Seth Burch
Matt Hardy
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Ring Names Seth Burch
Height 6'0
Weight 160
Date of birth September 6th, 1982
Place of birth Carnegie, PA
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Win/Loss Record 1-2
Debut November 30th, 2007
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Seth Burch is one of the fastest rising new-comers to 2WWF. His highflying style has intrigued the fans from the very beginning. He looks to have a promising future in the wrestling business.



As a child, Seth lived a hard life. Growing up under close the supervision of his parents Simon J. Burch and Jenna C. Burch. Both of his parents were ex-army members, and gave Seth little lee-way to let Seth live his life the way he wanted to. Seth spent most of his childhood working. His father never graduated high school. Seeing the error of his ways, he did everything he could to force Seth to become an honor student. Seth, who was naturally smart was labeled a geek by his fellow students. He spent all of his time studding, and little time having fun.

Growing Apart


As Seth entered his middle school years, his family moved into a much poorer community. Carnegie, PA is well know to be one of the worst communities in Southern Pennsylvania. His father suffered a career-ending injury, sending him bed side for over a year. Seth went into severer depression. His grades, his relationships, and his entire life, went into a downward spiral. He spent hours alone in his room. Lying in on his bed.

High School

Days after his first day in high school. His father received a call from his insurance company. The Burch Family had finally won their case against Mr. Burch's former employer. They would be receiving $100,000 in compensation for his father's injuries. The win put new life in to Seth. His grades went back up, and his life came back together.



Seth was an All-Star Defensive End for the Carlynton Cougars. He played every year from 4th grade until he was a Senior. He started every game as a Junior, but never won as a Varsity football player.


As a Sophomore, he received a 100% on every final he took that year. He received a score of 1560 on his SAT and has an IQ of 134. He majored Mathematics at Iowa State University.

Amateur Wrestling

Seth had a short career as an Amateur Wrestler. He won many matches as part of the OWA. Not much else is known about his life at this time.

Pro Wrestling


Seth made his debut in professional wrestling on November 30, 2007 at 2WWF Pay-Per-View, Revelation. He faced Kallus in a singles match. Despite interference from ring announcer Joey Miles Seth pulled off a victory.


Seth started off slowly with a losing streak. He lost seven straight matches after defeating Kallus but at Crosswired 2007 he leaped 30 feet to start the short lived "The Unit". However they parted ways shortly after due to Montel Jones's sudden leave from wrestling. He had a short rivalry against Joe Walker that eventually led up to him having an upset win over both Nathan Hardy and Tyrone Williams to give him the number one seed in the tournament for Number One Contendership for the UK Title.

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