Shawn Fury
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Shawn Fury]]
Real name Shawn Martinez
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 6'4"
Weight 245 lbs.
Date of birth September 19, 1980
Place of birth El Paso, Texas
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides Boston, Massachusetts
Billed from El Paso, Texas
Trainer Venome
Extreme Wrestling Alliance, (Xtreme) Simulated Wrestling Federation, Cloudy Future Wrestling, 5 Star Wrestling
Handled by Sam
Win/Loss Record CWF: 30-17-4
Debut Mid-1997
Retired June 2002 (first time), August 2008 (second time), currently active

Shawn Fury is an El Paso, TX, born mixed martial artist and professional wrestler, currently working with longtime friend Brandon "Venome" Sattler in his quest to purify professional wrestling of the arrogant newcomers that inhabit most places. When together, the two ally as the Legion of Darkness.


Shawn Fury, the younger brother of professional wrestling legend Brian "The Monster" Fury, was born in El Paso, TX, to a family of competitors. As a young child, the elder Fury brother threw his younger brother from their home, warning him never to return. Hitching across the state of Texas, Shawn soon found himself in Austin and under the protection of a man who, to anyone outside a very limited circle, is known only as Venome. The pair traded techniques, Shawn teaching Venome a more technical, pure wrestling style while Venome taught Shawn to brawl, to fight. Shawn considers Venome one of his few close friends, seeing him almost as the entire reason he's lived to this day, and will not fight against his friend without reason.

Early career

Shawn Fury was recruited into the Simulated Wrestling Federation by Venome, proceeding to go on a path of destruction. Within his first month, Shawn secured the SWF Television Championship. It was not long after that that SWF folded, merging with a long time rival company to become the Xtreme Simulated Wrestling Federation. Shawn was recognized by the re-emerged XSWF as the first XSWF Television Champion, and began an extended reign over the Television title, securing a second championship in the form of the first ever XSWF Iron Man title holder during his reign as the TV champion. When he dropped the TV title to his current rival Banzai, Fury began a feud with to-be ally Jin Kazama over the XSWF Cruiserweight Championship. Fury secured his only Cruiserweight title reign in XSWF by beating Kazama in a cage match, which saw both men bleeding badly by the end, so much that there was concern by many insiders at the time that there were legitimate injuries involved in the match.

With the Cruiserweight Championship around his waist, Fury was consumed by the power that a title belt brought. He immediately went after the Iron Man Championship again, defeating Herrison Hawk to win a second championship again. Fury took on all comers for both titles, but could not maintain his hold on either for as long as his TV title reign lasted, losing both back to his respective opponents. It was at this point that XSWF officials began a feud between the two backstage friends, Shawn Fury and Venome, over the XSWF World Heavyweight Championship. Venome, the champion, had defended his title against all comers, and when Shawn Fury won a contender's tournament, a match between the two was set up for the following pay per view. Fury defeated Venome in that match for his first World Championship, but would lose the title back to Venome in one of the most talked about moments in XSWF history.

Formation of Hatebreed

On June 15, 1997, a steel cage match between Shawn Fury and Venome for the XSWF World Heavyweight Championship became one of the most talked about matches in XSWF history. The match was vicious, the bigger, more powerful Venome putting Fury through hell early in the match, but Fury managing to wear Venome down until it looked like the champion was going to retain his title, hooking Venome in his trademarked katahajime (Tazmission) submission. Venome, however, powered Fury to the mat and, with Venome laid out on top of Fury, the ref counted 1, 2, 3 and awarded the challenger the pinfall and the championship. The match itself, while a violent but very technically proficient match, is not what was discussed. As the cage was raised, Venome—with his newly regained World Title around his waist—extended a hand to Shawn Fury. The former champion shook his friend's hand, and Rob Zombie's "Dragula" began to blast through the arena, a couple of former enemies of Shawn Fury—Jin Kazama and Herrison Hawk—as well as an old tag team partner—Jonathan Flame—and both Venome and Fury's respective girlfriends—Missy Davis and Dominique Matthews—assembled in the ring. With this new Legion of wrestlers behind them, Venome and Fury announced that they would be the dominant name in wrestling. And that name would be Hatebreed.

Sabbatical from Wrestling

The formation of Hatebreed led to a time period in which the wrestling industry was dominated by the group. It was not uncommon for Hatebreed to appear in a federation in full force, oftentimes capturing the World, Tag Team, and Cruiserweight championships in one fell swoop. Even when involved in multiple companies at once, the group found itself in power. It was not until a company called Extreme Warfare Wrestling invaded Five Star Wrestling that the group was divided, with Venome and Fury on the side of Five Star Wrestling recently recruited ally Blair Spikes allying with EWW. Five Star won out, in the end, and absorbed EWW. The group was reunited, with Spikes' loyalty in question. Fury, however, grew bored with the wrestling industry as time went on, and in June 2002, found himself without his former passion. After discussing things with Venome, Shawn Fury announced he would be taking a sabbatical from the wrestling industry. During that time, he began to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, reaching the rank of purple belt, and actively training for mixed martial arts competition. During his time out of the ring, Shawn compiled a 9-0 professional MMA record, all wins coming by way of knockout or submission, including 3 by his trademarked katahajime choke.

Return to Wrestling

A chance encounter with Venome at one of Shawn's MMA fights rekindled the former World's Champion into returning to the wrestling industry. Fury was informed of a company called the Extreme Wrestling Alliance by his old friend, and immediately signed up. In August 2006, Fury made his debut against "The Sound of Death," Derge, in a match that would see a masked giant attack Derge, costing Fury the match. As the month went on, the masked man was revealed to be Venome, and the Legion of Darkness, as it was now known, was reunited.

The EWA part one: Early months


Shawn Fury Banner

Fury's early months in the EWA were a mixed bag. He would find himself with opponents who no-showed events quite often, vocalizing his frustration with the no-shows every time they occurred. At his first pay per view, Unsanctioned, Shawn Fury was placed in a 4 way match with Enigma, Chris Kane, and Clive Durai, but was unable to come out on top when, while going for a pin, Enigma kneed Fury in the face and covered Clive Durai himself. It was after this that Fury found himself mixed into the feud between Venome and Derge, a feud that would last Fury's entire time in the EWA.

The EWA part two: First Internet Championship Reign

After Fury became involved with Venome and Derge, he began to vocalize his opinion that Derge would constantly repeat the same sentences about him, dismissing Fury and his constant challenges as being those of "a lackey, and nothing more." EWA management got bored with hearing Fury constantly challenge Derge, and at EWA Nightmare on November 7, Derge was forced to defend his newly won Internet Championship about Shawn Fury and Treize Delacroix. He was unsuccessful, and Shawn Fury became the new Internet Champion. During the month of his first reign, Fury defeated EWA legend Slayer, Treize Delacroix twice, and Derge once by disqualification when Treize interfered in the match. This led to EWA Wipe Out, where Fury would put his title on the line against Delacroix, but would come out on the short end of the stick.

December saw interesting moments from the now former Internet Champion, who felt he had been screwed at Wipe Out. Pyriis, returning from an injury, was given immediate #1 contender status, with no rematch even offered to Shawn Fury, something the former champion took offense to. On Christmas night, during a match between Pyriis and Delacroix, Fury attacked both men after shutting the lights off, laying Pyriis out with a chair before slapping the Dragon's Bite on Delacroix in front of the referee, who disqualified Pyriis and awarded the match to Delacroix. The feud escalated into another triple threat match, this time at Ground Zero on January 22.

The EWA part three: Internet Championship Record Holder and Legacy Title #1 Contender

At Ground Zero, Fury would defeat Delacroix and Pyriis by forcing Delacroix to submit to the Dragon's Bite, becoming the first man to ever win the Internet Championship twice. Fury immediately issued an open challenge for EWA's next pay per view, Ascension. The challenge was simple: Anyone who had not yet been defeated by Shawn Fury was welcome to step up for a title shot. The call was answered by two men: a former Breakthrough Champion called Dingo and one of Derge's allies, Luis "The King" Adorno. The two would face early at Ascension, with Adorno coming out on top and earning an Internet title match later that night. Despite beating Fury bloody, Adorno was unable to finish the Internet Champion, and Fury retained his title after hitting the Downfall square in the middle of the ring.

Ascension was also known in the EWA as hosting a battle royal as the main event to determine the number one contender for the EWA Legacy Championship. After defeating Derge and Walter Loufie the week before Ascension, Shawn had earned the final spot in the battle royal and, after throwing Walter over the ropes with a belly to belly suplex, Fury earned the title shot against whoever the Legacy Champion was to be at Kingdom Come. At Ascension, the Legacy Champion was Fury's long time ally Venome, which stirred considerably controversy within the EWA.

Fury put his contendership on the line against Pyriis in a ladder match two weeks after Ascension, coming out on top after pushing the bigger man's ladder over and sending Pyriis from the top of the ladder to the floor outside the ring. Fury easily climbed up and retrieved the contract, finalizing his title shot at what everyone assumed would be Venome's Legacy Championship. During this time, Fury was hosting what he called the Internet Invitational, a tournament he designed to determine the number one contender for his Internet Championship. Many considered this tournament to be a joke, however, as Fury would get involved in many of the matches, especially those involving Derge or Luis Adorno. The eventual winner of the tournament, Walter Loufie, would face Fury at EWA Urban Legends on May 12, and defeat the champion by DQ, when Dominic Deaver interfered. Since titles do not change hands by DQ in the EWA, Fury remained Internet Champion. The next week, Loufie was given a No DQ rematch, and came out on top, ending Fury's reign at 115 days as Internet Champion, a record for any title in EWA history.

The EWA part four: Legacy Title Shot

With his Internet Championship taken from him, Fury's focus became Kingdom Come and his Legacy Title match. Venome had been defeated at Urban Legends by the Legion's long time rival, Derge, for the Legacy Championship, and this only added fuel to the fire between Fury and Derge, who were now set to square off. Derge issued a challenge to Fury: each man came up with a match type, and the fans decide whose match gets picked. Fury risked everything, putting his career on the line against Derge's championship in a Texas Death Match, while Derge picked his custom match, the Hell's Gates. Eric Davis, president of EWA, shook things up the week before Kingdom Come, informing Fury that if he was willing to risk his career in one match, he should risk it in both, and the match became career vs. title. Derge's Hell's Gates match won the fan's vote by a small margin, and the two were set to lock up at Kingdom Come.

Fury, despite the match being Derge's creation, was dominant for the better part of the match, even laying the champion out and climbing up one of the taller structures in the arena. Taking a chance he shouldn't have, Fury lept from the structure into his Burnout, barely missing Derge as the champion rolled out of the way and managed to crawl through the Gates, pushing them closed and winning the match to retain his championship. Many believed Fury was to be fired at Kingdom Come, but the Shockers following, Fury was offered one chance to return to the EWA: he would not receive a title shot until all titles changed hands. Fury was frustrated already, and Eric Davis's stipulation did nothing to help the former Internet Champion's mindset. He cursed the company's president and walked out, much to the shock of his Legion teammates. It has been reported that, during Derge's last month as Legacy Champion, Fury followed the EWA, as if the cameras might pick him up, but there were no official sightings by EWA TV, and it is assumed that Fury has left the company for good.

CWF Part One: Debut and Television Champion

Shawn Fury recently signed a contract with the Championship Wrestling Federation, but is reported to be paying close attention to EWA happenings.

Upon signing his contract with the Championship Wrestling Federation and appearing on the show, Shawn Fury was put in a number one contenders match for the Television Championship, then held by a former rival from EWA in Mental Jack. Fury would defeat VND and The Jokester for the championship shot on the same night that Mental Jack would lose the title to Nick Kang.

The following week, Mental Jack and Shawn Fury would be defeated by VND and Nick Kang in a tag match pitting rivals against each other. This seemed to light a fire under Fury, as the week following the tag match loss, Fury defeated Kang for the CWF Television Championship. In a "warm-up" match for Hellbound, Shawn Fury faced the Brothers Dark in a handicap match and squashed the tag team contenders, pinning both of them at once to score the fall.

Hellbound saw Shawn Fury successfully defend his Television Championship against Nick Kang. Two weeks later, Jason Hernandez was given a shot, but Fury again retained his title. Following his defense against Hernandez, however, Fury set his eyes to a different goal: the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. Fury took his liberties in the back, attacking Connor Murphy and Anthony Romeri and successive weeks to announce his contention for the World Title.

CWF Part Two: World Championship Contender

Heading into Doomsday, CWF's biggest pay per view of the year, Shawn Fury had attacked Connor Murphy and Anthony Romeri, the latter of whom held the World Championship at the time. The belt was forfeited due to a supposed injury caused by Fury, and then-commissioner Mr. Demonical put Fury in the World Championship match against Joey Greco. Romeri returned the next week and informed everyone that not only was he not injured, but Demonical had faked the whole thing to screw Romeri. The former champion demanded his rematch, but it was refused—CWF management overturned the decision, though, and put Romeri in the Doomsday main event. The following week, former champion Asylum returned—defeated by Fury but given his rematch for the World Championship and put in the main event at Doomsday as well. When the match was final, it was a double title ladder match: Fury's Television Championship as well as the World Championship on the line. Asylum would win the match, unifying the belts and becoming World Champion after allying himself with the Untouchables, Kaeden and Johnny Gunn.

The next few months of Fury's career were plagued by the Untouchables. Fury would hunt Asylum with no subtlety, but it seemed like every opportunity he could take, it was marred by interference. He faced Asylum in a Hell in a Cell match at Red Dawn, but was again unable to defeat the World Champion. After losing a contender's match to Dane West heading into Blind Justice, Fury was placed in a battle royal for an open title shot. Donald Titan would win the match after interference by his manager, Mr. Grimm. Fury was soon taken off CWF Television, with the rumors circulating that it was due to backstage issues with the way he was being booked.

CWF Part Three: "Retirement" and Face Turn

Two months after Fury was removed from CWF television, the company went on a nearly 2 year hiatus; during that time, Shawn retired for what was considered the second time. However, in December 2010, when CWF reopened, Fury was still with the organization—this time as a commentator. His run as a CWF commentator was short-lived, though, as Shawn’s disdain for reporters and inability to put professional biases behind him caused CWF management to remove their former Television Champion from the commentary team in April 2011.

Fury remained off screen for approximately three months, until July 13, 2011, when the Black Dragon to feud Julian Troy, Reaper, and the newly formed Empire of Blood. At CWF Americana 2011, however, Fury would be defeated by Troy, after interference from Reaper allowed the Empire’s leader to gain the victory. Shawn’s losing stream continued for the next few weeks, as then CWF Champion Jim America would score two consecutive pinfalls over the returning Fury.

Fury’s war with the Empire of Blood, however, wasn’t quite over; he would team with perennial CWF superstar VND and Jim America against the Empire’s Reaper and Jace Walker, gaining victory in both matches; first by disqualification, then by gaining his first pinfall victory since returning. During this time, however, the Empire of Blood began to fall apart; Julian Troy left CWF, claiming he felt “disrespected” by management. As Troy was CWF Champion at the time, a tournament was held to determine either a contender for the champion...or a new champion, should Troy have actually left the company. Shawn was defeated in the first round by old rival Connor Murphy.

CWF Part Four: Heel Turn, World Heavyweight Champion

Shawn’s string of losses led to the Dragon turning heel once again, attacking Connor Murphy after his defeat to the Boston native in the CWF Championship tournament. However, with Murphy involved in the CWF Championship match, Murphy’s tag team partner AJ Cleary took up arms against Fury, and the two fought at Hellbound 2011. Fury emerged victorious after choking AJ Cleary unconscious, forcing the referee to end the match.

Shawn’s next string of matches involved either Murphy, Cleary, or both; a fatal four way victory over Murphy, CWF Champion Jim America, and Bobby Mercer put Fury at the head of the line of potential CWF title contenders, and a follow up victory in a 6 man tag team match over the Hard Corps and VND led to a match at Doomsday 2011: Shawn Fury against Connor Murphy, the winner to challenge the CWF Champion at Red Dawn 2012. Shawn would emerge victorious, and set his eyes once again on the World Championship.

The CWF Championship match that would follow was contested under two out of three falls rules; the first fall taking place at the Red Dawn preshow, a singles match between Jim America and Shawn Fury; America would win the match via pinfall, but Fury had relentlessly attacked the champion’s ankle, and he was noticeably limping as he left ringside. At Red Dawn, Shawn picked up right where he’d left off the week prior, attacking America’s ankle, neutralizing much of the champion’s power. Shawn was able to score two consecutive pinfalls over the CWF Champion and gain his first CWF World Championship.

CWF Part Five: The Usurper

In the weeks that followed, Fury shed his Black Dragon persona in favor of a new character: the Usurper. Fury began to tell CWF wrestlers and management that he would only face men he hadn’t already beaten, claiming he had already beaten everyone CWF had to offer. During the weeks that followed his championship win, if Fury felt the match was “disrespectful,” he would find some way to get out of it; sometimes refusing to show up, other times refusing tags from partners, and yet others having his opponents attacked before the match began.

During this time, Connor Murphy would again come knocking on Shawn Fury’s door. At the time, Connor held CWF’s Blank Check contract, a guaranteed championship match for any title at any event he saw fit. The next CWF Supercard was St. Patrick’s Day Massacre, but the CWF title match was marred by an attack on Connor Murphy before the match. There has never been confirmation on who attacked the number one contender, but a black heart painted on his chest implied Julian Troy was behind the attack. The attack had weakened Connor significantly, and in the end, Fury was able to choke Murphy unconscious to retain his title.

After St. Patrick’s Day Massacre, however, CWF would go into another hiatus; this one a little less than 9 months. In January 2013, CWF would return from hiatus. Champions at the time were still recognized, so Fury remained World Champion. In his second match back, Fury was defeated by then Countdown Champion, Declan Hunter, in a special referee match. Fury argued that not having a standard official cost him the match, but regardless, he was put into a CWF Championship match the next week against Hunter. Fury would emerge victorious from the match and retain his World Title.

Personal life

Shawn Fury is married to his high school sweetheart, Dominique Matthews-Fury, who also managed him through the early years of his career.

For years, Shawn Fury refused interviews. He would send taped promos, but interviews were never allowed. To this day, an interview with Shawn Fury is rare at best. Rumors circulate about why Fury refuses interviews, but Fury gives no credit to the rumors, either to approve or deny them.

Other Facts

Theme Music:

Harvester of Sorrow - Metallica (August 2007 - July 2011)
Industructible - Disturbed (July 2011 - February 2012)
Warrior - Disturbed (February 2012 - Present)

Finishing moves

  • Downfall - "Wildcat" Chris Harris's Catatonic
  • Bite of the Dragon - Tazzmission
  • Flame Ryder - RKO' (In CWF only)

Signature Moves

  • The Acid Drop: Spinout powerbomb
  • The Burnout: Swanton Bomb
  • The Dragon's Claw: Triangle choke (usually done as a reversal to a powerbomb)
  • The Dragon's Wings: Angel's Wings/Pedigree
  • Flame Ryder: Tommyhawk

Championships and Accomplishments

  • 1x Simulated Wrestling Federation Television Champion (final)
  • 1x Xtreme Simulated Wrestling Federation Television Champion (first)
  • 1x Xtreme Simulated Wrestling Federation European Champion
  • 2x Xtreme Simulated Wrestling Federation Iron Man Champion
  • 1x Xtreme Simulated Wrestling Federation Cruiserweight Champion
  • 1x Xtreme Simulated Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion (w/ Jonathan Flame)
  • 2x Xtreme Simulated Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x Cloudy Future Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion (final, given by Blair Spikes when he left the company)
  • 1x Cloudy Future Wrestling Tag Team Champion (final, w/ Jonathan Flame)
  • 1x Five Star Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion
  • 2x Extreme Wrestling Alliance Internet Champion (Longest Reigning Champion in Modern EWA history)
  • Extreme Wrestling Alliance 2007 Ascension Battle Royal Winner
  • 1x Championship Wrestling Federation Television Champion
  • 1x Championship Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion

Championship Succession

CFW Cruiserweight Championship

Preceded by:
Blair Spikes


Succeeded by:
None (final champion)

CFW Tag Championships

Preceded by:
Hell's Kitchen Hustlers


Succeeded by:
None (final champion)

EWA Internet Championship

Preceded by:

November 2006 - December 2006

Succeeded by:
"Wild Eagle" Treize Delacroix

EWA Internet Championship

Preceded by:
"Wild Eagle" Treize Delacorix

January 2007 - May 2007

Succeeded by:
"Mr. W" Walter Loufie

EWA Ascension Battle Royal winner

Preceded by:

March 6, 2007

Succeeded by:
"Mr. W" Walter Loufie

CWF Television Championship

Preceded by:
Nick Kang

September 9, 2007 - December 3, 2007

Succeeded by:

EWA Internet Championship

Preceded by:
Sense Green

April 7, 2008 - April 29, 2008

Succeeded by:

CWF Heavyweight Championship

Preceded by:
Jim America

January 21, 2012 – present

Succeeded by:

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