Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants was an event for the Doug Fir federation. It took place on Saturday, October 28 at the Log Cabin Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is considered to be the best event Doug Fir has put on in its four year existence.


TAG TEAM DARK MATCH: ...worms (#1 & #2)def. The Tag Team (Eric Generic & Trevor Whatever)

INTRO "I Need Drugs" performed by Some Girls

OPENING MATCH 9 Ball def. Trevor White

  • White missed a Twisting Senton and 9 Ball hit three consecutive running Yakuza Kicks in the corner for the pin.

WOMEN'S TITLE TRIPLE THREAT MATCH - Maple Leaf Melissa (c) def. Trouble & Fire Plug

  • Melissa pinned Trouble after the Montreal Bomb

GRUDGE MATCH Daniel "Bone Snapper" Brantford def. Billy @&%$

  • Billy tapped out to the Bear Trap

8 MAN TAG 76 (Ultimo Chocula, Oceanic, 1 Cool Cat, & Dr. Jones) def. The French Connection (Louis VIII, Bruticus, Massive Attack, & Lucky Pierre)

  • Louis was about to put Ultimo in the Guillotine when Jones hit a Lariat on Louis and Ultimo rolled him up for the three count.


TAG MATCH Cabeza Del Diablo & Hombre De La Rana def. The Humble Gods (Big Jake & Willie)

  • Willie was pinned after a Hades Moonsault from Diablo

SINGLES MATCH Kevin Angelo def. Ravishing Rafael

  • Angelo pinned Rafael after a top rope Falcon Arrow

HARDCORE MATCH The Creep From The Deep def. Jack McIllvayne

  • The Creep gave Jack a Double Arm DDT off the ring apron onto a cinder block for the win.

DOUG FIR WORLD TITLE MATCH The Tyrant (c) def. Charlie Red Wolf

  • The Tyrant retained with the Iron Fist Driver

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