Shawne Williams
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Shawne Williams]]
Real name Shawne Scott Smith
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Height 5"10
Weight 142 lbs.
Date of birth april 21, 1982
Place of birth Memphis Tennessee,united states
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Memphis Tennessee
Billed from Memphis Tennessee, United States
Trainer Brother Sean Williams
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Debut TBA
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Shawne Scott Smith is an American professional wrestler currently working for the Two Worlds Wrestling Federation on the BreakDown brand under the ring names Shawne Williams. He is also in a tage team SPS With his Brother and his brother's manager



Teen Years

During his teen years Shawne did a lot which messed up his life. Shawne would drink and smoke until he passed out in his own body fluids. One night at the age of 15 Shawne was caught with multiple pounds of weed on him. This act sent him straight to juvie. Once out of juvie at the age of 18 Shawne was able to go home where he went to a communite college.

Wrestling career


Williams has just recently joined the fast growing 2WWF. He will be soon joining his brother in the ring as soon as possible.


No debut has been scheduled yet


He hopes to become a champion soon enough. If the tagteam titles come back in action Williams and his brother will be after them

TV career

Williams will be joining his brother's reality show along with Derek Crew

In Wrestling

Shawe Williams Finishing Moves

  • Lastrider [powerbomb]

Signature Moves

  • Shawne Bomb [swantombbomb]
  • 410 [619]

Trademark Moves

Spinebuster,dropkick,spinning wheel kick,backbody drop,belly to back suplex,missile dropkick,running shoulderblock,samoandrop,sharpshooter,armbar,hurricurana,German suplexs,side effect,electric chair drop,ankle drop,sleeperhold,crossbody


  • destroyer
  • Mr. untouchable
  • Black mammba

Entrance Music

  • you know what it is-T.I. feat. Wyclef jean

Personal life

Shawne hasn't given out any at the moment

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