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The Early Days: Shaun Lewis grew up on the streets of Chicago, Illinois. He was involved in many criminal activities such as drug dealing, driving without a license, assault, and robbery. He spent several years in jail, and than several more on probation before finally being convinced to seek professional help to get his life back on track. So Shaun attended several classes at a local therapist in Chicago, which eventually did help in one way. He was no longer breaking the law, but he ended up going to underground parties to do rap battles. He was eventually well known than due to all of his success freestyling. He received several offers from major music companies, which he gladly accepted. He hit the big time, making several albums which sold like crazy. He quickly became a multi-millionaire due to this, and took a break after a few years to relax and enjoy the high life.

The Change: Shaun was still hitting the mic and writing up new texts at home, but something changed in his heart. He was watching TV one night when a wrestling show came on. He first wasn't very interested, but than as he continued watching, his interest grew. He one day than saw a local ad in the newspaper about a wrestling federation called "Global Wrestling Coalition". He flipped to the page and read the article. He was immediately interested and called the Owner of G.W.C. for an audition. As he was driving down to the audition the next week, he was extremely nervous, but yet eager. He auditioned for a half an hour before the Owner, Danny Vice, told him he's seen enough. Later that day they signed a formal contract, and so the story begins...

Global Wrestling Coalition: As of now, Shaun is the newest talent edition on the G.W.C. roster, and will soon get to make his debut match against a person yet to be named.

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