Silver Dagger
Real name Ryan Anderson
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Height 6'1
Weight 234 lbs
Date of birth May 21, 1979
Place of birth Calgary, Alberta
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Trainer Callum Aimery
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Debut May 21, 2007
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Ryan Avery Anderson used to be a musician for a band called "Life and Death". He started becoming concerned about his health, physique, and became interested in wrestling when he was 19 years old shortly after he ran away from home, a trend in his family. He was trained by his good friend Callum Aimery whom he's lived with most of his life, alongside his brother Jonathan.


Ryan was noticed by one of Callum's agents, who decided that he would be allowed to sign a contract only if he attended wrestling school and coarse training sessions with professional wrestlers. He said, "Kid, you've got talent, but we'll leave it to the big guns to make you a star". After 2 years of intense training and extensive martial arts, he began to specialize in leg moves, which soon became his strength. He practiced day and night and soon perfected these wrestling moves: Spear, Moonsault, Knee lift, Leg lariat, Dragon whip, Drop kick, Shining wizard, Reverse shining wizard, Battering ram, and the Leg Drop. When he first made his televised debut, Ryan didn't have a name ready for himself, but he made a lasting impression with his steady looks of determination. Shortly after he immediately received fan mail and letters from relatives, including a parcel from his mother containing a silver dagger with a ruby-encrusted sheath, meant for his sister who had also run away but she could not get into contact with. She passed away the next week. Thus, he derived his name from her last gift, saying "This shall no longer be the core of my pain, but the cause of the pain of others who attempt to succeed me."

Cold Blooded Superstar

Silver Dagger is most popularly known for being a heel. Even though he would come out into the ring as a heel, the fans would still cheer him on for his outrageous in-ring personality. His finisher is called "Cold Blood" because he feels that when blood comes in contact with metal it should be as cold as his heart. His finisher is best described as enzuigiri & a backward seated senton.

Other Facts

  • Ryan's Look-a-Like is Adam Copeland, The Canadian wrestler also known as "Edge".
  • Ryan's entrance music is "Ah Leh Lah" by Carbon 9.
  • Ryan has been unable to fall in love since his girlfriend dumped him for Tommy Parker in grade 3.

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