Shane Hellman
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Ring Names Shane "The NZ Extremist" Hellman
Height 6 ft 3 in
Weight 225lb
Date of birth February, 1987 (20)
Place of birth Wellington, New Zealand
Date of death
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Resides Auckland, New Zealand
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Trainer Rip Morgan
IPW Warehouse
Butch Miller
Hard Championship Wrestling
Handled by NatcollKing
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Debut 2005

Chad Soon (Born February 22, 1987), known to the wrestling world as Shane Hellman, is a New Zealand born Samoan Professional wrestler, currently working in IPW as booker/trainer 


Chad was born to Melissa and Shane Soon on February 22, 1987 at Wellington Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand, the oldest of 3 kids (He has a younger brother Jason, 17, and Charlie, 7) He was born to a hard-working Samoan family. When he was 1, Chad moved up to Auckland, settling in the suburb of Otahuhu. He attended Panama Rd Primary & Papatoetoe Intermediate being top of the class in both schools despite racial tension affecting him in some cases, Chad attended Otahuhu College where he was met by former ACW wrestler, Kurt "Lil General" Johnson, as both were close they both trained under many wrestling tutors during their college years, Chad then chose his father's name as his wrestling name and was given the last name "Hellman" for his fast and powerful style of wrestling, once both graduated from Otahuhu College. Both Chad and Kurt joined up with Anarchy Championship Wrestling.

Anarchy Championship Wrestling (1st Run)

Shane joined up with his best mate Kurt, after their original mentor Thunder was seriously injured due to a powerbomb off the side of a two storied building during a Breaking Point Special. Shane came in at only 18years of age, the youngest to ever wrestle under ACW, some who saw his work say he shouldn't have been in the ring so young and needed more time, despite this he had wins over Darren Cross.

As time progressed, Shane started getting into arguments over his push and a few scuffles were caused by Shane's impaitent attitude, it worsened after Lil General was fired via text message, finally ACW had enough after Shane ranted on about former ACW owner Eric Storm life and was fired shortly after his squash match with James Cash.

The Graveman Fiasco

Shane attempted to return under Graveman, a carbon copy of WWE The Undertaker, it didn't last long as Shane was caught out by ACW and was banned from ACW for 2 years.

NZPWI Federation

Shane Hellman returned to New Zealand shortly after being fired from ACW, after being signed up by NZPWI Federation. Shane re-trained under NZ Wrestling legends Rip Morgan and Bushwacker Butch Miller, spending 6 months learning the art of technical wrestling, Shane debuted during one of NZPWI shows slamming soon to be close pal Griever with a chair shot so hard the chair split into two.

Shane had a successful run in NZPWI, including his match with NZPWI Federation legend And Andrew Price at NZPWI NZ Revenge.

Extreme Prison Match

Shane Hellman is credited with the creation of New Zealand's most bloodliest match ever created, the Extreme Prison Match. The match was created as a way to end the year long feud that Shane had with close friend And Andrew Price over the NZPWI Federation Title. At NZPWI NZ Revenge, Shane and And met in the main event which took 35mins, the match alone is still ranked in New Zealand as the #1 match ever to take place.

Impact Pro Wrestling

Shane was signed on to IPW on a special six month contract while he was working with NZPWI Federation, there he won both IPW NZ and Auckland titles and was named IPW Rookie of the Year 2006, at the end of his six month contract Shane Hellman announced that he was signed up by 4CW and left NZ once again to tour with 4CW

4 Corners Wrestling

Shane has had three matches so far, two of which he has lost including a 4CW Custom Cup Championship which was held recently, his only win came after he defeated Sery during a Storm Front episode.

Anarchy Championship Wrestling (2nd run)

Shane Hellman discovered on his way to America that ACW recently closed and attempted to contact some former ACW wrestlers, unbeknown to him, Shane's Extreme Prison match caught the eye of ACW scouts looking for new talent to help with the revival of ACW, Shane was immediately signed back into ACW and it is unknown when his first match will be.

Recently, Shane Hellman rejected the offer. Opting for his return to Auckland. Where he revived Impact Pro Wrestling.

Impact Pro Wrestling: Revival

Shane Hellman abruptly left ACW after internal issues over a contract, in which he was getting paid about 20% less than he originally got under the company. Deciding he was not useful in America, Shane returned to New Zealand where he returned with the revival of IPW, taking on the role of Commissioner. He currently works a deal as part-time wrestler, trainer & booker


NZPWI Federation: Revival

Shane Hellman recently tried to bring back NZPWI Federation, leaving many wondering if Shane was in it for the money. However NZPWI Federation never made a full comeback and sadly Shane retired from wrestling to take up a role as booker/trainer.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
  • The Southside Express (Black Hole Slam-styled Chokeslam)
  • The Hanging Chad (Hooks leg over neck while standing and stands over them like a Boston Crab) (Used in 4CW)
  • The Otahuhu Disaster (Vertical Suplex into a Rock Bottom then locks in a Tequila Sunrise) (Used in ACW)
  • Southside Drive-By Kick (MVP Drive By Kick)
  • Signature moves
  • Triple Star (Randy Orton style Backbreaker, modified jawbreaker & reverse Russian Leg Sweep all in one move)
  • Southside Destroyer (Inverted Chokeslam)(Rarely Used)
  • 450 Splash
  • Houston Hangover
  • Delayed Fisherman Suplex
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Triple Leg Drop
  • Nicknames
  • "The Extremist" (No longer used)
  • "The Southside Warrior" (Used only in NZPWI Federation)
  • Quotes
  • "Welcome to the Southside"
  • "Run away, the express is comming!"
  • "Chur"

Championships and accomplishments

  • 1-time TRW Heavyweight Champion
  • 2-time NZPWI Federation Champion
  • 3-time NZPWI Extreme Champion
  • 2-time NZPWI Tag Team Champion (First reign with And Andrew Price & Second with Griever)
  • NZPWI HoF Class of 2006
  • 1-time IPW NZ Champion
  • 1-time IPW Auckland Champion
  • Winner of IPW Rookie of the Year 2006

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