Shawn Docherty
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Shawn Docherty]]
Real name Sean Docherty
Ring Names "Shining" Shawn Docherty
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 240 lbs
Date of birth April 26th, 1988
Place of birth Paisley, Scotland
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Resides Chicago, Illanois
Billed from Glasgow, Scotland
Trainer Conscience
Eric "The Fist" Canyon
Adam Shane
Tony Ray
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Debut August 5, 2005
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Sean Docherty (born April 26, 1988) is a Scottish professional wrestler, better known by his slight adapted ring name, Shawn Docherty. He is currently performing for the Fantasy Wrestling Association and Scottish Wrestling Alliance. He is most famous as the tag team partner of Shane McLean as "The Revolution".


Scottish Wrestling Alliance

Docherty began wrestling at the age of 15 in his hometown of Linwood, Scotland at the SWA: Hammerlock Training School, known as Area 52, after childhood friend Ryan "Shane" McLean convinced him to try out. Trainers Conscience, Adam Shame and Eric “The Fist” Canyon, found he was a talented and charismatic performer, and found he made a strong counterpart to Shane McLean's mat wrestling style. He was brought in to SWA minor shows as a tag team partner with Shane and Stu "Monty" Lamont while they awaited a call to the main roster.

Shawn would be called up to the main roster and wrestled in the Tag Team Division primarily as a jobber along with Stu "Monty" Lamont. The two would separate shortly, and wrestled a few matches with Shawn playing the heel, and following a series of victories over Monty, he went on an independent tour of England.

Docherty returned to SWA during a feud between his former partners Stu LaMont and Shane McLean over the T-Division Championship, and Shawn aided Shane in keeping the title. The two would name themselves the Revolution, and used the Freebird Rule to name themselves both the T-Division Champion. They held the belt as a joined unit, despite a minor feud over it between themselves, until losing it to The Flyin' Foxx, shortly before the duo moved to England to compete for IPW: UK.

International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom

At the IPW:UK, they became a face Tag Team, and won the IPW:UK Tag Team Titles from The Kartel. They then entered a rivalry with the returning UK Pitbulls, but following a legit brawl with the Pitbulls, they were stripped of the Titles and released.

Texas State Wrestling Association

Docherty and McLean travelled to the states and started training at TSWA, ran by the FWA. The trainers were impressed with the duo. During this time, Shawn is rumoured to have been sexually involved with main trainer Tony Ray's younger sister.Before an FWA call-up came though, Shawn suffered a knee injury, and moved back to Scotland while recovering.

Back to SWA

Shawn would shortly return to wrestling, back with the SWA, where he was given a hero's welcome back and immediately became a top contender for the major belts. He would soon capture the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship from Eric Canyon, who was a heel at the time., but Canyon would turn face again, allying with Shawn against Conscience. Shawn would lose the title back to Eric Canyon in a triple threat weeks later, in a shock title change as Docherty and Conscience had been immersed in a feud to unify the title with the NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Championship.

FWA/SWA Crossover

The SWA would come to a deal with the FWA to loan stars Conscience and Eric Canyon to the FWA, and in return Shane McLean and Rodel Montez made SWA appearances. The first, saw Rodel Montez (who has won both the NWA United Kingdom and Scottish Heavyweight Championships from Conscience and Eric Canyon respectively) make an appearance, attacking Shawn Docherty during a match to hype the upcoming match between himself and Shane McLean. The second had Shane McLean appear at an SWA show to relinquish the NWA United Kingdom and Scottish Heavyweight Championships (which he had won from Montez days previously). On that night Shawn Docherty would win the NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Championship, pinning Conscience as Shane McLean made the three count.


Following the response to bringing in characters from Shane's life, the FWA decided to bring Shawn Docherty in for talks of a deal. Following a couple of matches at non-televised events, they agreed to a deal, and Shawn Docherty made his official FWA debut, main eventing an episode of Fight Night from London England, as he and Shane McLean reunited The Revolution to defeat the Tag Team Champions James Sync and Christopher England, albeit in a non-title match. Over the next week, news leaked that the "Revolution" name would need to be dropped due to the previous "Revolutionised" stable, and connections to Dmac, who still dubbed his finishing move the Revolutionizer (much like The Revolution had dubbed theirs). This led to a shoot-style promo from Shawn Docherty, angering some of the office, but Tony Ray vouched for him. Shawn would wrestle singles matches over the next weeks, remaining closely involved in the Shane McLean Vs Rodel Montez feud however.

In Wrestling

  • Finishers and Signature Moves
    • "Doch Drop" (Over the shoulder belly to back piledriver)
    • "Doch Leaf"/"Doch Lock" (Texas Cloverleaf)
  • With Shane McLean
    • "Revolutionizer" (Powerbomb [Shawn], Diving Attack {Often a Lariat or Leg Lariat} [Shane] combination)

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