Shane Braedan Avan (born July 18, 1984) is a well known Canadian professional wrestler currently wrestling in Japan for Rising Sun Wrestling. Beginning his career at 18, Avan has competed within the Shootclub Wrestling Alliance's promotions and has wrestled in every major organizations in the SWA, and is known as one of the top stars in the world.

Early History

Born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. Avan sites Richard Starr as an early influence on him as a youth. As a teen, Avan took up marial arts when he grew sick of team sports. Agter finishing high school, Avan took his student loan money that his parents expected him to use for college, and left for Calgary, Alberta to start his training.

Training and SWA signing

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Badlands Rookie Wrestling and Vegas Stakes Wrestling

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Wrestling Association of Maryland

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Cresent City Wrestling

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Rising Sun Wrestling

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Outback Wrestling League

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Japan - Part 2

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Lone Star Wrestling

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Atomic Wrestling Association

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Back To Texas

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AWA Return

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Rising Sun Wrestling - Part 3

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Shootclub (SWA) 1X SWA World Tag Team Champion, 1X SWA International Champion, 1X SWA United States Tag Team Champion, 5X SWA Cruiserweight Champion, 2X SWA Strong Style Champion

(RSW) 2X RSW National Heavyweight Champion, 2X RSW Tsunawoharu Champion, 1X RSW Light heavyweight Champion, 1X RSW Uncensored Champion, 1X RSW Dragon Tag Team Champion

(AWA) 1X AWA National Heavyweight Champion, 1X AWA Cruiserweight Champion

(LSW) 1X LSW National Heavyweight Champion, 1X LSW Texas Champion, 1X LSW National Television Champion, 1X LSW Tejas Tag Team Champion

(OWL) 1X OWL Heavyweight Champion, 1X OWL Southern Cross Champion, 1X OWL Tag Team Champion

(CCW) 1X CCW Tag Team Champion, 1X CCW Bayou Tag Team Champion

(WAM) 1X WAM Tag Team Champion

(VSW) 1X VSW Velocity Champion


Shootclub (SWA) 2007 SWA Hall of Fam Inductee (SuperStar Wing), 2007 SWA's Most Hated Wrestler of the Year, 1X SWA's Wrestler of the Month, 2X SWA's Most Hated Wrestler of the Month, 1X SWA's Most Popular Wrestler of the Month

(RSW) 1X RSW's Wrestler of the Month, 7X RSW's Most Hated Wrestler of the Month, 1X RSW's Most Popular Wrestler of the Month

(AWA) 1X AWA's Wrestler of the Month, 2X AWA's Most Hated Wrestler of the Month, 2X AWA's Most Popular Wrestler of the Month

(LSW) 1X LSW's Wrestler of the Month, 5X LSW's Most Popular Wrestler of the Month

(OWL) 1X OWL's Wrestler of the Month, 3X OWL's Wrestler of the Month


Shootclub Online Wrestling Game Shootclub: Online Fantasy Wrestling Game [1] Shane Avan Profile

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