Real name Aaron Lukas Harris
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Height 6'1"
Weight 218 lbs.
Date of birth March 23, 1982 (age 27)
Place of birth Charlotte, MI
Date of death
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Resides Detroit, MI
Billed from Detroit, MI
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The Domain
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Debut 2000
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Aaron Lukas Harris (born March 23, 1982 in Charlotte, Michigan) better known by his ring name, Shifty, is an American professional wrestler, currently signed to Bytches Ultimate Domain. He was trained by Rey Mysterio and Konnan in Mexico.

Shifty has won championships in six different federations, including 27 Hardcore Title reigns, but is most recognized for his work in Wide World of Wrestling, where he was inducted into the federation's unofficial Hall of Fame, and was named WWoW's Hardcore Legend.

Early life

Born in Charlotte, Michigan, Harris' parents split when he was three years old. His father continued living in Charlotte, while he and his mother moved to a small town just outside of Lansing. Lukas always had shown an interest in wrestling from a young age, first becoming a fan of Hulk Hogan, and 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan.

Aaron went to school in the Lansing area, until his mother moved to Arkansas when he was 17. During that time, he started going by his middle name, as he didn't like the irony of his name kind of rhyming, because he was extremely into music. He stayed in Michigan, and moved to Detroit to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler, while finishing out his senior year of high school. At first, he had little success, due to his small stature (He was 5'8", 180 pounds up until the age of 22), but found home in a local federation, run out of an old high school gymnasium.

At his new school, he met Jamie Jameson (of no relation to Jenna), and the two quickly started a relationship. During Spring Break, the two traveled down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. There, they met Kyle Andrews, a kid of the same age who was also looking to get into the wrestling business. Lukas had told him of his time spent in independent federations in the Detroit area, and told him to find him if he ever came up that way.


After graduating high school, Lukas realized that he wasn't going to achieve his dreams by staying in Detroit. He and Jamie agreed to a mutual separation, and he moved to Mexico to pursue his wrestling career, while she moved to Pennsylvania, and did brief work with the porn industry, most notably appearing on the pages of Playboy.

Harris wrestled under a mask in Mexico, going by the name El Destello (The Flash). He was billed from Chihuahua, Mexico, and having a naturally tan complexion, the Mexican fans never knew he was American.

He impressed scouts with a tryout match for the AAA promotion, and was asked to work a few dark matches. In those matches, he caught the eye of Konnan, legendary Mexican wrestler and a well-known member of the nWo Wolfpac. Konnan offered Harris his teachings, and eventually was able to also work with Rey Mysterio, who taught him how to use his size and speed as an advantage. Shifty eventually gained a regular spot on the AAA roster, fighting on a normal basis.

The Birth of a Name

During a promo from one of Harris' opponents, he said, "El Destello es un nombre propio para él, él es tan astuta, es muy duro agarrarlo." ("The Flash is a proper name for him, he's so shifty, it's very hard to catch him."). It was from here, that Harris adopted the name Shifty, and completely transformed his character. He became a true definition of the word, turning into a heel dressed in all black who would steal other competitors belongings during matches, forcing them to get counted out.

Unmasking & Returning To America

On May 4, 2001, Shifty faced off against Mil Mascaras in a Mask vs. Mask match. Due to Harris' contract running out, and him wanting to return to the States, he willingly lost the match, and had his mask removed, also revealing that he was American. He spent the remaining few weeks in an 'Anti-Mexico' role, refusing to listen to interviewers and other superstars if they didn't speak English. On May 28, he lost a match again to Mil Mascaras, officially "deporting him" back to America.


Harris moved back to Detroit, and caught wind of Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, a company based out of New York. Using his work in Mexico as a resumè, he was immediately accepted onto the roster. Keeping the name Shifty, he changed his gimmick to that of a Latin-American (these fans couldn't tell the difference either), dressed in baggy clothes, and maintaining the lucha libre style. It was here he met Nykhol, a female on the roster who he would later capture the XWA World Tag Team Championships with. The two started dating, but nothing ever developed. They remained friends throughout his stay in XWA.

Shifty won his very first championship in October 2001, becoming XWA Intercontinental Champion. His reign would last until January, but it would undoubtedly launch him into the upper echelon of competitors in the organization.

He would later move on to capture the XWA World Tag Team Championships twice, the XWA Hardcore Title three times, as well as enjoying another reign as Intercontinental Champion.


In early 2001, XWA started to die down, and Harris started up a spinoff organization, which he titled Xtreme Wrestling Federation. Shifty was the organization's first World Heavyweight Champion, due to lack of main event talent. He would also become Hardcore Champion before most of the talent were found to be in breach of contract from other organizations, and forced to leave. XWF was officially closed by May 2001.

Cementing A Legacy

After XWF folded, Harris began looking for other places to compete. He got a call from an old high school friend, Aaron Hunt, who was interested in getting into the business. Together they created PWF, which was run out of Hunt's one acre backyard. They gained a solid group of performers, most of which were also old high school friends of theirs. Everyone knew that they ran the show, but on camera they made up a kayfabe owner who would never be seen, and went by the name of "I.R. Manager". Harris and Hunt (who wrestled as Damion) formed the tag team Death Row, and were the top stars in the company while they waited for worthy talent to arrive.

Soon, Kyle Andrews had also ventured north and heard about Harris' new promotion. Harris signed Andrews on, who began working under the name Nos.


The match that put PWF on the map was a Ladder Match between Shifty and Nos, where both the Intercontinental and Cruiserweight Championships hung on different rungs above the ring. Nos had managed to pull down the Intercontinental Title, but was pushed off the ladder before he could grab the other belt. In the middle of the match, Shifty hit Nos with a sickening VanDaminator, unknowingly giving Nos a mild concussion. The match continued on, and saw Nos regaining the upper hand, until Damion came out and obliterated Nos with just about every move in his arsenal. This gave Shifty time to recover, and hit the Inferno on Nos for added effect, before recapturing his Cruiserweight Championship.

After the match, Nos began puking up blood, and it was revealed that Shifty had somehow put a nail through his foot. After the nail was removed, Shifty soaked his foot in the bathroom sink, while Nos continued vomiting blood in the toilet. Those two, along with Hunt, would become inseparable from that moment on.

Death Row Out, KroniK In

Death Row were undoubtedly the guys to beat in PWF. Damion had enjoyed a 16-month reign as PWF Champion, Shifty held the Cruiserweight and Hardcore Titles, all while keeping the Tag Team Titles since the introduction to the federation.

During an Over The Top Rope Battle Royal, it came down to Damion, Shifty, and Dr. J. Dr. J eliminated Damion, but on his way to the ground, Damion awkwardly hit his knee on the ring apron. He laid on the ground in pain for the remainder of the match, which saw Dr. J continue on to win. Hunt, who was also training to become an Olympic runner, realized that his future was in running, and not in wrestling, and that wrestling would only jeopardize his future. He would only compete in two more matches, first dropping his title to Stykes in a Fatal Four Way match, and the second being a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match, in which he unsuccessfully tried to retain the title. Shifty won the match, and Damion officially retired, telling everyone that it was high time his partner got respect and recognition for what he had accomplished. Damion announced a new era in PWF, and sadly, Shifty would have to run it alone. The following week, Death Row was officially stripped of the Tag Team Championships.

Throughout the PWF's tenure, Nos and Shifty had definitely put on some of the greatest matches in the company's history. The two battled back and forth for the Intercontinental Championship, a feud which saw Nos eventually come out on top, and later for the PWF Championship, which saw Shifty turn back Nos in all three of their title matches. The two were sworn enemies on-screen, even going as far as to distract each other, costing them matches against newer additions to the roster.

In 2006, Hunt (who 'bought out' the company from I.R. Manager) announced a Triple Threat Match would take place between Shifty, Nos and Stykes, and it would be for the PWF Championship. At the end of the match, Stykes hit Shifty with his High Rise finisher, and looked to capture his second PWF Title. Nos, however, broke up the count, and hit Stykes with the 187, before pulling Shifty on top of him! Shifty retained the title, and they announced the end of their rivalry, and the formation of KroniK. Shifty then introduced the PWF World Championship, and named Nos as the first ever champion. Stykes would seek revenge, and bring in a muscle, Scott Turner, with whom KroniK would fight with over the span of the next two years.

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Return To Wrestling

In October 2009, rumors began circulating about Shifty returning to the ring after a two year retirement. Furthering the rumors, Shifty's website became unaccessable for a while, only reading "....are you still watching me?", a play on his catchphrase "Did you come here to watch me?".


On December 20, Shifty made his debut in BUD by jumping the ramp and attacking Sparrow, announcing an alliance with Kit Black. Just five days later on Christmas, he won the Hardcore Championship, marking his 28th overall reign with the championship.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Inferno (Swinging Double Arm DDT)
  • Signature and Common Moves
    • Backdraft (Spinning Reverse STO)
    • Kamikaze (180º Frog Splash)
    • I.T.O. (Double Underhook w/ scissors)
    • Dismissal (Modified Leg Lock)
    • Strangulation (Inverted Headlock Backbreaker)
    • The 3rd Degree (Standing Shiranui)
    • 313 (619)
    • Swanton Bomb
    • Sky High
    • Ankle Lock
    • Side Effect
    • 450 Splash
    • Whisper In The Wind
    • Floatover Leg Drop
    • Dropkick Combo [Front Dropkick, Dropsault, Spinning Dropkick]
    • Tequila Sunrise
    • Spinebuster
    • Armbar
    • Wheelbarrow Bulldog
    • Flying Forearm Smash
    • Flying Heel Kick
    • Shooting Star Press
    • Spinning Cross Body
    • Moonsault
    • Feint Wheel Kick
  • Nicknames
    • "Flying Fury"
    • "The Hardcore Legend"
    • "The Mouth That Cannot Be Silenced"
    • "The Verbal Diet"
  • Entrance Music
    • "Across The Nation" by Union Underground (PWF, sCw)
    • "It's Going Down" by The X-Ecutioners f/ Mike Shinoda (Death Row's PWF theme, XWA, XWF)
    • "The Reason" by Mad One (WWoW)
    • "Burn" by Three Days Grace (PWF, WWoW)
    • "Headstrong" by Trapt (KroniK's WWoW & PWF theme)
    • "Lake Of Fire" by Nirvana (PWF)
    • "Riot" by Three Days Grace (PWF, ROF, ROH)
    • "Honeysucker" by Cleavage (current)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Bytches Ultimate Domain
    • BUD Hardcore Champion (current)
  • Professional Wrestling Federation
    • PWF Champion
    • PWF World Champion
    • PWF Intercontinental Champion (3 times)
    • PWF Hardcore Champion (15 times) (Longest reign, Most)
    • PWF Cruiserweight Champion
    • PWF Tag Team Champion - with Damion (First)
    • Only man to hold every available title
  • Ring Of Honour
    • ROH X-Division Champion
    • ROH Tag Team Champion - with Nos (First)
    • ROH Intergender Tag Team Champion - with Christy Hemme (First)
    • Held all three titles simultaneously
  • Supreme Championship Wrestling
    • sCw Hardcore Champion
    • sCw Tag Team Champion - with Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Wide World of Wrestling
    • WWoW World Heavyweight Champion (Youngest)
    • WWoW Undisputed Champion (2 times)
    • WWoW Intercontinental Champion (6 times) (Most)
    • WWoW Euro-Continental Champion (2 times)
    • WWoW United States Champion
    • WWoW European Champion
    • WWoW Hardcore Champion (7 times) (Most, Last)
    • WWoW Cruiserweight Champion (4 times)
    • WWoW X-Division Champion (2 times)
    • WWoW Tag Team Champion (4 times) - with Jeff Hardy (1), Nos (2) and Jason Rage (1)
    • WWoW Intergender Tag Team Champion (2 times) - with Jamie Jameson
    • 2005 Royal Rumble Winner
    • United States Title Tournament Winner
    • XB Tournament Winner
    • WWoW Highflyer Of The Year Award Winner (2003, 2005)
    • WWoW Comeback Of The Year Award Winner (2005)
    • WWoW Match Of The Year Award Winner (2005) - (victor of the match)
    • HeAT General Manager
    • Sabotage General Manager
    • WWoW Grand Slam Champion (First)
    • WWoW Triple Crown Champion
    • WWoW Double Champion (4 times)
    • Only man to hold every available title
    • Undefeated at WWoW WrestleManias (5-0)
  • Xtreme Wrestling Alliance
    • XWA Intercontinental Champion (2 times)
    • XWA World Tag Team Champion (2 times) - with Nykhol and EDDIIZER
    • XWA Hardcore Champion (3 times)
  • Xtreme Wrestling Federation
    • XWF World Heavyweight Champion (First)
    • XWF Hardcore Champion (Last)

Personal life

Shifty is the father of twins, a boy, Erron, and a girl, Krin.

Shifty writes and records his own music, having one song reach #7 on the charts of an online music site.

Shifty has ten tattoos, and plans for many more. "I couldn't possibly be satisfied with what I've got right now, they're addicting. Plus, I use them to tell a story, and my story gets a new chapter added every day."

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