Shelly Guerrez (born May 16, 1985) is an Latin American porn star turned profesional wrestling valet.

Early life

Not much off Shelly's life is known, what is known is that her great grandparents where illegal imigrants from Mexico who settled down in LA and that she is the youngest off five daughters, whilst her sisters enjoyed success in there respective occupations she kept getting fired from her job do to her sex crazy nature. With nowhere else to turn she became a porn star.

Porn star

She stared in severall films before landing a part in "Tina's Sexy Island Adventures" contrary to popular belief she was happy to let the younger porn star Tina take centre stage, she was first seen doing a girl on girl sex scene with annother women on a beach parodieing the famous scene from From Here To Eternity a scene that has become a cult favourite among her fans, she went on to star in severall other sex scenes in Kenny's films.

Wrestling career

After Kenny got blacklisted Shelly followed Tina and Kenny to the New Japan Dojo where she received training, it is rumoured that three only got training after Shelly slept with the head trainers but that is yet to be confirmed. After they graduated she and Tina became Kenny's valets interfearing when needed. They are currently working for WRW assisting Kenhy in his feud with Johnny James.


  • During her porn career she was famous for rarely doing sex scenes with men and even when she did it was during a threeway scene leading people to belive she is bi sexual.
  • Wanted Kenny to use "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC as his theme but since Kenny hates the song they settled with Kenny's currently theme.
  • She is known to sleep with the male members off any locker room she enters.
  • Contrary to popular belief neither Tina or Shelly have breast implants and they have said that there breasts are just natually big, Whenever asked about it Shelly would say something in Spannish before saying "next question".

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