Shaun Moran
Full Name Shaun Gerald Moran
Hometown Newark, New Jersey
Date of birth October 4, 1972
Height/Weight 6 foot 2 inches / 224 lbs
Style Grappler, brawler
Finisher The Moran Cutter
Handler hikooki
Current federations CWF, RCW
Past federations Various independent promotions

Shaun Moran is a professional wrestler currently working for CWF and RCW, and played by hikooki.


Shaun Moran grew up in Newark, New Jersey. Since childhood, he have been into wrestling, seeing as his father, the media mogul Gerald Moran, invested a lot of money in the wrestling industry, ultimately ending up in Moran Wrestling Industries and the TV-channel WrestleTV. Shaun wrestled with his friend is backyards, and ultimately got enrolled at a wrestling school. From there, he moved on to independent wrestling promotions all over the States, as well in the UK, Australia and Japan. In more recent time he joined the CWF, as his first major promotion. He was also approached by RCW, in which he found interest.


Moran joined the CWF in November 11, 2007. His debut match was an Open Battle Royal for a shot at the CWF Global Championship, in which he was eliminated.


To be added.

Championship history


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