Shawn Jackson
Raven 1687
Real name Shaun Jon Jackson
Ring Names Shawn Jackson
The Freak
The King of Hardcore
The Legend
Height 6'4" (193.04 cm)
Weight 247 lbs. (112.04 kg)
Date of birth 3/30/77 (33 years old)
Place of birth New York City, New York
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Resides New York City, New York
Billed from Queens, New York
Trainer Pete Stone & Dan Jackson
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Debut 2004
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Shawn Jackson is an American wrestler who primarily works for Iowa Glory Wrestling. He was trained by former EICW Champion, Pete Stone and cousin Dan Jackson.

Early life

"The Freak" was born and raised in New York City, where as a child he was considered different. To gain attention he, like most children like him, tried to stand out by acting "weird" and rebellion. Despite his attempts he was left alone and ran into some bad stuff. After going to rehab at age 14 he was approached by a coach at his future high school. Jackson was a large and muscular kid because he had nothing else to do, so he was a prime prospect for his high school wrestling coach. He accepted but later got kicked off the team because he was caught doing drugs yet again. He was the approached by his cousin, a pro wrestler, and asked if he wanted to get into the business to keep him away from drugs. He accepted and began his training.


Extreme Internet Championship Wrestling: The Glory Days

Signed with EICW in February 2004. He instantly made an impact, claiming his first Extreme title. It was from there that "The Freak" left his mark, feuding with another EICW Extreme Division great, Psycho X, for the majority of his career in EICW. After claiming his sixth Extreme Championship, Jackson asked for a shot at the biggest price in the company, the EICW Heavyweight Title. Less than a year from when he joined, he claimed his first Heavyweight Championship run. When the company folded in 2005, he was the reigning Extreme Champion.

2007: The Revival

The promotion was revived in August 2007, and during its brief return Shawn Jackson continued to claim more EICW gold before once again, the company folded.

Connecticut Forum Wrestling: The Return and Demise

Was brought out of retirement by Jared James when asked to join Connecticut Forum Wrestling. Jackson accpeted and signed a deal with CFW, debuting in an Eight Man Tag Match which ended up being a four on 1 handicap loss, losing to KidKap. During his tenure in CFW, he didn't do as well as hoped but was still able to lay his hands on some gold before the company folded. When it came back in late 2007, Shawn was able to lay claim to the CT Heritage Championship in 2008. He joined the CFW Reunion Show in June 2009 and resigned to a full-time contract. He was able to claim the CFW Tag Team Championship, with cousin Russ Jackson, but ultimately asked for his release along with his cousin to do commitment issues.

In Wrestling

Finishers and Signature Moves

  • Freak Effect (Crucifix Bomb)
  • Bow Down (DDT into a chair)
  • Why So Serious (Unprettier)

Theme Songs

  • "Your Betrayal" by Bullet For My Valentine
  • "Uprising" by Muse [The People's Resistance Theme]
  • "Duality" by Slipknot
  • "Mosh Pit" by Omar Santana
  • "This Is The New Sh*t" by Marilyn Manson
  • "Driven" by Sevendust [Blood Brothers Theme]


  • Jackie Jackson
  • Triple X
  • Pete Stone


  • The People's Resistance (w/ Derek Baldwin & Shawn Jackson)
  • Blood Brothers (w/ Russ Jackson)
  • The Hardcore Alliance (w/ Pete Stone)


Connecticut Forum Wrestling

  • 1x CFW CT Heritage Champion
  • 1x CFW World Tag Team Champion (w/ Russ Jackson)

Extreme Internet Championship Wrestling

  • 4x EICW World Heavyweight Champion
  • 8x EICW Extreme Champion
  • 2x EICW Extreme Tag Team Champion (w/ Pete Stone)
  • 1st EICW Triple Crown Champion
  • 2004 EICW King of Extreme
  • 2007 EICW Hall of Fame

Extreme Wrestling Federation

  • 6x EWF Hardcore 24/7 Champion

Internet Wrestling Extreme

  • 2x IWE Hardcore Champion

Iowa Wrestling Federation

  • 1x IFW Pioneer Champion

Men of Steel Wrestling

  • 1x MSW Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x MSW Television Champion
  • 3x MSW Hardcore Champion

Sadistic Championship Wrestling

  • 1x SCW World Champion

X Pro Wrestling

  • 1x XPW Television Champion
  • 11x XPW Hardcore Champion
  • 3x XPW Cruiserweight Champion


  • Jackson is a 6 time World Champion.
  • Jackson has won 30 different hardcore titles.

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