Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai
Stable Name Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai
Abbreviation S.O.S.
Status Current
Time open 10/20/06 - Present
Members Shinsuke Joined 10/20/06

Josh Outland Joined 12/29/06
Dante Joined 10/20/06
Tony Sanchez Joined 10/20/06

Former Members Perox 10/20/06 - 11/15/06

Ross Riot 4/14/07 - Mid-2007

Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai (S.O.S.) is Society of Sim Wrestling's first faction. It was formed by Meiko Marufuji's former manager Shinsuke, Okinawa's evil industry leader. Controlling all of Okinawa's sporting events, tourist attractions, dragon boat races and professional wrestling, Shinsuke has brought his deep pockets back to SOS in order to form a faction to win all titles, gain all prestige, and eventually bring an end to the manace that is Society of Sim and gain revenge on the company for Meiko Marufuji's near-career ending injuries at "One Year Anniversary".


Shinsuke made a surprise return to SOS at "Birth of a Dynasty" on 10/20/06. With him, he brought three stars who had gained popularity in SOS and were loaded with unrealized potential. Those three wrestlers were Dante, Tony Sanchez and Perox. These three wrestlers were scheduled for a Four Corner match along with top SOS star The Buck. Before the match began, Shinsuke entered the ring and announced the formation of his new group. Dante, Sanchez and Perox then attacked Buck, and with a four on one assault, Buck was easily overcome and beaten down.

This brand new group of blue chippers had already gotten one over on SOS. But they weren't done. Later in the night, a main event was scheduled with then-SOS World Champion Twist defending the title against Joe Riot in a rematch from their time limit draw earlier in the year. The match was highly anticipated. But before the match could become underway, the two men were attacked by Dante, Sanchez and Perox. The Buck entered the ring to even the score, and an official 6-man tag had begun. In a classic bout, Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai was successful, as Dante pinned Joe Riot to win the match. A new dynasty in SOS had arrived.

Following Birth of a Dynasty, SOS held its first mini-show, SOS eXperiance. Shinsuke and his group showed up uninvited at the end of the show, echoing the statements they made the previous show, and also announcing that Perox had left the group and the company.

The next show, Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai caused even more havoc. They named the show after their group, titling it "Way of the Samurai". To start the show, S.O.S. beat down The Buck once again, allowing young up-and-comer Brian Knight, formerly known as Lil Joker, to enter the ring and defeat Buck in a match.

Next, during this same show, they made their most shocking move yet, recruiting SOS veteran Josh Outland into the group. Outland had his partner Mike Kirkland in his corner, facing Omega, when Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai entered and tried to recruit both Kirkland and Outland. Kirkland said no, and when Shinsuke's men looked like they would attack, Outland picked up a chair. But instead of attacking Shinsuke, Outland hit Kirkland with the chair, and then brutally sandwiched Kirkland's head into the chair, injuring him so badly he was forced to leave the company to recover. Outland was now the most experienced member in this new group. Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai was now even more of a force to be reckoned with.

On 4/14/07, considered to be SOS's biggest show ever, Save Our Souls, Shinsuke claimed it would be a night for him and his group. Two members of Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai had title shots, Dante for the Hardcore Title, and Josh Outland in a ladder match for the World Title. During the Hardcore Title match, Shinsuke introduced another new member, powerhouse Ross Riot. Ross immediately brawled with Omega, allowing Dante to escape the ringside area in order to let the 20 minute time limit pass so Dante would be named champion. The plan backfired however when Omega fought off Riot, and eventually found Dante in the back. After a stiff struggle backstage, Omega was successful in defending his title after an Air Canada from the top of a vending machine. Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai was 0-1 at Save Our Souls.

But that became a moot point when at the end of the night, Josh Outland, in shocking fashion, won the SOS World Title from Twist. Shinsuke's Okinawa Samurai now held the top prize in the company.

But in the process, they accumulated many enemies, including The Buck and Joe Riot. Both men want a piece of Shinsuke's group, especially Josh Outland and the World Title. Other wrestlers include Omega, Chris Cutter and Daz, who have all had problems with Shinsuke and his men recently as well. Shinsuke is reportedly not worried, as he is confident his team will triumph.

To be continued

Title history

SOS World Title (Josh Outland)

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