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Shane McLean
[[Image:[img][/img]|230px|Image of Shane McLean]]
Real name Ryan McLean
Ring Names Shane McLean
"The Ace of Diamonds"
"The Revolution"
"The Legend"
Shane Michaels
Shane Cold Shane Austin
Ted Dibiashane
Repo Shane
Booker S
Ace Orton
Ace O. Diamond
Ace McLean
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 215 lb
Date of birth August 6th, 1988
Place of birth Paisley, Scotland
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Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides Chicago, Illanois
Billed from Glasgow, Scotland
Trainer Conscience
Eric "The Fist" Canyon
Adam Shane
Tony Ray
Fantasy Wrestling Alliance (inactive)


Handled by Ryan McLean
Win/Loss Record FWA: 29/18/0
Debut June 4, 2005
Retired {{{retired}}}

Michael Ryan Laine (born August 6, 1988) is a Scottish professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Shane McLean. He is currently inactive, but signed to the Fantasy Wrestling Association.


Scottish Wrestling Alliance

McLean began wrestling at the age of 14 in his hometown of Linwood, Scotland at the SWA: Hammerlock Training School, known as Area 52. Trained by Conscience, Adam Shame and Eric “The Fist” Canyon, it was found he was a natural after only a few training sessions. He briefly teamed with Shawn Docherty and Stu “Monty” Lamont. Before he could be brought to the main roster, a leg injury sidelined him.

Upon his return to the ring, he continued training, without his partners now. He was used occasionally as a jobber at SWA shows, but would actually hold a 3-0 undefeated streak against then SWA Champion and former trainer Conscience, (once by disqualification, twice by pin fall) despite being bloodied and battered in each match, but his push was buried upon the return of Eric Canyon, who came to aide McLean during one beating.

McLean would resurface months later as “The Revolution” Shane McLean, an arrogant heel. He would soon win the T-Division Title from friend Stu LaMont, and entered a long-term feud with him over the title, which soon included the return of old partner Shawn Docherty. The two would name themselves the Revolution, and held the T-Division Title joined, using the “Freebird rule“, until it was taken from them by The Flyin’ Foxx. After this, The Revolution went down south to the IPW:UK.

International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom

At the IPW:UK, the became a face Tag Team, and won the IPW:UK Tag Team Titles from The Kartel. They then entered a rivalry with the returning UK Pitbulls, but following a legit brawl with the Pitbulls, they were stripped of the Titles and released.

Fantasy Wrestling Alliance

"The Legend" Shane McLean

McLean travelled to America, and started training at an FWA run training school Texas State Wrestling Association. During this time he joined the FWA Creative Team briefly, and in ring he impressed his trainers, and he was soon signed to the main roster, where he began using a gimmick of emulating different “legendary” wrestlers and changing part of their name to Shane. He was teamed with Rodel Montanez as an “Odd Couple” team, and they began to feud with Confederate Justice and The Tag Team Champions Stu St.Clair and Ashley O’Ryan. Rodel Montanez was put across to find no humour in Shane's antics, which included wrestling as Shane Michaels (Shawn Michaels), Shane Cold Shane Austin (Stone Cold Steve Austin), and several others. The gimmick came to an end at FWA Mile High, where he wrestled his final match under this gimmick as Shane Flair (Ric Flair), where he and Rodel lost in a four corner Tag Match, won by the defending champions Stu St.Clair and Ashley O'Ryan.

Chase for the Gold/Tag Team Champion

Despite his earlier loss as Shane Flair, McLean would come out during the Mile High Massacre and manage to survive the gauntlet. The unlikely rookie would put on an impressive performance during the Mile High match, and it appeared he would win the FWA World Title, however the champion Ryan Hall retained (not without controversy, as the FWA Championship became unhooked while both men clung to it, however Ryan Hall managed to pull it free from McLean's grasp moments before they fell to the mat). Shane McLean was given a standing ovation from the crowd, and several of the IWC were amazed that the company had let the relative newcomer and apparent comedy character shine in the main event scene. It was the decision to push him that resulted in his gimmick being changed, as he began to focus on using his "passion" and intelligence to achieve his goals.

On the Fight Night episode following Mile High, Shane McLean and Rodel Montanez succeeded in capturing the FWA Tag Team Championships from Ashley O'Ryan and Stu. St. Clair. All four men were then entered into the "Gold Rush" Tournament to crown a number one contender, and there feud continued throughout it, as Rodel Montanez was eliminated by Ashley O'Ryan, while Shane McLean eliminated Stu. St Clair in round 1, but in the finals Ashley O'Ryan eliminated Shane McLean. Rodel Montanez was suspended following a real argument with FWA writers, therefore Shane McLean was billed as the sole-holder of the FWA Tag Team Championships.

Trial By Fire

Despite Tony Juvenile and Ashley O'Ryan earning the right to face Ryan Hall, the match was changed to include Jillian De Silva. However, Ryan Hall the FWA Champion was found assaulted backstage, and was discovered to be unable to compete. Shane McLean cashed in on the open slot, and offered to take the place of Ryan Hall, which FWA General Manager Tony Ray agreed to. However, Shane McLean then revealed he had the FWA World Championship belt, appearing as though he had been the one to attack Ryan Hall, though in a later interview, he would deny being involved, although this lead to a tweener status. As though to add to this, he began re-using the name "The Revolution" Shane McLean, a name he hadn't used since his early heel run in SWA. At Trial by Fire, Shane McLean would successfully retain the FWA Tag Team Titles over Stu. St.Clair and Ashley O'Ryan in a Handicap Tables Elimination match, although Tom Princeton would involve himself, using Shane's body to drive Stu. St.Clair through a table, aiding Shane's victory, though assaulting both men. Later in the night, Shane McLean would again get the better of Ashley O'Ryan, eliminating him from the Trial By Fire Match for the FWA World Championship by submission using the Lethal InjectShane after both men had stabbed at one another with a large splinter of wood, gashing each other open. Both men lost large quantities of blood. Shane would later be eliminated by Tony Juvenille, who would go on to win the match and Title.

The Lone Tag Team Champion & The New "Odd Couple"

Stu St.Clair and Ashley O'Ryan would both show mutual respect towards Shane McLean following Trial By Fire, due to their handicap tables match and an equal hatred for Tom princeton. Rodel Montez would also make his return, and try to lay claim to the Tag Team title, but Stu and Ashley suggested a triple threat to find the second half of the champions. However, when Drew Jolson was General Manager for a night, he entered Tom princeton into the match and made a four way ladder match, which was won by Stu St.Clair, making he and Shane the Tag Team Champions! During the weeks this was occurring, Shane would be watched by security as a suspect in the Ryan hall case still, and would be stalked by a mysterious man, who warned Shane that "Mr.McLean You'll be hearing from me shortly. And I expect so will your little friend [Maxx Hendrix] there. In fact, all of your co-workers will be. Enjoy your day sir." Shane McLean would soon find that the mysterious man was a Detective Inspector hired to discover who had assaulted Ryan Hall, named John R. Boyes (an idea pitched by Shane himself, with the detective based upon the combination of a detective from books McLean was a fan of - John Rebus - and a childhood friend's surname.), who would first question Shane McLean, naming him the lead suspect. Meanwhile, Stu St.Clair would win the FWA Tag Team Championship, forcing he and Shane to become partners.

The Odd Break-Up

During a Fatal Four Way Elimination at Betrayal to determine the undisputed Tag Team Champions, Shane McLean appeared to be about to retain his half of the Tag Titles, when suddenly, Rodel Montez turned on his partner when Shane appeared to be about to eliminate Stu St.Clair. Rodel would blast Shane McLean with a steel chair, then follow up with a Go To Sleep. Shane would be taken from the ring, and wasn't seen again until Winter Wasteland, where he assaulted Chicago's governor Rod R. Blagojevich before he was supposed to give Rodel Montez a celebration of excellence ceremony. Shane would deliver a message to the stunned Montez in the ring as he stood over the governor, while holding a running hourglass.

Rodel do I surprise you? As much as your ego would make you like to think you’d gotten rid of me, you had to know deep down it was only a matter of time before I’d be back. It was just a matter of when and where…but you see, I’m in no hurry, I don’t feel the need to quench my thirst for vengeance just yet…but Rodel, you’re on notice, I’m watching you, in the shadows, just over your shoulder, somewhere just outwith your eyeline, I’ll be there, waiting to pounce, to strike. And then, then, I will take my vengeance, I will be rewarded for my patience and only then will you be at peace Rodel, because until that moment, you are going to eat yourself up inside, knowing your judge and jury have spoken, awaiting the executioner. So Rodel, my gift to you in this festive time of year is this: An extra turn on the hour glass, but wait, you see this is it’s last turn, and when it runs out…well…so do you.Merry Christmas…I’ll see you in the new year. then announced Shane McLean had been suspended following the assault on the governor. Following this, Shane's next appearance would be on the first episode of Fight Night of 2008, where Rodel Montez hosted an ESPN Photoshoot, however, Shane McLean revealed himself to have been posing as a photographer, and attacked Rodel Montez until security escorted him from the building. later announced that Rodel Montez would face Eric "The Fist" Canyon (Shane McLean's trainer) the next week, for the SWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship, in a match Rodel would win, capturing the SWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship. The next week, Rodel would defeat another of Shane's trainers, Conscience, to also become the SWA British Heavyweight Champion. The following week, Rodel Montez defeated Stephanie Johansen (Shane Mclean's girlfriend), but following the match, FWA GM Tony Ray would announce Shane McLean's suspension had been lifted, and booked a street fight between the two for Uncontrollable Chaos. At the event, Rodel would defeat Shane McLean at first, but the referee would void the decision due to Shane's foot being upon the bottom rope, continuing the match. Shane would defeat Montez this time by TKO, as Rodel was deemed unable to continue the match, and Shane McLean would win his first singles championships in FWA, despite being owned by his former company, the SWA. Five days later, Shane would return to Glasgow Scotland and forfeit his Championships back to the SWA, putting both into Triple Threat matches between Eric Canyon, Conscience and tag partner Shawn Docherty. Eric Canyon would win the Scottish Heavyweight Title again, while Shane aided Shawn Docherty's first United Kingdom Heavyweight Championship victory.

The Revolution

Shane McLean & Shawn Docherty would begin to team with one another as "The Revolution", then "Revolution X", playing a pair of pranksters. The name was changed however due to complaints from DMac, who already had the name gimmicked. Shane and Shawn would start using the name "The Outlawed Rebellion" but would frequently mention the name change, talking about a "lawsuit" from DMac as though it was a shoot, but these promos were always worked anyway. During this time, Shane would finish off his feud with Rodel Montez, defeating him at the biggest event on the FWA calendar, Back In Business, in a critically acclaimed "I Quit" match. The brutal match actually required an age verification on to be viewed, as it featured stunts such as Shane using a car to smash into Rodel and Shane strangling a submission from Rodel with a fire hose.

That match was brutal, we were on this real big stage and this was our blow-off match, so we knew we needed to take it to the next level. For a match that was so violent I think we also managed to make it quite fun to watch, like who doesn't love to see a woman turn on her man and get hit with the Argyle Street Cutter! That bit was almost removed from the match because let's face it, an incident last year affected the wrestling world and still does, so a match that featured both an attempted suffocation and"domestic dispute turning violent"...well...I didn't expect us to get away with it. [laughs] Looking back I feel bad for Rodel about that...I choked him out pretty hard, plus the whole car scenario must have hurt like a bitch! Unlucky that we don't have stunt-doubles! He was off a few weeks after that, but he pulled it off. One bit of the match saw me sprayed with a fire hose, I thought nothing of it really, I thought it would be a bit of fun. Man, I never knew how much pressure those things fire with, I was blasted off my feet and my landing actually caused the elbow injury that has recently had me off didn't seem so fun at the time.

The Unholy Uprising

Shane continued to team with Docherty, but things began to go wrong for the duo when the Unholy Uprising revealed they had Shane scouted for their team. Shane would refuse to join, however, the Unholy Uprising would force him into the stable by beating down Docherty until Shane agreed to join. This would mark Docherty's last FWA appearance. Shane's first several weeks within the Uprising saw him unsure of his surroundings, openly admitting he didn't like his team-mates, yet trying to impress them all the same. However, due to the unhappiness he was feeling, Shane's matches began to deteriorate, to the point where Unholy Uprising founder G-Rich refused to let Shane compete, telling him to go find himself and if he finds that he wants to be the best, then he could return. Speculation in the IWC was that Shane was going to start a feud with an Unholy Uprising member upon return, however, at Desert Storm, Shane McLean pledged allegiance to the Uprising, attempting to aid members Nathan Swift and Matt Boudreau, turning heel in the process. He would be drafted to the Crossfire brand in the draft along with Unholy Uprising members G-Rich, Boudreau, Stu St.Clair and Ayla El, and excluding a loss in a tournament to crown the first World Heavyweight Champion, McLean would go on his biggest FWA roll, taking out many of his opponents during his push (most notably, Ewan Edwards) with his new found vicious heel streak, and would then capture the FWA North American Championship by defeating old ally Lt Wyoming at Red, White & Bruised. In the weeks that followed, Shane would start appearing from "The Diamond Divan" and would face Fight Night's Television Champion Sean Moore at the FWA Third Anniversary Show, in a losing effort, before entering a feud with Bullseye Johnson, attempting to injure him in the same manner as several previous opponents, using the Inverted Figure Four Leg Lock, renamed "The Thistle". Nagging knee injuries would cause Shane to take a leave of absence after dropping the North American Championship to Bullseye at Mile High 2008.

Break From Wrestling

Shane took a break from wrestling to heal his knee, but would eventually begin to become involved with the FWA once again, first making comments on against Chris Smith, then later making several cameo appearances at the FWA anniversary show, re-hashing his original FWA gimmick of imitating legends, albeit in a heel manner, in this case imitating the inductees into the FWA Hall Of Fame for that night. During this time, Shane would find himself considering a return to in-ring competition, and would make appearances for several weeks on Fight Night, feuding with Rebel Bad Ass, a former rival of his. At Trial By Fire, Shane made an appearance as a guest referee, and at the event his return to in-ring competition was announced as "one night only" against Rebel Bad Ass at Tribute to the Troops in Iraq, where Shane would defeat Rebel with his ConcuShane finishing move, making the third victory Shane would hold over Rebel, bringing their conclusive record against one another to 3-0. On February 26, 2010, before the FWA's Ace's High event, Shane McLean make a shock return during the pre-show, announcing himself as a participant in that night's Carnal Contendership (which he did not win).

In Wrestling

  • Finishers and Signature Moves
    • "Lethal InjectShane" (Reverse STO, sometimes followed by an Inverted Crossface)
    • "ConcuShane" (Running high knee strike - occasionally after hanging opponent through ropes)
    • "The Thistle" (Reverse Figure Four Leg Lock)
    • Figure Four Leg Lock
    • "Argyle Street Cutter" (any type of cutter generally, but the most common used by Shane is the Osaka Street Cutter)
    • "The Flower Of Scotland" (Elevated Cloverleaf)
    • "The Rebel Yell" (Rope aided corner dropkick to tree-of-woe hung opponenent)
    • "InShane" (Senton Bomb)
    • "InShanity" (Somersault Leg Drop)
    • "Et tu?" (Hammerlocks opponent's right arm, wraps his left arm around opponent's neck or jaw, then performs a double knee backbreaker while maintaining both hammerlock and clutch on head.)
    • "Et Tu, Brute?" (Hammerlocks opponent's right arm, wraps his left arm around opponent's neck or jaw, then performs a double knee backbreaker while maintaining both hammerlock and clutch on head. On the ground he keeps it applied as a submission hold, by sitting with knees in opponents back, pressing against the arm that had been hammerlocked, and pulling back upon opponent's head.)
      Karma Clothesline (Ducks clothesline and northern lariats opponent)
    • ShaneKick (superkick)
    • "Shanerui" (A Shiranui - a.k.a. Sliced Bread #2. Done with ropes or without by doing a backflip over opponent)
    • "Walk 500 Miles" (Arm twist ropewalk tornado DDT)
    • "Whiplash" (Whip against ropes and rebound into back elbow)
    • Figure Four Neck Lock
    • "ShanePlex" (Fisherman Brainbuster)
    • Fisherman Suplex
    • German Suplex
    • Elevated DDT
    • Snap DDT
    • Chop Block
    • Knife-Edge Chops
    • Stomping opponents knee
    • Inside Cradle
  • Championships and Accomplishments
    • In FWA
      • FWA North American Champion (1 Time)
      • FWA World Tag Team Champion (1 Time*) - with Rodel Montanez/alone/Stu St.Clair
    • In SWA
      • NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Championship (held while in FWA) (1 time)
      • NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion (held while in FWA) (1 time)
      • SWA T-Division Champion (1 Time)
    • In TSWA
      • TSWA Light-Heavyweight Champion (2 Time)
    • In IPW:UK
      • IPW:UK Tag Team Champion (1 Time) - with Shawn Docherty
  • The reign is recognised as three reigns on's title history, however, at no point was Shane vacated of the belt, so it is believed it counts only as one reign for Shane.
  • Nicknames
    • "Cowboy" Ace McLean
    • "The Revolution" Shane McLean
    • "The Legend" Shane McLean
    • "The Rebel" Shane McLean
    • "The Outlaw" Shane McLean
    • "The Ace of Diamonds"
    • "The Deviant of Disguise"
  • Stables
    • In SWA
      • The Revolution (With Shawn Docherty)
    • In IPW:UK
      • The Revolution (With Shawn Docherty)
    • In FWA
      • "The Odd Couple" (With Rodel Montanez)
      • "The Odder Couple" (With Stu St.Clair)
      • "The SWA" (with Eric Canyon, Conscience, Shawn Docherty & Stephanie Johansen)
      • "The Revolution"/"The Outlawed Rebellion" (With Shawn Docherty)
      • "The Unholy Uprising"

  • Entrance Music
     "Bounce" by Bon Jovi

    • "I Disappear" by Metallica
    • "Counting 5-4-3-2-1" by Thursday
    • "Weight of the World" by Saliva
    • "This Time's For Real" by Ill Nino
    • "Invisible Man" by Theory of a Deadman
    • Generic versions of parodied legends
  • Quotes
    • "Hi! I'm Shane McLean! That's Right! THE Shane McLean!"
    • "Hi! I'm Shane McLean! Who the Hell are You?"
    • "It's Time To Get Revolutionized!"
    • "Revolution, Is the Only Solution"
    • "You're About to get...Revolutionized!"
    • "When it counts...I am better than you!"
    • "Whoddathunkit?!?!"

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