Seth Hudson
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Height 6'4
Weight 285lbs
Date of birth March 11th 1978
Place of birth Melbourne, Australia
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Resides Sacramento, California
Billed from Sacramento, California
Trainer Jack "Hitman" Jacobs
High Impact Wrestling
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Debut May 1999
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Seth Robert Hudson - [03/11/1978]

Wrestling career


CWF/HIW [2003]

Only The Best [2003-2005]

Xtreme World Wrestling [2005]

High Impact Wrestling 2.0 [2005-2006]

Wrestling Style & Moveset

Wrestling Style

Over the years Seth's wrestling style has changed dramatically. At first he was a pure Powerhouse, stomped around the ring throwing men around like rag dolls. It wasn't until after he met Jack "Hitman" Jacobs that he started to utilize a fair amount of speed within his orthadox Power based style.

Over the years his speed became greater showing amazing agility for a man of his size. This was his started wrestling style for many years and it worked, but all the while he was looking to become a more rounded wrestler, he felt there was something missing. Seth tried his hands at Technical and Submission based wrestling over the years but was unsuccessful at grasping the knowledge of it until 2005 when he sought out and began training with fellow HIW Superstar AXIS.

During this time Seth also sought help from HIW's resident Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) expert and fellow roster member AVE, who showed him a different side to mat wrestling than what he was learning at the time with AXIS. As a result over the last year Seth has shifted his style yet again and evolved turning his once tried and true style from what it was into something all together different.

What was once a strong Power/Speed base has now evolved into a more hybrid mix of different styles taking pieces of every aspect of his training. Power/Speed/Technical/Submission being the key factors, Seth even went as far as to add two Submission moves to his move set the California Cradle Clutch and the Hudson Ankle Lock, a move he was won many matches with since.

Finishing Moves

  • Hudson-Hammer [Spinning Rack into Modified Stunner]
  • Evenflow [High Impact Spear]
  • Hudson Ankle Lock [Ankle Lock – w/Leg Scissors]
  • Jackhammer [Hanging Powerslam/Brainbuster]
  • One Hundred Year Hammer [Yet To Debut]

Rare Finishers

  • Hudson Powerdriver [Powerdriver]

A hit with a boot to the gut set’s the opponent up and they are lifted with a Powerbomb… BUT on the way down Hudson pulls the opponent close into him, so the opponents back is flush against The Hammerhead’s stomach, thus causing his opponents neck and shoulders to be driven into the canvas with brutal impact and precision completing the Hudson Powerdriver. Can be done on rare occasion in a Sit Down Position, but has yet to be achieved.

  • Hammer of God [Top Rope Stretch Buster]

With both himself and opponent up top Seth Hudson lifts his opponent up into the air, but instead of continuing with a Superplex he hooks both legs of the opponent, cradling them before leaping backwards off the top where he crashes all the way down into the ring into a sit down position with a Top Rope Mexican Stretch Buster.

  • Dislocated Anger [Straight Jacket Choke Suplex]

Imagine that you're standing behind your opponent. You take your left arm, reach around his front side, and grab his right arm. Pull that up and across his throat, bent at the elbow. Do the same with your right to his left. The Straight Jacket Choke strangles the opponent with his own arms, while the attacker squeezes the opponent's arms together as tightly as possible to increase pressure. Now Instead of dropping to the mat like the “Crossface Halo” Seth pulls backwards, slinging the guy backwards, over and straight onto his head.

  • California Cradle Clutch [Reverse Cradle Face Lock]

Hudson takes position on a fallen opponent. He takes a leg and steps over it. Hudson then hooks the chin wrapping his left arm around the neck and under the chin, but then reaches back and releases the leg into his right arm and pulls back on it, as he does this his knees are firmly planted into the back of the opponent. The Hammerhead then falls backwards and down to the canvas, lying on his back with his arms literally bending the opponent over both knees in a cradle like position thus the name. It takes factors out of both the STF and Bow & Arrow Lock.

Signature Moves

  • Rolling Thunder [Spinning Tazz Style Capture Suplex]
  • Evenflow: Version 2.0 [Spear/Spinebuster Combination]
  • Lights Out! [Goldberg Style Standing Side Kick]
  • Tri-Factor [Torture Rack/Canadian Backbreaker/Gut Buster Combo]
  • Sacramento Slam [Lifting Side Slam]
  • Hudson Combo [Body Press into Powerslam/Spinebuster/Samoan Drop]
  • Hammer Throw [Pump Handle Overhead Suplex]
  • In Your Face [Penalty Kick to Face]
  • Hammer Rush [Capture Front Press w/ Punches]
  • Battering Ram [Running Powerslam into turnbuckles]
  • Bone Crusher [Inverse Military Drop onto Knee]

Standard Move Set

Still to Come

Accolades & Accomplishments

Previous Title Reigns

Scandinavian Xtreme Wrestling Association

  • sXwa World Champion(1)
  • sXwa Intercontinental Champion(1)

International Championship Wrestling

  • ICW World Champion(1)

Australasian Extreme Wrestling Federation

  • AEWF World Champion(1)

Championship Wrestling Federation

  • CWF/HIW Television Champion(1).
  • CWF/HIW U.S Tag Team Championship(1) w/ Bret Masters.

Only The Best

  • OTB World Heavyweight Champion (1)

High Impact Wrestling - The Return

  • HIW International Champion (2)
  • HIW World Heavyweight Champion (1)

Previous Awards/Achievements

Australasian Extreme Wrestling Federation

  • First Winner of the "Last Man Standing" Match 2002 (30 Man Royal Rumble)
  • Golden Chair Shot Award: Best Face 2002
  • Golden Chair Shot Award: Best Wrestler 2002
  • Golden Chair Shot Award: Best Feud 2002 (vs. Hell's Guardian)
  • Golden Chair Shot Award: Best Match 2002 (Hell In A Cell - Vendetta)

International Championship Wrestling

  • First Ever ICW World Champion

Championship Wrestling Federation

  • CWF Double Champion (Television & U.S Tag Team)

Only The Best

  • Booyah Award: Best Feud 2004 (vs. RIPCORD)
  • Booyah Award: MVP 2004
  • Booyah Award: Best Match 2004 (Best of the Best - Main Event)

High Impact Wrestling

  • First Ever Two Time International Champion
  • HIW World Heavyweight Champion [1]



  • The Great Australian Wrecking Ball [2001/2002]
  • The Next Big Thing [2002/2003]
  • The Hammer [2002/2003/2004/2005]
  • The Hammerhead [2005/2006]

Theme Music

CURRENT THEME: "Step Up" by Drowning Pool


  • "Out Of My Way" by Seether [OTB 2003/2004 - XW2 2005 - HIW 2005/2006]
  • "Some Kind Of Monster" by Metallica [OTB 2003]
  • "Bodies" by Drowning Pool [AEWF 2002/2003 - OTB 2003]
  • "Halo" by Soil [CWF/HIW - 2003]
  • "Ain't No Sunshine" by DMX [sXwa 2002/2003]


  • "All My Life" by Foo Fighters [Knights of Victory "KoV" - CWF 2003]
  • "Immortal" by Adema [Allied Forces - OTB 2003/2004]

Championship Succession

HIW World Title
Preceded by:
Iron Jack Logan
November 5, 2006 --> June 9, 2005 Succeeded by:
Kael Stanton
HIW International Title
Preceded by:
Kael Stanton
October 31, 2005 --> November 16th 2005 Succeeded by:
Nick Fowler
Preceded by:
Nick Fowler
December 25, 2006 --> January 25th 2006 Succeeded by:
Matt Essex
HIW Television Title
Preceded by:
Yanagi Kazama
April 20, 2003 --> May 25, 2003 Succeeded by:
Paller Blaze

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