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Height 5'11"
Weight 215lbs.
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Billed from Cardiff, Wales
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Full Metal Wrestling
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Growing up in the suburbs of Cardiff, right when Britpop was hitting the UK music scene, Sheepster always wanted to become the greatest lead guitarist on the planet. Unfortunately, he got particularly trolleyed on a friend’s birthday (as is the custom in Wales), and woke three days later to find himself on a roadside in Calgary with nothing but a trench coat, a traffic cone and a signed contract to a local wrestling school. He had no memory of the events which led him to this situation, but with no money and nothing to lose, he went to this wrestling school for the next 12 months. He learned the ropes, hoping to one day make enough money to start his own rock band in America.

He then eloped to California, where he lived as a struggling musician for roughly three months. Still having an interest in wrestling, he went to buy a ticket to a local PWA show. As he waited in line, he was accosted by a crazy pyromaniac called cYnical. He took Sheepster under his wing to start a new breed of Bad Mamma Jamms. Under cYn's tutelage, Sheepster teamed with Styxx to become one of the greatest tag teams of all time, winning the titles only twice. During their second victorious reign, Sheepster was sidelined for 6 months with a torn ACL. Now, he's joined up with Full Metal Wrestling to bring his own unique brand of wrestling entertainment to a whole new set of fans.

Will: Be nice to almost everybody. Run away from fire. Enjoy bagels. Appear to be naive.

Won't: Cheat.


Primary Finisher:

  • "Spare Ribs" - Nasty lookin' spear

Secondary Finisher:

  • "Under The Fleece" - Start with a suplex-hold. Spin your right arm underneath them as if to punch their face, all whilst spinning yourself around the same direction as your fist for 90 degrees. Now slam backwards onto the floor, swinging their body over yourself and smashing their head into the floor, DDT-style.

Technique: A cool mix of Flair, Michaels, Hardy (Matt) and Jericho-esque wrestling styles.

Other Used Moves: Various leg drops, leg locks, rope-bouncing clotheslines, the odd suplex and neckbreaker, many DDTs, and any other moves that the aforementioned wrestlers would regularly pull off.

FMW Titles Held

  • None


  • Had two reigns as World Tag Team Champion spread over 20 months.
  • 135 lines cleared on Tetris.
  • 25m silver swimming certificate.


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