Sheriff Fenton Washburn
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Height 5'11
Weight 315 lbs.
Date of birth October 16, 1940
Place of birth Braddock, TX
Date of death
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Billed from Braddock, TX
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Debut 2007
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Fenton Washburn, is the sheriff of Braddock County, TX. He also works the security detail for the WNWA.


Washburn was elected sheriff of Braddock County, TX in 1980, a position he has held ever since. He is a close friend of the Ewing family, particularly WNWA President J.R. Ewing. In 2007, he was asked by Mr. Ewing to beef up the security at WNWA events, particularly at Pay Per Views and WNWA Wrestling tapings held at the OIL TV Studio.

Yeti recently appealed to Washburn to bring charges against Dale Taylor for illegal hunting, illegal off-roading in a protected wilderness area, carrying an illegally-modified automatic weapon, driving drunk, attempted murder of Yeti, assault on Yeti, and destruction of Yeti's property. He called Washburn out to his ruined campsite to gather evidence. Washburn took one look at Yeti, hated him for being a dirty Yankee bum, and arrested him on charges of loitering and illegal camping. He imprisoned Yeti at the Braddock County Prison Farm working on a chain gang and digging ditches. Washburn was incensed when Yeti's cousin, The Liberal Librarian appealed to Judge William J. Jennings and forced Yeti's release. It remains to be seen what action Washburn will take against Dale Taylor. He doesn't like him either.

Personal Life and views

  • Washburn is a very conservative, no nonsense man. He has taken an immediate dislike to Judge William J. Jennings and The Liberal Librarian. Some think he is J.R. Ewing's attack dog.
  • Hates Yankees.
  • Hates African-Americans.
  • Hates foreigners.
  • Hates liberals.
  • Hates the homeless.
  • Hates criminals.
  • Particularly hates Yeti, whom he has arrested on multiple occasions.


  • Carries a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Model 686.
  • Braddock County Sheriff's Office fleet includes two WW2-era Sherman Tanks, four Bradley Fighting Vehicles, three speedboats, and three Black Hawk helicopters, plus various patrol cruisers and four-wheel-drive vehicles.
  • Has issued 67 separate speeding and/or parking tickets to Judge Jennings. As a result, Jennings no longer drives within Braddock County, and has hired a driver to take him places.
  • Operates a chain gang out at the Braddock County Prison Farm. Writes a monthly newspaper column that appears at the end of each month outlining public works projects his inmates have completed, and itemizing the amount of tax dollars saved by having inmates do construction and lanscaping work rather than hiring those jobs out.

2007 Arrest Log

  • Yeti - illegal camping, loitering, littering, taking a dump in the woods, impersonating a lawyer, being a Yankee. Released after 16 days.
  • Antonio Davis - attempted theft of a medical device, communicating threats, attempted assault, drunk and disorderly conduct, foul language towards a female, being black. Released after 48 days.
  • Rev. Dr. Curtis Lowe and Tyrone Jefferson - inciting violence, carrying concealed weapon without a permit, illegal discharge of firearm, illegal assembly, interfering with a permitted event (Civil War Re-enactment) Released after 54 days.
  • Yeti - growing marijuana on county property, loitering on county property, resisting arrest, being a Yankee, 2nd arrest this year. Released after 23 days.
  • Dale Taylor, Eustus Fraley and Triple K arrested for making threats against Muslim passengers at the airport. Released after 4 days.
  • Judge William J. Jennings- soliciting prostitution, possession of heroin and cocaine, participating in a pornographic film. Released after the Democratic controlled Senate held a hearing of absolution and vacated the charges against the Judge. Jailtime 1 day.
  • Curtis Lowe - attempted murder of Hampton, property damage, impersonating a minister, being black.
  • Antonio Davis - breaking and entering, theft of a plasma TV, property damage, being black.

On Probation in 2007

  • Dale Taylor - shooting at Yeti
  • Captain Redneck - shooting at black protestors and Yankee Civil War re-enactors
  • Hampton - attempted murder of Curtis Lowe.


Washburn chain gang

Sheriff Washburn keeps a close eye on the Braddock County Prison Farm chain gang, which today includes Yeti and Antonio Davis.

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