"End of Time" Listed as a Dragon DDT,however it is backflip three-quarter facelock reverse DDT, which is a variation of the Shiranui. In this move a Chrono applies a three-quarter facelock on the opponent and performs a backflip over the opponent while maintaining the facelock turning it into an inverted facelock and then either landing face down to the mat, on their own back to the side, or in a sitting position, to drive the opponent's head back-first down to the mat.

"Dreamscape" An homage to the Hart Family's Sharpshooter.

"Hero's Demise" A corkscrew scissor kick to the back of the head.

"The Midnight Carnival" A split-legged corkscrew moonsault. Chrono has many variations of this move, and has even used this as a pin attempt.

"Obsession" A Standing Fireman's carry into Elevated stunner. Chrono has been known to alter this move from the top turnbuckle, as well as use the ropes.

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