Real Name Shawn Steven Nitorinski
Date of Birth December 12, 1985
Place of Birth Chicago, IL, USA
Height 6'3"
Weight 223 Pounds
Entrance Music "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters
Current federation(s) Universal Wrestling League (2005-Present)

The Beginning

Shawn Steven Nitorinski, the biological brother of the famous Jay T. Nitro. He was graced to get his training to start at the young age of 15, much like his sibling. Now that is he 18 he can begin to compete on the professional level. Not much is known about him yet due to his lack of a formal debut. However he was trained by his brother and imitates him but has his does indeed have own individual style. Borrowing both arsenal and attitude from the family blood, he has proven himself on the independent circuit and now is ready to make it in the big leagues. He uses his brother's fame to add arrogance to his own career, this only has earned him a slight disrespect and hatred to some of his opponents. Yet the fact remains the same that he can get the job done when needed.

The History

The Debute of the Sensational One

Shawn's official professional debute began in the UWL where after losing his first singles match he began a win streak that brought him to the number one contendership for the UWL Heavyweight Championship. Shawn finally hit the bigtime when he faced Josh Eagles one on one for the title. Shawn was able to get the victory and the title. Now with his place in history assured as both UWL Heavyweight Champion and officially a member of the famed Windy City Wonders, Shawn is intent on remaining the best and still becoming one of the greatest legends wrestling has even seen.

Continuing Greatness

After beating Josh Eagles in a two out of three falls match, then immediately facing Teddy Davis in another title match, Stevens beat two men in one night thus solidifying his claim as the best. Davis was granted a rematch but before that happened he took out Stevens and with Oni Dragon, Danny Danielson also suffered their wrath that night. In the end the rematch between Davis and Stevens ended in a 60 minute draw. Stevens may not have won that night, but he didn't lose and with that his arrogance as the best continued to grow. A new challenger, being an old friend stepped up to the plate. Flying Diamond Cutter Man was to face his longtime protege and friend at the UWLs 6th Supercard, Capitol Clash.

The Dark Side of Triple S

His arrogance finally got the best of him after his win against his friend Flying Diamond Cutter Man. After the match he helped FDCM up only to decimate him seconds later. Leaving FDCM laying in a crumpled heap after an hour long match, Shawn left many wondering why he did what he did. He explained at the following TV Taping that he thought he was above the UWL and the UWL Heavyweight title. Since that day he has said he is no longer a UWL Wrestler but he is his own wrestler and the UWL Heavyweight title is now HIS World Heavyweight title. He threatened to leave with it that night however his brother, newcomer Jason Daniels and Captain Ragnorack all stood up to him saying he can't do that. Shawn laid his brother out and kicked him out of the ring, told Jason Daniels he needs to prove himself first, and exploded at the Captain saying he is a nothing. Jay Jefferson and the rest of the UWL does not like this new Shawn Stevens, but as long as he kept winning his matches, there is nothing the UWL could do about it.

The Screwjob

However one fateful night Shawn's arrogance got the better of him and someone DID do something about it. He traveled to Canada to compete on the debute show of Lion's Road Puroresu. He put his UWL title on the line against Cody Cross and suffered a big blow when he was "beaten" by the Shin Musou Warrior. The owner of Lion's Road had their referee make a fast count to cost Stevens the title. Jay Jefferson was not pleased with the outcome but since the match was sanctioned it could not be changed. Stevens still is deadset on both getting his title back AND reclaiming his top spot in the company however he still says he is the number one star in UWL because it took an outsider and quick count to "beat" him and Cross' stay in UWL is just temporary until Triple S takes the title back, then he will "run back to the hole he came from".

The Realization

However due to the Coronation Cup Tag League, Triple S didn't get his rematch. Instead he got a wakeup call. After his partner Mad Max disappeared, Shawn was left without a partner for the remainder of the tournament. No one wanted to be with him after the stuff he had done. In a brutal beatdown by Tito Capaci, and his own brother, Shawn had a revalation and realized the errors he had made over the past few months. He and Jason Daniels blew the roof off the building in the 2nd ever UWL Cage match. Though suffering a loss, he raised Jason's hand after the match. He is now slowly making his way back to the top, and to his UWL title that he believes he deserves once more.

The Rise of POW/UWL On Hiatus

Well UWL temporarily closed and Stevens realized he was too young to call it quits, to he signed on with POW. After a month of talking back and forth with Rich Morrison over who was better, Shawn finally proved he still has what it takes when he pinned Rich Morrison and became the First POW Heavyweight Champion. After forcing back the likes of Danny Danielson, George Duke, and Murderous Entertainment, Stevens turned on everyone and aligned himself with one of his biggest rivals in Rich Morrison. Stevens and Morrison paried with Lance Erikson, Kaleb Shadix and Josh Eagles to become the Royal Flush and the group has captured all singles titles in POW Midwest.

UWL Returns

While UWL reopened Stevens continued his dominance in POW. However the dominance of UWL soon came back. Stevens paired up with once hated rival Josh Eagles to become UWL Tag Team Champions and oust some rejects from Spirit Road Wrestling League or whatever it calls itself nowadays. Stevens and Eagles have become to be known as the Best Team Eva for good reason, as they are undefeated in over 10 matches as a team. The pair have changed their individual attitudes and work fluidly as a team. Both of them have long since relaxed and are now showing that their attitude is what makes them the Best Team Eva. In a strange twist though Shawn recently recaptured the UWL World Heavyweight Championship from his own partner Josh Eagles, this doesn't seem to affect the partnership but who knows with either of these two.

Stevens has continued his run at the top by retaining his title in matches against Jeff Paradise, Rich Morrison, Jason Hunt and more. Stevens and Eagles reunitied upon Josh's return to UWL following his injury. The BTE has returned to UWL and with Stevens on top like the summer of 06. UWL once more reached a new level with the Sensational One as champion. Stevens brought in a boom of fresh young talent all hungry to beat him. In fact four such men joined to form the New Generation and dethrone the BTE from the top ranks of UWL. The odds became so much for the BTE that Flap Flanagan and Flying Diamond Cutter Man were asked to come in and team with the BTE to form the Old Guard.

The Old Guard and The New Generation

The two factions have had a series of brutal matches that will ended in a War Games match at the January Supercard. However that feud pulled Stevens attention away from the other young stars that came to the company. After about seven months without a loss Shawn Stevens was finally pinned by Mark Faith. Faith capitalized by going on to beat Josh Eagles then in his next match, certifying himself a title shot. Stevens needs to use the loss as a wake up to stay sharp and keep the UWL World Championship.

That effort proved to only last for a few more weeks. The Old Guard beat the New Generation in the War Games match and Josh Eagles turned on Stevens and FDCM injuring FDCM for the time being. While Mathews turned on Brad Hunter and Adam Houston. The events taking place that night caused Adam Houston to run from UWL and never return. Shortly after the Old Guard dispatched the New Generation, the match was made that Stevens would defend the World title against Brad Hunter, Matt Mathews, and Mark Faith. A couple weeks later the match was changed to an ultimate endurance for both UWL singles titles and a title shot. Stevens was the first man eliminated thus leaving with nothing.

The First Time In a Long Time With No Gold For the Sensational One

Eagles has been saying Stevens lost his spark that he had and that he needs to get back on his winning ways. The Best Team Eva may not be on the same page with Eagles and Stevens animosity, but the duo plan to win the Coronation Cup Tag League. Eagles and Stevens have both had a few setbacks but they are set to get back to the tag gold. As long as they don't tear each other apart in the process.

Past Accomplishments

UWL World Championship 2nd Reign(7-11-07 to 2-9-08)

UWL World Championship 1st Reign(3-15-06 to 8-5-06)

UWL 2008 Coronation Cup Tag League Winner(w/ Josh Eagles)

UWL Tag Team Championship w/ Josh Eagles 2nd Reign(10-18-07 to 11-15-07 )

UWL Tag Team Championship w/ Josh Eagles 1st Reign(5-31-07 to 7-21-07)

HWL Tag Team Championship w/ Josh Eagles & Jefferson(10-1-07 to Last)

POW Midwestern Heavyweight Championship(2-22-07 to 8-17-07)

UWC International Championship(5-24-07 to Last)

Top 10 RPers on X-Net(x1)(Highest Rank #6)

Move Set

Major Finishers

Big Match

1. Windy City Driver(Tiger Driver Pin with the hooking of the legs)

Normal Match

2. The Sensationalizer(Lifting Reverse DDT into Cradle Driver Pin)


3. Chicago Skydiving(Top Rope backflip into double knee drop)


4. Simply Tame(Liontamer)

Signature Moves

Optional Small Match Finishers

1. Diamond Fire(Running Diamond Cutter)

2. Chicagosault(Corkscrew Moonsault)

3. 40k Diamond Fire(Tower of London - Turnbuckle DC)

Setup Moves

4. Shades of Silver(Twirly Cutter - Scoop slam into DC)

5. Fiery Drop(Hat Rack Crack aka Face Drop Suplex)

6. Flame Burst(Full Nelson Face Buster to Crossface)

7. Painkiller(Superkick)

8. The New Arsenal(Lionsault with pin)

Regular Moves

1. SDT(Goku Raku DDT - The Old Edge-ucution)

2. Silver Shot(Side Effect)

3. Psycho Lock(Figure 4 Edge Lock)

4. Look Out Below(Full Nelson Face Buster)

5. Lionsault flip to Reverse DDT(ala AJ Styles)

6. Quick Repeated Knee Strikes(to gut or head)

7. High Angle Half Boston Crab(Like a single leg Liontamer)

8. Asai Moonsault

9. Suplex(Snap and Stalling)

10. Belly To Belly Suplex

11. German Suplex

12. Rolling German Suplexes

13. Rolling Vertical Suplexes

14. Gutbuster

15. Backdrop

16. Pele Kick

17. Pendulum Backbreaker

18. Running Back Elbow

19. Running Forearm

20. Running Calf Kick

Major Relationships


Mark Faith


Matt Mathews, Josh Eagles, Thaurer

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