The Seven Deadly Sins match is a match up held once a year at the FcW Seven Deadly Sins Pay-Per-View event.

Match Layout

The match it self takes place inside of a circular cage made of steel chains and girders that surround the outside of the ring. Inside the ring itself there are four chambers, or pods, in which four wrestlers will be housed until they are randomly drawn out. The match up begins with three participants inside of the ring, every five minutes there after another will join them. Each member of this match up, seven to be exact, are given one weapon on their way out to the ring to bring with them. That weapon can only be used once they officially enter the match, as the four competitors that do not begin to the match must wait in their "pod" with their weapon. In order to be victorious a competitor must outlast the other six competitors by not getting pinned or submitting. It is an elimination process match up.

Variation of Rewards


No. Match Event and Date Length
1. Fred Debonair defeated Prozac, Robbie Priest, Captain William Jericho, Tommy Creed, Colt "The 45" Sykes and Deamon Cohln FcW Seven Deadly Sins
February 24, 2008

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