Wrestler's Name: Sess

Nicknames: The Man

Age: 21

Height: 189cm

Weight: 230 Pounds

Alignment: Neutral

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Gimmick: The One and Only

Manager: His Father.. Sess Sr.

Tag Team: The Ultimates v1

Achievements: 2 Time World Champion, 1 Time Tag

Entrance Theme: Three Days Grace - Riot

Entrance Description: Cocky, Fast Movement, Celebrates with Fans etc.

Wrestling Style: Heavyweight, and lots of top rope movements and risks

Moves (Up to15): DDT, Superplex, Punches, Kicks, Clothesline, Drop Kick, Reverse DDT, Backdrop, Powerbomb, Running Swanton.

Finishers (Up to 3): RKO and Swanton Bomb (Top Rope)

Entrance Attire: Black Coat and under it Red Undies With Black writing Saying Sess

Ring Attire: Red Undies With Black writing Saying Sess

Out Of Ring Attire: Black Suit, Red Tie

Character Rep: Sess - Jeff Hardy, Sess Sr. - Roddy Piper

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