Match Information

The match was created by Marco Magic an active wrestler and suggested to WCW GM Eric Bischoff at WWE vs TNA Pride & Sacrifice, the match consists of three smaller matches the winner winning the prize up for grabs, the match has only been used once and many superstars doubt it will be used again.

Match Variations

So far only one of these matches has been competed in the match had eight superstars involved but was open to anybody.

Phase 1 - over the top rope battle royal until five superstars remain.
Phase 2 - Extreme Rules match until two people remain.
Phase 3 - Cage match, the top of the cage curves inwards to make escape harder.
The winner is the person who successfully escapes the cage.
All matches happen in quick succession

Match History

Hellbound 2008

Justin Sane won the WCW Championship at Hellbound on the 27th April 2008 by defeating Marco Magic, Kane, Nunzio, Tony Marmaluke, MVP, Chris Matthews and Kane.

During Phase One
MVP eliminated by Marco Magic
Tony Marmaluke eliminated by Chris Matthews
Nunzio eliminated by Marco Magic

During Phase Two
Vampiro eliminated by Marco Magic

Phase Three climaxed with Marco Magic and Justin fighting on the top of the cage, Justin Sane managed to pick up the win after a tough fight

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