Shaun Stetson
[[Image:|px|Image of Shaun Stetson]]
Real name
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Height 6'2"
Weight 238 lbs.
Date of birth Februay 14, 1980
Place of birth San Diego, California
Date of death
Place of death
Resides San Diego, California
Billed from
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World Class Championship Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling Alliance, Ultimate Wrestling Federation, Internet eFederation, Supreme Championship Wrestling, United States Wrestling Association
Handled by Nathan Mills
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Debut March 3, 1998
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Shaun Stetson, born in San Diego, California, is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling for World Class Championship Wrestling.


Shaun was born to an upper-class family in the suburbs of San Diego, California in the winter of 1980. Unlike most wrestlers' childhoods, Shaun lived a fantastic childhood, the pride and joy of his parents, Stan and Mary.

Stan Stetson was a lawyer to the stars, defending celebrities in every case possible. In fact, he defended (then unknown) Tim Allen in his 1978 court case for possession of 1.4 pounds of cocaine. He worked Tim down from life in prison to two years and four months.

Mary Stetson was a homemaker, staying home with Shaun every day of his life until he was able to go to school. From then on, she stayed home baking goodies for Shaun and Stan to enjoy when they got home.

Shaun enjoyed success early in life, making the high school JV baseball team when he was in seventh grade. This was the first time this had happened at Mission Bay High School, but it's no surprise that it's Shaun that did it. Shaun enjoyed a great high school baseball career, lettering his last four years. He earned all state honors his junior and senior year in high school, received a scholarship offer from UCLA, and was named an All American in his senior year.

Shaun's father suggested he hire an agent and try to make it into Major League Baseball. Shaun hired an agent, (Arturo Mendoza) and was drafted in the third round of the 1999 draft by the Toronto Blue Jays. Shaun turned down all contract offers, though, saying he was worth more money than they offered him.

Shaun's father and his agent agreed.

In August 1999, Shaun Stetson ran into Steve Michaels while working out at a gym. Shaun had been practicing wrestling at an amateur level for a possible run at the Olympics in 2004. Obviously, he never made that goal. In any event, he knew who Steve was right off the bat.

Steve Michaels was a local wrestling legend in San Diego. He had seen Shaun practicing one day and thought he showed some real promise. Steve asked Shaun if he'd like to make some real money, and Shaun was in. Shaun signed on to be the newest member of Supreme Championship Wrestling.

Supreme Championship Wrestling

Shaun and Steve worked together throughout their time in SCW. In order to help hone Shaun's skills, they formed a tag team simply known as "Steve & Shaun". The pair teamed together for several weeks before Steve found himself in the hunt for the SCW World championship. At the same time, though, Shaun found himself in the hunt for the SCW International championship. Shaun eventually won the SCW championship, but left the company (along with Michaels) before he could defend it due to some backstage problems in SCW (the company folded shortly after the duo's departure).

Internet eFederation

Shaun and Steve looked for work together, and they landed in the IeF. They never teamed, there, as Steve was immediately in the hunt for the IeF World title. Shaun, unfortunately, was almost exclusively used as "enhancement talent". However, the duo thought of IeF as a bit of a crossroads. To them, it was where new stars are born and old stars fade out. Shaun would soon realize how true those thoughts were when tragedy struck.

Steve Michaels' Death

In the summer of 2002, Steve Michaels died of what was said to be congenital heart failure. Rumors of steroid and drug abuse ran rampant, but Shaun made sure to set the record straight in a heartfelt interview conducted by the IeF. However, the death of his trainer and best friend left Shaun heartbroken. He promptly quit the IeF, vowing never to return to the wrestling business.

Ultimate Wrestling Federation (June 2005 - August 2006)

"Hollywood" Shaun Stetson

Shaun stayed away from the ring for nearly three years. It was during this time that he married Dana Stavros. In the summer of 2005, Tom Hart was looking for new talent to join the UWF. He'd heard about Shaun from a friend and gave him a call. Stetson was reluctant at first, but after Hart's repeated attempts, Shaun finally succumbed and joined the UWF.

He started out in a hot feud with Nighthawk. Nighthawk was also a newcomer to the UWF that apparently had some secret about Stetson that he was ready to reveal to the world. Neither of them knew how this particular storyline would become real life for them in the future.

During this time, Shaun began putting on satirical puppet shows, mimicking his opponent in line with popular movies and stories. He parodied everything from "Little Red Riding Hood" to "The Wizard of Oz". The gimmick was largely hated and soon dropped.

"The Fallen Angel" Shaun Stetson

During time off due to injury at the hands of Nighthawk (broken collarbone), Shaun was to be repackaged as a sort of religious zealot. Unfortunately, issues with UWF brass forced Shaun to leave the company before he could debut the gimmick. He was once quoted as saying, "In hindsight, it was probably better. That was a horrible idea, anyway."

Ultimate Wrestling Federation (January 2006 - April 2007)

The Forever Remembered

After months of being away from the UWF, a new committee came to power, and they came to Shaun for a return. Shaun, missing his time in the ring, immediately accepted under the condition that he be allowed to control his own fate. They agreed, and he took off.

Shaun began referring to himself as the Forever Remembered, and he made sure to back his words up. He formed a quick partnership with Nighthawk and Torch (Greg Slater) to form the BRI (Bombers Revolution Inc.). The BRI was formed by Nighthawk to battle the Wrath of God, led by Hannibal Cage.

For months, Stetson, along with Nighthawk and Torch, fought back and forth with the WoG before FINALLY, Nighthawk took the UWF World title from Hannibal Cage. At this point, the BRI almost completely disintegrated, simply losing focus after defeating the WoG.

Shaun Stetson, though, quickly found his own success as he and Torch took the UWF Tag Team titles. They lost them soon after, but Shaun continued his success, winning the UWF North American championship from Dan Roberts.

The UWF World Championship Tournament Controversy

Shaun soon found himself in the hunt for the UWF title, being entered in a tournament to crown a new champion. Shaun performed very well in the tournament, finding himself in a semi-final match against Jay Dennis. However, another wrestler that Shaun had quite a bit of history with, Sean Jackson, whom he won his North American title from, raised some issues with UWF management.

Sean Jackson weaseled himself into the semi-final match with Stetson and Dennis. Shaun was eager to face the challenge, as his matches with Jackson were considered some of the best the UWF had seen in quite some time. Stetson was booked to win the match, but when Sean Jackson got wind of the decision, he once again complained to management. Jackson, arrogant as always, complained that he was more over and would make a better champion. While this may have been the case, management had made the decision to put Stetson over. Jackson continued to complain, though, leaving management no choice to ask Stetson to do the job.

Shaun didn't like it, but he did the job to Jackson in hopes that Jackson would win the tournament and give him the first title shot. A World title match between the two would've been the biggest draw in UWF history. Unfortunately, this never got to happen.

Ric Standard

Ric Standard was a superstar in the UWF who usually drew close comparisons with Shaun. Both were hot up and comers and were considered the future of the UWF. In the fall of 2006, Shaun and Dana began having issues in their marriage due to Shaun's never ending dream to hold the UWF World championship. The chase was a huge mental burden on Shaun and caused him to lash out and be unbearable to be around.

While all this was going on, videos of Dana and another man (who was never seen) started popping up at UWF events. Shaun soon found out that the man playing these videos was none other than his former best friend, Nighthawk. The two engaged in a brutal feud immediately after. It culminated in a match at Reunion 2006 where Shaun put his UWF North American title on the line in exchange for the truth about who was in the tapes with his wife. Shaun won the match, and Nighthawk told the truth. It was Ric Standard that had been sleeping with Dana Stetson.

Needless to say, Shaun and Dana reached an agreement on a divorce soon after, but Shaun wasn't finished. He immediately went after Ric Standard, who was the UWF World champion at the time. Unfortunately, Standard died in a plane crash before Shaun could actually get his hands on him. Shaun was quoted as saying, "Fuck Ric Standard. He got what he deserved...eternity in hell."

Shaun continued his hunt for the UWF title, though, chasing after Eddie Calhoune for several months. The two had a match at Back to School 2007, but their match was overshadowed by the return of Hannibal Cage, and then the VERY unexpected return of Ric Standard.

Obviously, Shaun was fuming. "He faked his death to get away from me. Stupid mistake coming back, right?" were Shaun's exact words upon Standard's return. A four way match between Eddie Calhoune, Shaun Stetson, Hannibal Cage, and Ric Standard was quickly signed. Shaun was taken out of the match early, though, with a separated shoulder and lost his hopes of winning the UWF World title (Eddie Calhoune won the match).

World Wide Wrestling Alliance (March 2006 - April 2007)

Shaun Stetson, Trainer

During Shaun's time in the UWF, Mr. William Penndragon opted to leave the pornography business to start a wrestling company. He wanted someone that he could build the company around, and the first person he called was Shaun Stetson. Shaun had an open contract with the UWF, so he was free to work elsewhere. With a hefty paycheck and a guarantee of success, Shaun hopped on board.

However, nearly everyone else on the roster had no previous experience in wrestling. They all had great looks, but very little skill. Shaun Stetson became the resident trainer of the 3WA, teaching as much as he could to anyone he could. Several of his students have become success stories, including Kyko (who won the 3WA World championship from Shaun at Dia De Los Muertos 2006) and Alex Shaw (who has held the 3WA TV title, the 3WA Internet title, and even the UWF North American title).

It wasn't long, though, before resentment began to rear it's ugly head, and the first feud in 3WA history was born: Shaun Stetson vs. Shane Williams.

Shane Williams

Shane Williams has the distinct honor of being the first ever 3WA World champion. He won the title in a three way tournament final between himself, Stetson, and Kyko. Williams pinned Stetson while he had Kyko tied up in a figure four leglock. Stetson insisted that he wasn't fairly beaten and soon after got his rematch.

At Redemption 2006, Shaun defeated Williams in the first ever Ladder in a Cage match. Both men put everything they had on the line, but Shaun was the victor, taking home his first World championship.

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