The ShowStopper's legacy in the EWA is undoubtably grand. However, due to an extended break, his achievements do not reflect the true magnitude of his impact on the EWA.

The ShowStopper is the only World EWA Champion, and became the first EWA United Heavyweight Champion when he defeated the legendary Mr. P in a hard-fought Last Man Standing match. He lost this title in controversial circumstances (See Sumatura Screwjob). As well as this, he is the only man to win a Ring of Insanity match, when he defeated the now deposed (in kayfabe) boss/owner of EWA, T-Bone. It was in fact The ShowStopper who ended T-bone's 'career', when he defeated T-bone's representative, 'The Reaper' in a Flaming Casket Match.

At Summer Meltdown, The ShowStopper was forced into a triple threat match for the EWA United heavyweight Championship against the champion at the time, Icekid and Marcus Duke. After a thrilling match which delivered numerous highlights, The ShowStopper was able to deliver Sweet Chin Music and regain the United Title and become the only 2-time United Champion in EWA history.

Since then, The ShowStopper went on a magnanomous run as Champion. he retained the title numerous times, until he faced Scott buster in the second Rinf of Insanity Match. He lost the title there under dubious circumstances, when he pinned Buster as he tapped out. However, he enacted his rematch clause and won the match within 15 seconds, making him the only 2-time and 3-time United World Heavyweight Champion to date.

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