Silver Cyanide
[[Image:|px|Image of Silver Cyanide]]
Real name Steve MacKinnon
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Height 6'0"
Weight 220 lbs.
Date of birth August 20, 1975
Place of birth Boston, MA
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from Boston, MA
Trainer Daniel "Golden Boy" Lyta
Online Championship Wrestling (2001-2002, 2005, 2006)
Real Pro Wrestling (Co-Owner, 2003)
Insane Championship Wrestling Federation (2003)
Omega Championship Wrestling (2003-2004)
Shockwave Sports Entertainment (2004-2005)
High Octane Wrestling (2009)
Global Championship Wrestling Association (2010)
Handled by
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Silver Cyanide, also known as AgCN (born Steve MacKinnon, 1975 in Boston, Massachusetts) is a professional wrestler most widely known for his work in Online/Omega Championship Wrestling, where he was extremely successful as World Lightweight and World Heavyweight Champion, winning each belt on multiple occasions.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
  • Lethal Injection (Superkick)
  • Euthanasia/Dementia Pugilistica (Reverse STO)
  • Captain Concussion (Modified STO, keeping the opponent's head and arms trapped in a ground submission)
  • Overdose (Top Rope Elbow Drop)
  • Signature moves
  • Scrambled Eggs (Spinning Crescent Kick)
  • Silver Lining (Flapjack)
  • Sterling Silver (STO)
  • Poison (Nonchalant tossing the opponent out of the ring between the top and middle ropes)

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