Shauniqua'That Lady Savage'Williams
Mtv 2003
Real name Shauniqua Kieshawnna Williams
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Height 5 Foot 3
Weight 130lbs
Date of birth Stepember 27,1984[age 23]
Place of birth Houston,Texas
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Resides Baltimore,Maryland
Billed from Houston,Texas
Trainer Alvin Corey & Johnanthan Jackson
Xtreme Organization Entertainment..
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Debut Auguest 2007- Currently
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Shauniqua Williams (born on Stepember 27,1984 in Houston, Texas) is an American professional wrestler Puerto Rican/African and Cape Verdean of descent, better known by her wrestling name That Lady Savage is a former rapper and dancer, she is currently working Xtreme Organization Entertainment.

The Ghetto Life:Story Of That Lady Savage

Shauniqua Williams learned from her life experiencing throughout childhood, adluthood, and the most dangerous things in Glenwood.

Her mother raised them on her everyday without her father was in and out of prison for several years.Her mother had trouble on shool work and raisng them on her own.When Shauniqua was at the age of 5 years old at the time.She attended to some public schoolds in Glenwood arena and always be the top student in some schools.She did not have dreams to became a wrestler or anything else in the world.

Dancing Career:Ghetto Buddafly


Shauniqua Williams Photoshoot

But when Shauniqua saw her ne

Rapping Career:Da Hood Banggaz

In January 2005, Trae and Young D formed Da Hood Banggaz as a rap undgerground group of local Houston rappers including with Jarrius Allenson and Tyrese Levers.Their first album, Thuggin Revenge, was recorded by Young D's long-time friend and producer named Soulja Twin, shortly after, the underground album was released on August 30, 2005 and sold 819,910 million copies in the frist week.

Begining:Wrestling Career

Shauniqua made her debut in the Revolution Xtreme Wrestling, under the ring name Shauniqua Williams.She didn't appeared in a match with Blaze Inferno at Breaking Point, which she has lost to Blaze.The next few days Shauniqua's contarct was released from her RXW contract, due to her real life personal problems with her family. In October 2007, Shauniqua made her debut in the ring with Harlem Cena, who announced she was the newest member of High Octicane.A few weeks later, in the parking lot she meted her ex-boyfriend Johnny Killa when she agreed to go out with him.In CWF, Shauniqua made her in-ring debut on the October 10, 2007 against with Jasmine Summers, she defeated Summers in their match due to by Summers didn't shown up.



  • In XoW Stephanie Marie and Shauniqua Williams began a feud together about her champion.On foundation Shauniqua verus Stephanie for her Womans Champion which Shauniqua lost by a finisher move from Stephanie.

Wrestling facts

Finishing moves

  • Swinging Reserve DDT-(Gone Screw)

Signature moves

  • The Martix-(Savage Martix)
  • Lita DDT-(Southwest Twist DDT)
  • Neckbreaker-(Break Em Off)
  • Hurricana-(7.1.3.)
  • Lou Thez Press-(In Ya Face)
  • Headscissors Takedown-(The Takeover)
  • Superkick-(Head Bang Kick)
  • Moonsualt-(Shansualt)
  • Snap Suplex-(The Hosuton Suplex)
  • Shooting Star Press-(Starr Town H)
  • Northen Lights Suplex-(Turn Em Lights Out)
  • Texas Coverleaf-(Swisha Coverleaf Lock)
  • Sleeper Hold-(Set It Off)
  • Flapjack-(Black Jack)
  • Spining Heel Kick-(Against Losse)
  • Bitch Slap-(Gotta Love It)

Wrestlers Manage


  • That Lady Savage[2007-]
  • That Underground Queen[2007-]
  • Queen Of Southwest[2007-]

Theme Music

  • You Don't Know by 50 Cent[RXW/PWA/UWE/CWF]
  • The Second Coming by Joe Budden[CWF/October 2007- November 2007]
  • Every Ghetto by Nas[CWF/November 2007- January 2008]

Championships and accomplishment

  • xOw World Womans Championship(1 time)


  • Has a brother named Omarion Williams.

Personal Information

In South Ridge High School,Shauniqua had began dating her ex- boyfriend Trae for 4 years now.Until in the midddle of August 2007, Shauniqua had stated in an interview with Vivica James that she announced their broke up and she had been romantically involed with an another houston rapper named Jarruis Allenson, who was a closer/best friend of Trae.Shortly affer the issues between Shauniqua and Trae became in public and then- out on the radios in Houston.During in October 2007, Jarrius and Shauniqua broke up, as soon as she meet and dated Johnny Killa until his contract was released by CWF in October.In November, Shauniqua begins dating Cortez Depp in CWF as a manger until January 2008,she broke up with Cortez, and left the company for good.

Shauniqua used to be apart of an underground female dance group called Ghetto Buddafly with her childhoods friends Isha (real name Keisha Maryeson),Mizzez (real name Sharonda Carmos),Yaya (real name Tonya Bridges).

Shauniqua also has her own clothing line called Savage'186 with her older brother Omarion Williams.

She is currently into training with her trainer Alvin Corey in Maryland.

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