Shane Rockford
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Height 6'3"
Weight 170lbs.
Date of birth August 14th 1970
Place of birth Salt Lake City, Utah
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Resides Las Vegas, Nevada
Billed from Burbank, California
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Divas Unleashed
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Debut May 2003
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Shane Rockford was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in August 1970 being the youngest of 3 children, having two older brothers. At the age of 4, Shane's father moved his family moved to Burbank, California.

Shane studied economics at UCLA university and achieved full honours. Shane's early business ventures usually failed with each project being more ambitious as he was a man who buzzed with ideas, formerly wanting to be an artist but being directed into economics by his concerned father.

To full his dream of being an artist, Shane played the stock market to earn money and invested in shares in a promotion called Divas Unleashed Wrestling. "DUW" as it was then known as touring the state of Texas and had an fresh angle of being female-only wrestlers. DUW was quickly losing money and Shane eventually bought out the company. Shane finally had a brainchild and canvas he wanted and began to restructure the whole promotion.

Divas Unleashed

Creating DU

Shane hired an array of women who had caught his eye, whether it be their good looks, impressive physique or charisma. Shane offered contracts to the victims of fallen promotions, scooping up the remains of GWF such as Crystal, Krysta Taylor, Mya (formerly Lorretta), Tara Lee and Tequila and managing to encourage two of HIW’s top females, Katrina and Taylor, to sign with DUW part-time. These divas would later be dubbed “The Originals”.

Shane re-branded "DUW" as Divas Unleashed, giving the company a more edgy name and put together the first show. The debut show took place in New York City and was a battle royal crown the first DUW Champion. Crystal, Dominatrix, Katrina, Mya, Taylor and Tequila all participated in a battle royal and agreed to and become full-time DU members.

The divas he had hired had a network of connections with other promotions and an already established fan base which allowed Divas Unleashed to acquire a decent following. After a whirlwind four months, Shane signed a television deal with cable network XYZ Sports and the idea of a weekly show of "Exile" was born.

Now with a television deal, Shane decided to create more championship belts and hired new divas such as Bianca and Star. In the same month, he would acquire Felicity and later in the year, poached Pandora and Mystika from 3WL. The company expanded, taking on more wrestlers and putting on more shows. Divas Unleashed quickly gained momentum and by 2004, DU was a face of women's wrestling, wiith Shane always remaining the president in some form.

Relationship with Kristin Wallace and Tequila

When Shane first started DU, he was engaged to the red-head Kristin Wallace, who was a manager and friend of Katrina. At Demonology in 2003, Shane was caught cheating on Kristin with Tequila. Kristin was, naturally, furious with this revelation and a war for control of DU ensued. Kristin used the team she had created, The Bod Squad, to carry out her deeds and used her relationship with the vice president of the company, Christian Morales, to extract more power over Shane. Shane eventually won the battle and gained full control and in the process, remaining in a relationship with Tequila.

Christian Morales was fired for his behaviour during the feud but Shane decided to keep Kristin Wallace employed as a manager for Katrina and her tag teams although the affair dented the friendship between Tequila and Katrina, although Kristin and Shane decided to put aside their differences and work together in Divas Unleashed.

Nyssa and birth of Christina

Shane's unfaithful ways continued when he was revealed to have fathered Nyssa's baby. Once again, Tequila was furious and immediately confronted her as Nyssa and Tequila began to do battle with each other. Shane agreed to a match taking place on pay-per-view where if Nyssa won, Tequila would have to leave Divas Unleashed and if Tequila won, Nyssa would have to cut all ties with Shane and allow Shane to take a DNA test.

Nyssa gave birth to her baby, named Christina Rockford. The match was given the green light and the feud heated up when rumours circulated that the baby could belong to Ken Shiro, brother of Yuku Shiro. Nyssa had apparently said the paternity was Shiro family to Tequila in private conversation but later denied making these claims.

The match took place and after a hard fought battle, Nyssa defeated Tequila. Tequila took a leave of absence from DU as Shane and Nyssa decided to call a truce and raise their daughter together, however Nyssa would be buried alive by Yuku Shiro several weeks later. Shane was never given the DNA test he wanted.

Shane and Tequila agreed to try and work through the affair due to the unstable mental state of Nyssa. Shane was rumoured to have an affair with Miss Rhiannon, who he hired as his assistant when Rhiannon was injured, and although both parties deny this, Felicity is adamant it happened.

Affair with Felicity and birth of second child

Shane Rockford's world was rocked again when Felicity announced she was expecting his child, making it the second out of wedlock. The pair were rumoured to have hooked up at the 2004 Christmas party and this was confirmed when there was CCTV footage and a dramatic reconstruction of the night released by Felicity. Tequila and Felicity started waging war with each other, with Tequila claiming that Felicity had seduced a drunken Shane and claiming he was not the true father.

Shane and his wife Tequila at a DU Halloween party.

During this feud, Shane's second daughter was born in Argentina, named Ashley Billington-Rockford. The birth of his daughter changed Shane’s mind on the whole situation as he dumped Tequila and allied himself with Felicity. After several months of bitchfighting, Felicity and Tequila settled the score at Forsaken Destiny III, with Tequila winning.

Reunited with Tequila

Before FD3, Tequila and Shane Rockford agreed to marry in a quick Las Vegas ceremony. Tequila was intoxicated throughout the wedding reception but nevertheless became the wife of the president. The marriage cemented Tequila’s position in the company and the two honeymooned in the Seychelles for several months, taking a break from Divas Unleashed.

KibbyD rumours

Not learning from past mistakes, rumors surfaced about Shane Rockford having an affair with KibbyD and Kibby was supposed to be bragging about the affair backstage. Tequila became suspicious and confronted Kibby after weeks of speculation at Forsaken Destiny IV. Later that night, Tequila was found in a pool of blood and was taken to hospital where she was placed in a coma.

Shane stuck by Tequila's bedside, abandoning Divas Unleashed and leaving Tequila's best friend Crystal Deymonaz in control. Crystal was attacked by Sinful Delights, who set up that it was Yuku Shiro's fault, and Kibby used her relationship with Shane to convince him into giving her power in her absence. Sinful Delights consequently embarked on a crusade of corruption.

Tequila woke up a month later, on the same day that Shane had learned of what Kibby and co. were doing to his company. Shane returned to Divas Unleashed to set things right and one of his first acts back as president was to fire the entire Sinful Delights stable for the mess they'd caused. KibbyD and Tequila fought it out in several matches, with no true winner being declared although this time, Shane remained removed from the fighting. Shane did however fund Tequila's failed recording career which was a passive aggressive attack on Kibby.

Personal life

Since 2006, Shane has been married to Tequila. The couple married in Las Vegas and honeymooned in the Seychelles. They two a second honeymoon in mid-2009, funded by Tara Lee.

Shane has two children, Christina (born 2004) and Ashley (born 2006), although he revealed in an interview that whilst he spends time with his second daughter, Ashley, he still has doubts about the paternity of Christina and is planning to emancipate himself from the child due to Christina's seemingly Asian appearance, alluding to the possibility of a Shiro paternity.

Shane has good relationships with most of the divas within his company but particularly with Tequila, Holly Wentz, Krysta Taylor, Mystika and Star who have retained employment with Divas Unleashed from the beginning. Shane also invited Laura Seton back to the company in 2008. Shane also has a good working relationship with 3WL's Tory Blaze and believes in the mantra that he treats his employees how he would like to be treated and tries to give everyone a fair shot.

Shane drives a Cherokee SUV.

Rumoured Relations

Theme Music

  • "Faint" by Linkin Park
  • "Faster" by Manic Street Preachers
  • "Sundown On The Empire" by Reverend And The Makers
  • "Golden Skans" by Klaxons (current)

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