Shane Jackson
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Height 5'10"
Weight 170 lbs
Date of birth November 9th 1987
Place of birth Timmins, Ontario
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Resides Niagara Falls, Ontario
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Debut November 2006, UCW Hell's Garden.
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Shane Jackson (born November 9, 1987) is a young man from Ontario, Canada. He is a professional wrestler, more known for his stint as "The Legendary Hero Alfred". Currently he is signed with Totally Insane Wrestling Federation.

Early life

Growing up an academic success, it was natural that Jackson shunned some social activity for video games. He did this to such an extent, however, that it later influenced his wrestling career. Shane Jackson moved around a lot as a child, with his two younger brothers and his parents.

The Legendary Hero

In late 2006, we saw the birth of one of wrestling's most beloved sons. The Legendary Hero Alfred, (Jackson). LHA, as he was called, started slowly, unable to win is his earliest matches, though making strong showings despite his obvious lack of serious training.

Originally a joke gimmick, Alfred entered the coveted All or Nothing match in UCW, and it was here that history went from being created at a peculating pace, to flooding the archives. Alfred won the Trans-Atlantic Title, and due to his goofy Dungeons and Dragons gimmick, was at a loss as to what exactly that made him the Champion of. This lead to the birth of Sir Alfred, The Legendary Knight.

Sir Alfred

Arguably the part of his career that immortalized Shane Jackson, the Sir Alfred era started after he won the Trans-Atlantic Title. He became an armor wearing maniac, and carried the Trans-Atlantic title belt's face plate enlarged as his shield.

An instant classic moment was in his inter-gender tag team match, in which Alfred' horse had dropped a mess outside the ring during his entrance. Alfred landed on it when he got out of the ring, but won the match with a missile dropkick with a horse pie on his foot. He then made the cover and won the first pinfall he'd receive outside of the All or Nothing Match.

Facing the imminent downfall of UCW, Hero gained a few of his most illustrious wins. He pinned Cobrin, a new coming main event prospect, and managed a win over UCW/WRW legend, Mike Omen. He also managed a win over long time rival, Xklusive, a man of comparable success.

When UCW folded, LKA, LHA, or whatever he was at that point, left to pursue other pastures.


Alfred and his squires, Humphrey and Edgar, left UCW in pursuit of something more. The Trans-Atlantic Champion went to the Bermuda Triangle, and in the spin-off Saturday Morning Cartoon, the live-action trio put the Title Shield into the keystone, turned it, and were transported to the world of Trans-Atlantia, where everything, including the three heroes, were animated. The show aired one season on the Kids WB network, before it was cancelled.

In the show, the animated trio faced dragons, orcs, and other terrible mythological creatures. Edgar and Humphrey, by the storyline, were from Trans-Atlantia originally, which didn't really explain why they were originally at a loss to where it was, like in the UCW Television Special "The Legendary Hero Saves Christmas" when an error in judgment landed the group at the north pole.

The show, while a flop, is something of a cult hit with older generations. It had subliminal adult humor, and the animation was crisp. Still, it isn't one of the Hero's more proud moments, though it did line his pockets and breed his five car garage, subsequently.

Spartan Wrestling Inc.

Little is known of his stint in SWInc. But the Legendary Knight became the Dark Knight in Spartan Wrestling, and dominated the Intercontinental division for some time. Dressed often in black padded leather, and sporting his menacing look, The Dark Knight was a key to the invasion of WRW, the remnant of his UCW days. He failed in his attempts to thwart long time friend, and WRW Great, Ryan Trent.

Subsequently, he withdrew his allegiance to Spartan Wrestling, and rejoined his former family at WRW, which was merging with HustlePro to become PowerSlam Pro. Here, he would reign as it's General Manager. King Alfred.

PowerSlam Pro

Here he reigned as General Manager, making numerous decisions like holding an event in Las Vegas at the Excalibur Casino and Resort, where matches were randomly drawn in terms of stipulation.


Shedding his guise as Alfred, Shane Jackson now wrestles under his own name. He's settled into being Shane Jackson now, and has scored good performances on Ignition, as well as being a top draw, and more recently, made number one contender, for Ignition's developmental promotion, Countdown. He achieved this by beating Mark Marx in a feud ending cage match, and going on to win a battle royal at Countdown's St. Patty's Day Massacre. He will be in the Blank Cheque Gauntlet match at Ignition's Blind Justice Pay Per View. A match which could see him moved up to Ignition full-time.

Now a full-time Ignition wrestler, Jackson has slugged it out with the ever embarrassing Knights of the Triangle Force, and is currently trying to establish himself as a competitive member of the Global division.


The ashes of PSP/WRW could be found in RISE. Here, he tried another stint as The Legendary Hero, but never made it out of the undercard, after a feud with Laoch.

Totally Insane Wrestling Federation

Still as Alfred, Shane has moved to TIWF and established the biggest fan base he's ever come upon. TIWF's flare for the supernatural invites Alfred to face many of the monsters he faced in Trans-Atlantia, and in many ways, some more dark creatures. Aidan McCallister, a werewolf, for instance, faced Alfred for the Hardcore Championship at TIWF's "Golden Age" PPV. Alfred managed to win the title on the same night that long time friends "The Knights of the Turntables" claimed TIWF Tag Gold.

Finishing And Signature Moves

The (Dragon) Slayer (Second Rope Bulldog)

The Sword in the Stone (Double Axe Handle Smash from Top Tope)

The Hero-Sider (Side-effect)

The Hero-Shima (Fame-asser Facebuster)

The Sharpshooter (A Canadian Classic)

The Journey's End A Jumping Toe Kick usually done from a springboard.

Title History

TIWF Hardcore Champion (Current)

UCW Trans-Atlantic Champion

WRW Hall of Fame

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