Character Name: Shaun Ryder

Height/Weight: 6'5/ 250lbs

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Style of Wrestling: Technical, Aerialist

Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):

Aussie Suplex Description: Ryder lifts his opponent into a Suplex position, Holds position for 5 seconds, Then Twists making opponent land on his face.

Dream Ryde: Ryder locks opponent into a full nelson, he then lifts opponent in the air while jumping at the same time, making opponent land on there back.

Entrance Style: Walks onto Ramp, Slowly makes his way down to the ring, Slides into the ring, Hops onto turnbuckle and Lifts both arms to the crowd.

Entrance Theme: Comfort Me - Shihad

Give a brief background of your character: Ryder grew up in the city of Sydney. With his true love for Australia, he was always involved in stuff that represent his country. From State Football to u/18's Australian swim team, Ryder was a natural born athlete. He was then offered training from well known Australian wrestler called "Bob Havoc". After 3 months of intensive training, Ryder was ready for his first match. Ryder lost his first match but better things where to come. Ryder manage to conquer the EPW title. Ryder also worked in Crocodile wrestling where he learned from the best. After working in many promotions in Australia, he decided to move on to bigger and better things. He had of a promotion called WCSF, he's good friend Bray had been working there for about a year and told him about the place. so within weeks Ryder had packed his bags and moved over to America, to wrestle for WCSF.

Titles Held: WCSF Tagteam Champion(Current)

General Bio: Ryder's career in WCSF started about 4 Months ago. His first REAL opponent was another young star by the name of Dennis Locke. Ryder walked out victorious and from there started Ryders career.

Ryder started making trouble around the change rooms and also with the GM. GM became sick of Ryder and put him in the match with the vicious Lou Cuttino. Ryder went into the match as the underdog and came out victorious pinning "The Don" 1..2..3. Ryder's hype started to spread, people heard of the "Crocodile Wrestler" from Australia trying to make it in WCSF. Ryder's next match was a Fatal 4-Way, Ryder competed well through the match but in the end it was called a No Contest due to The Don's mafia interfering.

Around the same time as Ryder, a young talent known as Dale McDonald was making his mark in WCSF. Ryder's next match was a tag-team match, where he team up with McDonald. Ryder and McDonald came out victorious destroying Shayden Skidmore and Jason Cosmos. From that match Ryder and McDonald joined forces and became "The Carnage Crew".

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