Shadow Man (born October 23, 1981 somewhere in Canada), is a Canadian professional wrestler currently working for the Extreme Wrestling Corporation (EWC) on its Friday Night Rampage Brand

Wrestler Stats

  • Name Shadow Man
  • Real Name Unknown
  • Nicknames Shadow, Shady
  • Height 6 Foot 5 Inches
  • Weight 245 lbs
  • Birth date October 23, 1981
  • Birthplace Unknown City, Canada
  • Resides New York
  • Billed from Winnipeg, Canada
  • Trainer Joe, Memphis Reigns, BigMac
  • Current feds EWC
  • Previous feds CWA, HCW, TNA-R, Battle of the Best 2005
  • Handler Ryan Ryenolds
  • Debut Pro Wrestling Debut 2001
  • Entrance Music "Save Me' - Remy Zero
  • Wrestling Style High Flyer, Hardcore
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Hair Color Brown
  • Serious Injuries none


The Start of ShadowMania

It was May 30, 2005 when ShadowMania was truly born. In front of 64,586 people Live from The MGM Grand in LAS VEGAS Shadow man made his StrangleMania debut. StrangleMania is one of the flagship pay-per-views of the Extreme Wrestling Corporation.

On that night Shadow Man etched himself into history and into the hearts and homes of every wrestling fan the world over. It was that night that he would gain victory in a Hardcore Title match by jumping over 25 Feet in the air smashing Darius Mourning through tables and a 3 count for the win.

All throughout the remainder of that night Shadow Man's name would be chanted and called on, and that is when ShadowMania got its start.

Since then fans of Shadow Man have petitioned year after year to have Shadow Man main event StrangleMania but the efforts of even Shadow Man himself have fallen upon deaf ears as the super-star has yet to headline the show.

The Streaks

The Winning Streak

It was the mother of all streaks. It was at King of the Cage 2006 that Shadow Man came in with an incredible record Thirty Three (33) matches without a loss in the Extreme Wrestling Corporation. He had gone 30 and 0 before his first and second draws came to Jason Burgess and Cameron Hayden.

Shadow Man had made it to the final round of the Worlds toughest tournament KING OF THE CAGE. On the way to the finals he picked up another 3 victories and stood tall with a 34-0-2 record.

It was a back and forth match against future World Champion Moses Lake. Should Moses win, it would send him to WrestleFest the following month to face Shadow Man once again but for the World Title.

It wasn't till Jason Burgess got involved that the match would come to an end. It was the moment that shocked the EWC and Shadow Man himself. Jason would prevent Shadow Man from winning and actually help Moses Lake to victory. It would be Shadow Mans first loss (and only one to this date) and the end to an amazing streak.

Shadow would later seek revenge when he beat out Moses Lake at WrestleFest the next month to retain his World title.

EWC Undisputed World Title

Sept 30/05 - Jan 29/06

It was at Uncensored that Shadow Man would become just the 25th EWC World Champion by defeating his long time friend and trainer Memphis Reigns on Sept 30/05

That moment would lead to a reign that lasted until Hardcore Revolution Jan 29/06 when Hirsh Valentine defeated Cameron Hayden for the VACATED title.

The reign lasted 4 months

Aug 13/06 - Jan 28/07

On the 13th of August 2005, Shadow Man would become the 28th World Champion in EWC History when he defeated another good friend Hurricane Jeff.

The reign would last 5 months as the title was again VACATED by Shadow Man for HardCore Revolution where Moses Lake defeated Jesse Nunez

EWC HardCore Title

May 05/05 - Aug 21/06

On May 5, 2005 Shadow Man would set the tone of being the greatest hard core champion of all time.

It was on Thursday Night Rampage that Shadow would go on to defeat Michael Wilson & Matt Sentel for the Hardcore championship.

He would go onto defend the title 14 times before vacating the title on August 21, 2006.

The reign is the longest in the history of the HardCore title, and second longest in EWC Title history

The reign would span 15 months in which he was also a dual champion on two occasions

Clothing Information & Attire


  • Shadow Man wears a white undershirt with black nike basketball pants and black sketchers sneakers. He also wears black wrist bands on both wrists, and a MR (memphis reigns) arm band on his right arm. He also wears a silver superman necklace which he never takes off.


  • Shadow Man is always well dressed. When in public meetings and or speaking events, Shadow Man always wears a suit. However, he almost never wears dress shoes but instead often wears a pair of white sketchers or airwalks. In regular times, Shadow Man often wears a hoody and his signature Shadow Man pants


Entrance: The lights in the arena slowly begin to dim as everyone in the arena quickly get's to their feet and begin to make some noise. "Invincible" by OK Go then begins to play over the Sound System as three strobe lights begin to pulse in the entrance way, fog then begins to rise from below the stage in front of the entrance.

The X-Treme Tron lights up counting down from 9 all the way to 1. It seems as though every single person is on there feet counting down the numbers. Once it gets to 0 large letters flash “IT'S SHOWTIME”.

An enormous uproar of cheers now blends out the blasting of "Invincible"! A few moments later Shadow Man walks from behind the wall of Fog onto the stage. He stands their for a few seconds with a smirk on his face and begins to point to the fans who are screaming the loudest.

Shadow then looks towards the camera with a cocky yet confident look on his face as he begins to walk down the ramp and towards the ring. On the way he makes silly faces into the camera. After waving at the fans while walking down the ramp Shadow runs and slides onto the ring apron on one knee and holding onto the middle Rope, Shadow gets to his feet and in a cocky manor steps threw the first and second Ropes.

He then gets into the ring and runs over to the corner and jumps up onto the second turnbuckle. He pats himself on the chest twice and then points to all the screaming fans. He then points to the sky and pumps his fist for Memphis Reigns! Shadow then jumps down from the turnbuckle and turns around and leans in the corner and awaits for the match to begin

Moves List

Regular Moves

  • 1) Overhead belly to belly suplex
  • 2) Release dragon suplex
  • 3) T - Bone suplex
  • 4) Running corner Yakuza Kick (Ole Kick)
  • 5) Face Wash
  • 6) Choke Sleeper hold
  • 7) Cliffhanger (Crucifix into a DDT)
  • 8) Flying corkscrew crossbody
  • 9) Spinning Spinebuster
  • 10) Muscle Buster into a rear naked choke
  • 11) Moonsault
  • 12) Sitout crucifix powerbomb
  • 13) Corner clothesline followed by a bulldog
  • 14) Corner sitout powerbomb
  • 15) Russian legsweep
  • 16) Missile dropkick
  • 17) Forearm smash

Signature Moves List

  • GBC (good bye Charlie)

 Description: Shadow Man begins by applying a front facelock, then pivots 180 degrees and applies the cutter. This move, like many of cutter variations, can also see Shadow Man drop the victim down into a stunner, instead of a cutter

  • Darkness

 Description: Also known as a Burning Hammer, or inverted D.V.D.. The move is executed from an Argentine backbreaker rack (face up, with the neck and one leg cradled) position. Shadow Man falls sideways, driving the victim's head into the mat

  • The Shady Express

 Description: Suplex, Crossed Arms Brainbuster.Shadow stands face to face with the victim and grabs both their arms, crossing them in front of the victim's body. Shadow bends the victim down and traps their head in one of Shadow's arm pits similar to a facelock. Shadow Man releases one of the victim's arms and reaches through the victim's legs. Shadow lifts the victim up so they are upside down. Shadow falls to the ground and drops the victim on the top of their head.

  • The Death Penalty

 Description: Sort of a cross between a belly to belly suplex and a choke slam. Shadow stands to the right of the victim. The victim's right arm is places over the right shoulder of Shadow Man. Shadow reaches across the front of the victim's body with their right arm and the left arm around the back of the victim to under the victim's left shoulder. Shadow lifts the victim up and pivots as if for a belly to belly suplex and drives the victim into the mat.

Misc Information

Personal Quote

  • [Quote 1] "And the enemy shall be overcome - one by one"
  • [Quote 2] "Because I like chicken!"
  • [Quote 3] "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows"
  • [Quote 4] "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit"
  • [Quote 5] "It's SHOWTIME"

Previous Federations

  • CWA, TNA-R, Battle of the Best 2005, EwC

Career & Personal History

The E! True Hollywood Story: Shadow Man

Shadow Man is known as one of the most electrifying men in sports and entertainment both past and present. He is quickly becoming one of the most recognized faces on the planet and one of the hottest celebrities in all walks of life Truly one of a kind, Shadow Man is one of the most versatile Superstars in the EWC, blending his martial arts background with a dash of extreme to create one of the most unpredictable wrestling styles around.

Known for having no fear, taking risks and trying any move from insane heights, Shadow loves to test gravity and utilize high risk maneuvers to secure a win. With his signature taunt of pumping his fist in the air, Shadow Man confidently boasts that he is “Mr. Everynight,” and you'd be hard pressed to think otherwise

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, the Shadow knows!"

This phrase followed by a peal of mirthless laughter, (usually signalling the doom of some unsuspecting evil doer) is the slogan of Shadow Man. The mysterious self-proclaimed crime fighter in black feared by criminals all over the world. As there are many misconceptions about this enigmatic figure we will cover what information is known.

~*~*~*~*~THE EARLY YEARS~*~*~*~*~

At the age of 16, a young man found himself stranded on a yacht over the Atlantic Ocean. With no recollection of how he got there or where everyone was, he hopped onto an emergency canoe attached to the yacht and rowed himself all the way to shore.

Upon reaching the shore, a young boy reading a "Shadow Man" comic book looked up at the figure. The resemblance was un-canning. Same mask, same outfit, everything…the boy inquired if this man is indeed his favourite hero. But as previously stated, he had no memory…

From that moment on, the young man took on the name Shadow Man.

Shadow Man would go onto having many father figures. From Joe of Joes gym to some criminal type underlords...many would help Shadow Man become the man he is today, while also having some sort of control over what Shadow Man remembers. It often makes some wonder if Shadow Man isn't brain-washed at night or by some other means.

Over the years Shadow Man would go on upholding justice in every city he would visit. In an attempt to sharpen his skills, Shadow Man joined up with the EwC in 2002. Since then, he has captivated the hearts of people and enjoys one of the biggest fan followings of all time.

While wrestling, Shadow Man continues to try and find out about his past. However this task is much harder then one would normally expect. Various flash-backs tend to scare Shadow Man into not wanting to know what kind of a man he was. It also seems there are many super villains in the world who are trying to stop Shadow Man from finding out the truth.

~*~*~*~*~WRESTLING IN THE EWC~*~*~*~*~

Forming an unlikely tag team with Memphis Reigns, Shadow Man had learned to trust others more freely and had grown a close bond with fellow wrestler & friend Memphis. The two had gone on to win the Tag Team Titles together. In Feb of 2006 Memphis Reigns would go onto to beat a long battle with cancer only to die hours later due to a heart failure. Shadow Man has since dedicated every match and his way of life to his friend and former partner Memphis

Shadow Man is also no stranger to the championship world. He went on to win the EWC Undisputed World title which he held for 4 months before handing it over to Hirsh Valentine. He is also the longest holding Hardcore champion of all time. He also went onto to win the CWA and TNA-R World Titles which he still owns today

With an amazing amount of talent and no signs of slowing down, Shadow Man looked to continue his quest of smashing and creating records as he has yet to back down from any challenger!

In 2006 at a charity event, Shadow Man met Elisha Cuthbert. Since then Shadow spends all of his off tme with her and her little sister Lee-Ann. It is reported that Shadow and Elisha are engaged and the two also share a place together in New York.

For a short period Shadow Man took a mysterious leave from the EwC in January 2007. He vacated the EWC World Title and left the world of Wrestling. Only seven weeks later he returned to the EWC and joined for the first time Friday Night Rampage where he vowed to end the long time reign of dominance by (now Hall of Famer) Cameron Hayden.


Shadow Man would go onto find his sister thanks to some very vivid and for the first time accurate flash-backs. It was in an underground fight-club that Shadow Man found his (then) 18 year-old sister Mya (last name not known). After disposing of guards and threatening the man who owned her contract Shadow Man rescued her and along with his Fiancee Elisha Cuthbert took her under his wing.

It was then on March 31'st 2007 that Shadow Man completed his guarantee. Infront of thousands at StrangleMania 5, Shadow man would go onto defeat Cameron Hayden at in a 2 out of 3 falls match!

After months of being quiet, Shadow Man then gave life to one of the most zaneiest yet powerful Stables the EWC has ever known, when FORCE got a boost of talent. Level One, BDC and Mark Deniro would go onto round out a great cast of talent. FORCE would prove to be more edgy and raw compared to its puffy face days.

Then on November 25, Shadow Man would go onto become the only person is EWC history to win TWO King of the Cage tournaments in making his record third appearance in the finals.

December 2007 would also reunite Shadow Man with his sister, as she had gone away for some time, this time is yet to be explained. It would also be at that time that Elisha would up and leave Shadow Man while he and his sister head out to an EWC event. It became apparent that her movie career and her love life with Shadow Man could not co-exist. It would also prove to be slightly too dangerous for her to be around.

However, Shadow would end the year with an impressive yet close successful World Title defense over the upstart Beth Harte.

It was then that Shadow Man and his sister Mya would apparently be shot by an unknown person at the events closeing. While both Shadow and Mya are in the hospital, we do have word that Shadow is fine and is now more determined to find out about his past, and also dispose of anyone in his path.


Shadow Man has already found success in 2008, after going Undefeated for the month of January he found himself ranked second to EWC Champion James Chambers in the January edition of the Power 25

The two would then join forces for a memorible tag team victory in a cross brand match on Rampage.

Shadow Man's next big challenge would come on February 17 in a special PPV Tribute show to his former Tag Team partner Memphis Reigns. That night in the main event, Shadow Man would take on the only man to ever pin him down for a 3 count victory, EWC President, BigMac. It would be the first time the two have come face to face in an EWC sanctioned event, and Shadow Man would not disappoint. It was a brilliant match that went back and forth and had the fans on there feet from start to finish. In the end, Shadow Man would get his revenge and retain as World Heavyweight Champion


Title & Tournament History


  • World HeavyWeight Champion


  • World HeavyWeight Champion


  • World Heavyweight Champion (present)
  • 2x EWC Undisputed Champion
  • 1x HardCore Champion
  • 1x European Champion
  • 3x Tag Team Champion
  • 2x Television Champion


  • 2007 Winner
  • 2006 Runner-up
  • 2004 Winner


  • 2005 Runner Up (lost to BigMac in final)
  • 2006 Did not participate




Extreme Wrestling Corporation

TAG TEAM: 13-2-0


Current Extreme Wrestling Corporation (EWC) Roster

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