Seventeen were an American professional wrestling tag team from Seattle, WA, most notable for their work in the Elite Wrestling Alliance and Online Championship Wrestling. The team, consisting of wrestlers Johnny Elite and Jeffery James, were something of an anomaly on the wrestling circuit, joining the EWA before graduating high school at the age of 17. Despite their obvious height and weight disadvantages to many opponents, the team found moderate success and a fan following due to comic bits between the two and Elite's famous catchphrase, "Hey Jeffery, I found the Eiffel Tower!!" The pair were trained at the High Impact training facility by Marvelous Mario Maurako. Elite has continued to appear alongside Maurako in various managerial roles throughout the years while James is currently inactive in wrestling, but has appeared in several Mario Maurako promos in his new role as an ordained Reverend.


In wrestling

  • Team finishing moves
  • Pep Rally Plunge (Tag Team double underhook powerbomb)
  • Valets/Managers

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