Shootfire Pro Wrestling
Federation Name Shootfire Pro Wrestling (SPW)
Shows Conquest, Ascension
Time open 1999 to present
Owner Mr. Black (Lost Horizons Entertainment)
Based in USA (Travels Worldwide)
Federation type Roleplay
Website Main Website


Shootfire Pro Wrestling (also known as SPW) was created in 1999 from two feds combined into one. AJ Black was co-president along with Richard Richard Balsely and eventually Black inherited charge and is now running the ship. SPW originally was a hardcore federation similar to the old HCW and now over the years has evolved into a global style, mainstream 'cutting edge' federation, a rags to riches story that has seen many of our original handlers remain. "Cutting Edge" can be defined as sports entertainment with longer wrestling matches. Mainstream means we do want the kids to come see it, otherwise we'll have no fans in the future.

Shootfire Pro has always followed the "Kill or Be Killed" mantra to encourage consistent growth in their talent and personalities. They believe today's athlete must be continuously challenged, motivated and enlightened to consistently maintain a creative, energetic and evolving approach to perfecting their craft. These developments are the central focus of their broadcasts which increases ratings, website traffic, mail subscription, roster morale, live attendance, pay per view buys and merchandise sales.

SPW is forever looking to elevate their reach to the worldwide stage by working with fellow companies in the industry and networking to bring the Shootfire brand to a wider range of fan bases. From its origins as an underground "cult" style hardcore federation based out of Chicago to a major platform with offices and arenas in New York, Raleigh, Las Vegas, Vancouver Canada and Sapporo Japan, SPW is moving successfully to expand the mainstream potential of the Shootfire Pro Wrestling brand in domestic and international markets. This can be seen in the latest mantra "Good is the enemy of Great" adapted by Gideon Cain to translate exactly what is expected of and projected by all SPW Superstars and talent as we seek to become and remain pioneers, rolemodels and true leaders in the professional wrestling industry. Due to what appeared to be an attempt on Kieran Rae's life, the CEO had taken a leave of absence, returning to attack The Mercenary during a guided tour at Wrestlebowl, diving them both through a plate glass skybox window. Kieran returned as AJ Black repurchased Shootfire Pro Wrestling and with a neck injury to Black when he tried to save her from Jester Chad Allen, Kieran now runs Shootfire Pro Wrestling once again in this new era.


  • SPW Conquest!

Broadcasted Bi-Weekly on Raw Sports Network (Monday)

  • House Shows!

3 a week, they will contain wrestlers under developmental deals, indy prospects, and those receiving tryouts

  • Ascension!

Broadcasted Bi-Weekly on Raw Sports Network (Thursday)

  • Supercard Pay Per Views!

Wrestlebowl PPV

Ringu Faia PPV (Held in Japan in the Toyko Dome)

Charity Carnage Special Event (Held in Times Square the last Sunday in Dec. for Charity)

Regular Supercard Tournaments are:

Blood Brothers (A Random Tag Pairing Tournament, partners compete together
then in the finals against each other for future title shots)

Machine Athleta Tournament (Purist Wrestling Tournament)

Trios Tournament (Invitational from around the wrestling world for three man teams)

Shootfire Icons (Series of Triple Threat Matches to crown a personalized Icon status)

Some previous shows have also been:

Culture Shock, Legacy, Internecine, Endgame, Halloween Scream, Winter Warfare

Specialty Matches

SPW has innovated several matches such as:

  • Bring Your Own Weapon Battle Royal: Each participant brings a weapon with them to be used during the match, no projectiles, exposives are bladed weapons allowed.. You are eliminated if you go over the top rope and your feet hit the floor. Last athlete left in the ring wins. A staple of Charity Carnage.
  • Bring Your Own Weapons Rumble: A Royal Rumble style fight where 30 Entrants enter randomly, at two minute intervals.  Eliminations are over the top rope with both feet touching the floor only.  Each participant brings a weapon of their own to be used through the match, no projectiles, exposives are bladed weapons allowed.  Last athlete left in the ring wins.
  • Circus Net Deathmatch: A scaffold placed high above the ring held by suspension wires, far down below in the ring is a spider web of barbed wire. The match can be won by pinfall or submission only, and is a multi-person fight. This match was created by Ranma Kurotsuki.
  • Death in Darkness Match: Lights Out style match with technical rules while lights are on, C-4 Boards in hidden areas beneath the first mat cover.  Lights go out at random intervals, winners decided by pinfall or submission.
  • Deathwish Cage: Wargames style cage match but each member of the winning team gets anything within reason they want as a reward. However losing team individually suffers a penalty picked by the opposition team.
  • Glass Table Ladder Match: As stated, however the only way to win is to climb a ladder and put your opponent through a glass coffee table. A tribute to HCW of yesteryear.
  • House of Anarchy: There are four burlap sacks, one in each corner each with a different type of sinister weapon. All participants will be locked inside the cage until one man remains conscious
  • Nexus Death Match: 2 out of 3 Falls Tables Match. To win you must put your opponent through two of the official match tables. There are 5 official tables: One is wrapped in Barbwire. One is covered with tacks. One is covered with lighter fluid and must be put on fire to count. Two others are stacked on top of one another, and count as an automatic loss. All other tables and weapons are legal but will not count as a fall.
  • Razorwire Cage: Cage match with the walls consisting of razor wire instead of steel bars .
  • Sea of Pain: It is by no means a regular wrestling match as ringside is covered in boards lined with barbed wire, glass shards, and thumbtacks. There are also barricades to fit over the sides of the ring ropes.
  • Sinful Six Match: Its predecessor the Six Pack Challenge Match from Iconoclasm, it starts with two in the ring and one in each corner, for six competitors. Elimination style destruction, winner aka survivor take all.
  • Slaughterhouse: Barbed Wire Match with weapons all around ringside. Anything and everything is legal and you have to answer a ten count to stay in the match.
  • Tower of Terror: Very similar to the Tower of Doom match where three cages are stacked on top of each other, making their way through various openings in each cell. Opponents are set to stop each ascent at every level. The winner has to make it to the very top and capture the flag.
  • Warrior's Cry Match: A multi-person match where opponents battle through three levels of a pyramid shaped cage, to ascend to the very top via a hanging rope and retrieve a flag. They must then make it to the bottom with the flag still in possession to be declared winner of the match. This match was first seen at Wrestlebowl and created by Daisuke Akera.

SPW Roster

SPW's current roster consists of such Superstars as:

Adrian Tanner Jr. Andrew Davis, Annibal Reigns Austin O'Brien, CK Walker, Castro Shaw, Colt Montana, DEATHKNELL, Dirt Dog Unique Allah, Eddie Christian, El Rey Futuro, Erica Toughill, Essex, Frostbite, Heather Owens, James O'Connor, Jester Chad Allen, Johnny Pain, Lark Fenriz, Leon Corella, LOCO, Marcus Davis, Marissa Monet, Nick Demola, Nina Larue, ONO HEZONFAIA, Orchid, Owen Cage, Paul Trainor, Poet Wright, Rich Patterson, Setzer Van Strife, Shane Diamond, Shawn Ryder, Stacia B, Street Samurai Spade, Tara Silver, Tiffany Lane, Van Buren

It's Stables consist of:

Team EGO - Owen Cage, Shane Diamond, Orchid

Code of Honor - Marcus Davis, El Rey Futuro

Satan's Pride - Lark Fenriz, Shawn Ryder, Heather Owens

Its Managers consist of:

Henry Spikes, "Sensuous" Samantha Bevins, Serena Black

Its Nonwrestlers consist of:

Kieran Rae (CEO), Chris Cartwright, Jack Sharp, Toxic Shock, Vik Avatar, Tara Silver, Todd Lucchesi, Jim Monroe, Amber Rhiannon, Steve Stone, Jimmy Graves, Gabriel Van Zahn  

SPW has Icon status, won through Shootfire Icons events, who are the following:

The Cruiserweight Icon: AsH

The Fallen Icon: Jeff Keenan

The Original Icon: Mike "Fire Phoenix" McCarey


The Evil Voodoo Icon: Dave Pietka

Sammy Knight

Shootfire does have a Hall of Fame, their members consist of:

AsH, Jean Paul Valley, Larry Gionet, Gregory Brians, Jasy O'Neil, Dave Pietka, "The Biz" Mike Bisignano, Steve Greedy, Vile Vince Viper, (2x) Adam Cage, Roddy Taylor, "Flaming" Bob Muretic, Jeff Keenan, "Lightning" Jake McCarey, Todd Lucchesi

Some of the SPW alumni are:

Allegra di Baggio, Anarchy, Angel Martinez, Angst, Anthony Brians, AsH, Barry Baldwin, Blake Covington, Brady Lowell, Brad Cummings, Bryan Vincent, Buddy Drifter, Chance Fortuna, Chester Clarke, CJ Messer, Dan Broussard, Danny Nash, Dave Pietka, Entropy, Erica Sato, Frank Ewiak, Gideon Cain, Grace Kerr, Ian Christoph, Iris Galiver, Jakob Volga, Jasy O'Neil, JDM Superstar, Jean Pierre Celine, Jeff Keenan, Joe Petrow, Joshua North, Kaycee Tanner, Kiera Vaughn, Kyra Braddock, Lindsey Page, Matt Payne, Miss Jasmine, Morris Bass, Nathan Gyth, Nathan Taylor, Nikki James, Roddy Taylor, Ryan Bradley, Sammy Knight, Scott Starring, Shayne Grissom, Shinjin Osawa, Sean O'Brady, Spooky Doom, Steve Greedy, Steve Liermann, Terminus, The Biz, Victor Frost, Vile Vince Viper, Wild Bill Ian


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
SPW World Heavyweight Championship Marissa Monet James O'Connor December 27, 2010 Times Square, NY Charity Carnage 2010
SPW Fusion Championship "The Dream" Marcus Davis Castro Shaw September 16, 2010 Philadelphia, PA Ascension
SPW Women's World Championship Poet Wright Nina Larue July 18, 2010 Las Vegas, NV Wrestlebowl 2010
SPW World Tag-Team Championship Rich Patterson and Frostbite Swagger and Desire July 18, 2010 Las Vegas, NV Wrestlebowl 2010
SPW International Champion Johnny Pain Reigns, Osawa, ONO, Ryder December 27, 2010 Times Square, NY Charity Carnage 2010
SPW Junior Champion Tara Silver Lane, Larue, Owens, Stacia December 27, 2010 Times Square, NY Charity Carnage 2010

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