Seth Creed

Lance storm

Real name Seth Ian Creed
Nickname Superstar, Sensational, The Boss
Height 6'2"
Weight 245 lbs
Date of birth 21 June 1971
Place of birth Irving, Texas
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Dallas, Texas
Billed from Dallas, Texas
Trainer George Morrone
Debut September 1998
Current Status semi-retired, management, training
Music Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)

Early Years

Born on a warm day in mid-June to parents Eric and Debbie, Seth came into the world with loving parents and family. Living the typical middle-class family upbringing, Seth was involved with football as early as five years old, and kyokushin (full contact karate) by age 8. He has been a hard working, natural athlete since his very early days. Wrestling did not enter his life until his family moved to Philadelphia where he joined the high school team and quickly found success, winning the state title in his senior year after losing to close pro-wrestling ally, Dan Cross, in his junior year, finishing his HS career with the impressive 122-7 record. Many colleges began calling, and Seth Creed found himself with a full ride to Ohio State where he became a four time D-1 All American, three time Big Ten Champion, and three time National Champion. His collegiate record after four years was an impressive 131-5.

He would go on to graduate with a degree in Business Management and a double minor in Broadcasting and Psychology. He would continue his schooling throughout his wrestling and business career, gaining four more degrees; Marketing, Finance, Contract Law, and Broadcasting. Seth Creed, as of today has four Bachelors degrees and a Masters in Business, working towards another in Psychology (specializing in developmental) and in Sociology (specializing in peace and conflict).

Olympic Aspirations

Upon graduation, Seth moved to Colorado to train in the high altitude for the upcoming Olympics in 2000. Two weeks prior to the qualifier, Creed suffered a torn ligament in his right knee and ankle, likely following a belly to belly suplex that has found him much success throughout his career. Shortly after this injury, he began getting offers from schools and gyms as well as several professional wrestling organizations.

After Wrestling

Seth took a position to manage a chain of gyms around the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex (6 gyms total). While managing the chain, he implemented programs for wrestling and boxing, which was initially met with light interest, until he began giving demonstrations to members who have shown an interest in the sports, but have never given it a try. It was at this time when those pesky wrestling promoters began knocking on his doorstep once again, urging him to give their sport a try. Naturally, Creed scoffed, because as an amateur wrestler with lofty expectations and aspirations, professional wrestling was a joke that was beneath him. The persistence did not stop, Creed's natural charisma and personality, coupled with his athletic ability made the "harassment" continue.

Giving In To Demands

One day, a bored and humored Creed decides to give one of these vultures a chance and decides to see what their "sport" is all about. Almost immediately he finds himself having fun. It's not serious, outside of the training itself, which Creed will admit is grueling, but fun nonetheless.

Professional Wrestling

Creed has never been a fan of professional wrestling, and never, ever thought he would ever find himself actually a part of it. No one that has ever met him and had the subject occur would tell you different, he hated the abomination of the sport that he fell in love with and has identified him for the past ten years.

As expected, he caught on quick, and was able to make his professional wrestling debut in September 1998 after three months of training. It was less than six months later that his physique, personality, and ability caught the attention of the big time wrestling promoters, landing him a very good two year contract of $200,000 per year (with upside bonuses if he performs well and shows the ability to become a major player). After the first year, his contract was re-negotiated and Creed found himself making over a half million each year as he was found with great admiration and regard by the fans.

Wrestling Style and Persona

Due to his background, Creed is primarily a technical wrestler, but utilizes many flashy moves and throws, notably his death valley driver which is known to set up his finishing maneuver, a double armbar he calls his Cobra Key Lock. Though his finishing maneuver is typically the Cobra Key Lock, he is also well known for one of his signature holds, a super-jawbreaker he calls The Recoil. He is also known for his various suplexes, mat wrestling efficiency, moonsault, and diving clothesline.

He is just as well respected for his collegiate wrestling acumen as he is for his intense, yet inviting nature. Always hardworking and very hard to deter, Creed has shown his personality and charisma as being very well equipped on the microphone and his ability to make fans feel they are a part of the match.


Creed had never let his ties to his home go, moving into a quaint, yet lavish home in North Dallas and buying his first of many gyms to come, miles from his new home. He hired several of his former employees to run it. The gym would be named Thrillseeker's Gym. Shortly after this gym began, four members from the gym began their own professional wrestling careers, prompting Creed to open a school for professional wrestling, hiring a two man crew of experienced, talented pros to train students.

The four members that began their career while training at Thrillseekers, created a teamed called Thrillseekers, appropriately. Their names are Justin Hardkastle, Shane Stevens, Doug East, and Anthony Wolfe. They are the first to come up under the Trillseekers banner, helping to build the great reputation it enjoys today.

Finding success in professional wrestling, Thrillseeker's Gym, and several other business ventures and sponsorships has allowed Creed to upgrade and buy another facility, six times the size of his previous gym. Rooms dedicated to professional wrestling, amateur wrestling/boxing, fitness classes, free weights/machines, and a second level for cardio, featuring a track and many machines. Along with his impressive, flagship gym, Creed entered into a business partnership in which he would run his own wrestling shows in a 5,200 seat arena, which would prove easy to fill on a weekly basis with top notch wrestling, MMA, boxing, and other events.


Since becoming a professional wrestler, Seth Creed has traveled the world, wrestling in over 20 countries and having visited over 100. He has won more than a dozen titles in his career, several title runs lasting two and three years apiece.

Today he can be found in his gym, semi-retired at an early age running a very successful gym chain with close to 300 gyms nation wide, has a respectable arena capable of roughly 5.2 thousand people for wrestling, boxing, and mixed martial arts events.. Though he does not wish to be seen as one of "those businessmen" who awards themselves a 40-50 million per year salary, Seth Creed is a self-made billionaire. He remains humble, family oriented, and is extremely giving to those in need, as money is not his means to happiness.

Through his success, Creed has been fortunate to establish and donate to many local, national, and global charity functions, prominently the Boys and Girls Club of America and the Make a Wish Foundation. and establishing an annual scholarship fund for 5 hardworking, intelligent, active students who would otherwise not have an opportunity to further their education. Each year it has been estimated that Seth Creed puts roughly 10 million annually into charity work, while his main vehicle, Thrillseeker's Gym officially donates two-three times the amount, between close to thirty organizations to date, earning Creed and his companies a well respected reputation through these philanthropic acts.

His goal as a man; family man, business, and community leader is basic, yet very complex and ideaological: Seth Creed wishes to end biggotry, racism, sexism, classism...any form of discrimination. His main goal in erasing descrimination is for everyone; man, woman, child to have the same opportunities at success and happiness, whaever their goal may be. No one should be judged by anything, except who they are as a person, not what they are (black, white, Jewish, man, woman, rich or poor...). He doesn't seek world peace, as it is not only theoretically impossible, it is simply not the nature of humans and animals.

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