Shane Hunter
[[Image:|px|Image of Shane Hunter]]
Real name Shane Bromilow
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Height 6'4 (6'1)
Weight 245 lbs. (135 lbs)
Date of birth April 25th, 1985 (1991)
Place of birth Whiston, England (Whiston, England)
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Orange County, California
Billed from Whiston, England
Trainer Tony Hunter
Handled by Dave Bromilow
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Debut February 2007
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Personal life

Shane is the younger of the Hunter Brothers. Dave was born in 1978 and Shane was born just over 7 years later. Shane was born on the 23rd of April 1985. Shane and Dave share the same father, Tony, but have different mothers. Therefore, Shane and Dave share the Italian-American heritage of their father, but unlike Dave, Shane’s mother is pure-English (not American). Shane left full-time education at the age of 16, choosing not to go to college and immediately begin training to be a wrestler. After training for two years in England, Shane moved to American and lived with his brother Dave, were he continued training there. Shane has only ever wrestled in independent promotions, POW being his first professional federation.

Power On Wrestling

Upon joining POW, Shane immediately became one half of the newest tag team, "The Hunter Brothers Inc." and One Quarter of The Newest Stable in POW, "The Four Horsemen: XE" along with his brother, Dave, Big Ci and Lance Erikson. Shane will have his debut match on the 8th of March against Sykova.

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