Bomberman bombed Mr New York while he was in his locker room. Later on the same night, Bomberman faces Purplish in a "Backyard Rules" match for the Backyard Championship. In the end, Purplish delivered the "Purple Punishment" to Bomberman. Instead of celebrating, Purplish was thrown out of the ring by Mr New York who later locked in the "New Sub" on Bomberman for the win. However, Rey Reioute came out and told the small number of crowd that Mr New York was not the new Backyard Champion.

As the year ends, the rivalry between Bomberman and Mr New York continues to heat up. Unfortunately, while Bomberman still never got the chance to score a pin over Mr New York, Mr New York never got hold of the Backyard Champion in his NYB Career. Later that year, he was called by the military and he was forced to retire from NYB at a very young age.

CWF career

Eversmann debuted on May 20, 2007 edition of CWF's PPV, No Man's Land. On the same day itself, the First Sergeant lost his first in-ring debut match. However, he kept his words, as he was the only one in the match, to make everybody tapped out or lost consciousness. Surprisingly, after tapping out to the sharpshooter by Sgt.Eversmann, The Boss countered Eversmann final throw, making the Sergeant lose in his first match.

That night, the First Sergeant wished "Bandit" Dane West the best of luck for his upcoming World Heavyweight defense, however, Dane West disrespected the Sergeant and also America. Even though Asylum had locked in Dane West trying to finish him off with the Near Death Experience, surprisingly, Dane West could still counter it into his own finisher, the Texas Scrambler. However, Sergeant Eversmann threw an army helmet directly in the temple of Dane West, sending him crashing to the mat giving Asylum the win.

On the May 27, 2007, edition of CWF Ignition, the Sergeant went one on one with Dane West on the show's Main Event. Shortly during the match, Asylum appeared on the ring apron, trying to interfere but his plan was backfired. The referee saw him and tries to send him back. With the referee disracted, Dane West, for the first time ever, taps out to The War End. Unfortunately, that wasn't official since the referee didn't saw it. In the end, Dane West connects the Texas Scrambler for the win.

Right after the match, Eversmann, shockingly, work together with Asylum and beat up Dane. However, Asylum destroyed the short partnership by hitting Eversmann with the CWF Championship Title belt right in the temple.

On June 3, 2007, the Sergeant squares off with Asylum in one of the biggest Main Events on CWF. It was also one of the most brutal matches on CWF. Even before the match started, Asylum threw Eversmann right onto the entrance's metal grate before smashing a metal pipe onto the Sergeant's head. As Asylum rolls Eversmann into the ring, the bell rang to announce the start of the match. However, it wasn't the end of the match. Eversmann fought Asylum back but unfortunately, Asylum nailed the Sergeant with the Near Death Experience onto a chair for the cover.

On June 17, 2007, on CWF Ignition's Main Event, the Sergeant fought with both Asylum and Dane West in a Triple Threat Elimination match. Eversmann was busted open in the match after being crushed by the steel steps and Dane's big boot. Shortly after that, Asylum lands a perfect Shooting Star Press on Dane for first elimination. Later, Asylum delivered the Lockdown II on Eversmann for the win.

After the match, Dane West quickly recovers and reached out for a steel chair. With Asylum distracted, celebrating his win, Dane slides into the ring and nailed Asylum with the chair. The Sergeant also received a few painful shots.

On Americana, the Sergeant, again, needs to face both Asylum and Dane West in a Triple Threat match in the Main Event, but this time, it's for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. However, Dane was not fit to compete so the match turned into a single duel. After left and rights, Asylum got the momentum and delivered a Shooting Star Press right onto a ladder which was on top of Eversmann. However, Dane ran into the ring and knocked out Asylum with Kiss Da Floor. After a few more left and rights, Asylum did the unexpected. Asylum connects the Near Death Experience off a tall ladder, through a table, and down to the ground for the victory.

Sergeant Eversmann was nowhere to be seen after that hardcore match. He was later reported to be dead on August 6, 2007. This was later known to be a gimmick as the Walking Dead Sergeant. This was however scrapped from CWF after Eversmann mysteriously disappeared from the company after being in a match with Dane West.

Other Facts

Theme Music: "Tribal War"

Finishing Moves

  • The War End(Camel Clutch)
  • Sharpshooter

Signature Moves

  • Eagle Flight(Lionsault)
  • Triple American Suplex(Triple German Suplex)
  • Clover Leaf

Championships and accomplishments

  • His CWF Ignition debut is in the Main Event
  • He made everybody tapped out or passed out in a battle royal(his debut match)
  • Made Dane West taps out for the very first time though it was un-official

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