David "Showtime" Cougar is a Wrestler, currently working for Wrestlezone Championship Wrestling.

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Height 6'1
Weight 213 lbs
Date of birth N/A
Place of birth Winnipeg, Canada
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Resides Winnipeg, Canada
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Trainer Chris Jericho
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Debut 2009
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Showtime In WZCW (2009 - Present)

As a kid, David always dreamed he'd be a professional wrestler. He used to sit at home and watch for hours his favourite wrestlers on the TV, coping them, imitating them, becoming them. His father was a poor addict, who took every small job he could in Hollywood and went to every major party we could find, leaving David all alone and looking towards others who advice and guidance. Eventually, he left Hollywood and moved to Canada to continue his training. Under the tutelage of Jericho, David learned not only how to be a charismatic high-flyer, but also a submission experts.

Finally earning a contract with WZCW, Showtime debuted on their only show, Meltdown 21. At first, Showtime would not earn his contract, by being eliminated first in a Battle Royal, where he hoped to become a full member of the WZCW Roster, only falling short. However, after a Battle Royal, where any wrestler who managed stay in the ring for 15 minutes would become a WZCW Member, Showtime was officially on the Roster. He then took part in the Unscripted Pay-Per-View, missing out on the opportunity to become Tag Team Champions.

Looking through Cougar's career, things have always been very bright for him. He has held the EurAsian Championship, the Elite X Championship, the Mayhem Championship and most recently, the Tag Team Championships. The only title that Showtime hasn't held is the big one. The WZCW Heavyweight Championship. Longing to hold the gold, Cougar works his hardest to hopefully one day, win the big one.

At the All Or Nothing Pay-Per-View, Showtime began to show tendencies of Schizophrenia. It was around the time of his feud with Austin Reynolds that this unfolded, with Cougar realising that Trent Stonewall, his "agent", was actually just a schizophrenic illusion. Showtime uncovered this leading up Kingdom Come III, where he faced Ty Burna for the WZCW Heavyweight Championship, falling short of a victory.

Showtime then won the Tag Titles with Stan Rogers, forming the tag team "Stantime". However, now at All or Nothing 2011, Cougar will face Rogers in a "Loser Leaves WZCW" Match, to take place this Sunday.


  • Elite X Champion (Won at All or Nothing)
  • Mayhem Champion (Won at Meltdown 26)
  • EurAsian Champion (Won at Meltdown 31) - Also set the record for the fastest match in WZCW History
  • WZCW Tag Team Champion w/ Stan Rogers (Won at Apocalypse 2011)

Finishing Moves

  • C4 off the top rope "The Final Act"
  • Texas Cloverleaf "Commercial Break"

15 Most Used Moves (Signatures In Bold)

  • Reverse DDT "Backstage"
  • Reverse Overdrive (Striker's Golden Rule) "Showstopper"
  • Side Effect "The Ratings Crash"
  • Reverse neck breaker
  • Enziguri
  • Standing armbars/ arm wrenches
  • Running flying elbow
  • Superplex
  • Elbow from top rope
  • Knife edge chops
  • Spear either threw the ropes or from a high place
  • Standing leg drop
  • Triangle choke hold
  • Dropkick
  • Standing Spinning Clothesline

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