Seth Owens (born May 4th, 1984) is an American professional wrestler, who has just signed a working agreement with the Fearless Championship Wrestling.


Independent Promotions

Seth Owens was trained in the Stampede Wrestling Promotion in Canada, he slowly began to garner his craft in that promotion, but, decided that the men that booked the promotions events were not yet willing to push younger talent. He then wound up working for a number of independent promotions in Japan. While in Japan, Owens began to respect the business more and more with every passing day, he also began to establish himself as a much greater performer. He was spotted by an FcW Talent Agent and immediately flown to New York City to meet with members of the FcW board of directors, to talk about contract negotiations.

Fearless Championship Wrestling

Shortly after meeting with talent agents, he worked two more independent bookings in Japan before reaching a final contract agreement with the Fearless Championship Wrestling. He is set to make his debut on the January 1st, 2008 edition of Tuesday Night Tartarus in the New Beginnings Tag Team Tournament.


  • Seth Owens was originally born in Detroit, MI but he is billed from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.
  • Seth Owens has an astounding IQ score of 140
  • Seth Owens has a history of drug abuse, but claims to now be clean.
  • Though Seth Owens made a lot of money in Japan, at least enough for a home, he doesn't necessarily have a home. He usually lives in small motels, he claims it's to save money.
  • Seth's younger sister, Morgan, was struck by a car when she was eight while playing ball with her brother, Seth, the ball drifted to the street and she chased after it. She died after being in a coma for at least two days. Until this day, it haunts Seth as he believes he is responsible for the ball drifting into the street.
  • Seth has a brother named Matt who also is currently wrestling in Japan under White Tiger IV.

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