Silvermane (born August 31st, 1985) is a professional wrestler by trade. Previously wrestling for such companies as Central Ontario Pro Wrestling, Lion's Road, and currently as a part of Roughkut Wrestling. In that time, perhaps two years total, becoming one of the most decorated and destructive champions these companies had ever seen.


The Early Years

Silvermane was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin on August 31st, 1985. However, very few details are known about his parents. Furthermore, Silvermane is actually Silvermane's full legal name, shocking as that is to most people. Within a year of his birth, it was deduced that Silvermane was, in fact, out of his mind, and was promptly thrown into the nearest children's mental health facility. There he grew up from childhood to the age of eighteen, when he was promptly thrown out into the world.

It was shortly after this, and a bit of aimless wandering, that the rather large and muscular young man found his way to Farmington Hills, Michigan. There, he enrolled in a wrestling school known as the Steel Dynasty Gym, run by an older, retired wrestler by the name of Tecknic. This is where Silvermane was introduced to a hotshot junior heavyweight by the name of Beatbox. The two clicked almost instantly, and became a very talented team in a matter of weeks. It took them eight months of blood, sweat, and tears (and one instance of Silvermane smashing his opponent through the ring upon debuting his finishing move, the Tempest of Destruction) the two were called to wrestle in a newly re-opening company, Central Ontario Pro Wrestling.

Central Ontario Pro Wrestling

It is interesting to note that the very first match in COPW's re-commencing was a tag team match between the team of Countdown & Serj, and the team of Beatbox and Silvermane. Beatbox got the fall over Serj that night, and that began a run that would launch the pair into contention for the COPW Tag Team Titles.

At the time, the team of Ted Hurd and Cyrus Rose, known together as the Dominant Species, held those titles. This pair had an extreme experience edge over Beatbox and Silvermane, and the pair were repeatedly thwarted throughout their various challenges for the COPW Tag Team Titles. But with the lack of any other promising teams to be found, it seemed like only a matter of time before the Beatbox and Silvermane became champions.

That, however, never happened. Following another loss to the Dominant Species, Silvermane attacked his partner. Beatbox was beaten across a parking lot, and eventually given a Tempest of Destruction through the roof of a small car. Fortunately, this was all in the parking lot of an actual hospital, so Beatbox survived, but Silvermane had made his point. From that day forward, he flew solo.

Success came quickly and easily for Silvermane after this parting of the ways. In only his second singles bout after the breakup, he won in a match that was far from his forte, a ladder match, to become the COPW Commonwealth Champion. This was a title that Silvermane held for the better part of a year, easily eclipsing the record for longest title reign in COPW history. But even that would not last forever.

Eventually, Silvermane lost the title in a triangle match, being rolled up by the man known as Galactix following a chairshot from the other man in the match, Rodney Mac, whom Silvermane had just eliminated. Silvermane had grown attached to the title, and was sad to have lost it, but the fact that he was set to take on Josh Phoenix for the COPW Heavyweight Title the very next week set his mind at ease.

It should be noted that Silvermane, in spite of coming close a number of times over the span of five months, never successfully won the COPW Heavyweight Championship. Going head-to-head with legendary wrestlers ranging from Josh Phoenix, Lee "Wolf" Williams, Patrick McCarthy, Scarlett, Chris Champion, Ted Hurd, Kirsta Lewis, and a truckload of others. Eventually, however, Silvermane went on hiatus, and in his absence COPW closed it's doors.

But where one door closes...

RoughKut Wrestling

One day, practically out of the blue, Silvermane received an E-Mail from a man by the name of Little Jim. Previously, during his time in RKW, Silvermane had competed in the RoughKut Invitational Tournament and reached the fourth round of the gigantic tournament. His showing so impressed Little Jim that he was offered a spot on the roster of RKW. Silvermane was a member of RKW within the hour.

Silvermane was entered into the mini-tournament to crown a new King of the North Champion the very next week, and Silvermane proceeded to dominate once again, winning the title over the well-traveled wrestler Seamus McArthur. The RKW King of the North Title, like the COPW Commonwealth Title before it, became a fixture around Silvermane's waist.

Odd as it was, for the longest time Silvermane simply couldn't lose a match. With the exception of a single draw against a visiting wrestler from CWA, Ace Wylde, Silvermane remained undefeated for months on top of months.

Finally, Silvermane's shot came in the most unlikely of ways. In a triple threat match, a "Champion of Champions" match, Silvermane defeated not only RKW HardKnox Champion Ryan Davis, but also RKW World Champion Harvey The Hardcore Hippo. This accomplishment was what eventually led to Silvermane's lone singles loss, in a bout against the very same Hardcore Hippo, as well as his greatest victory to date.

The event was RKW's After School Special, and Silvermane, if he won his first match, would have a second later that evening. The first bout pitted Silvermane against Harvey The Hardcore Hippo, which was a match that Silvermane won while doing a great deal of damage to his own leg in the process. The second bout was against Jaiden Do'Meirst, who was the reigning RKW World Champion. Silvermane, through some minor miracle, pulled off the win following an incredibly violent Tempest of Destruction from the top rope.

Silvermane was the RKW World Champion for all of a single week, in which time, he decided that being the World Champion was just too much pressure for him right then, and so, along with his King of the North title, Silvermane gave his hard-won World Title to the RKW Co-President Lee Archer.

Archer, along with the other Co-President, Jack Hondo, decided that the belts would be put up for grabs in a battle royal containing all of the top stars in RKW. This included Silvermane. And, once again, Silvermane was left as the last man standing. In the span of a month, Silvermane was now the Two-Time RKW World Heavyweight Champion.

Wrestling Style

Silvermane is large, standing at nearly seven feet tall and weighing just short of three hundred pounds. He is an incredibly muscular man too, and is far and away the most physically powerful man you're likely to find in a wrestling ring. If here were so inclined, Silvermane could just as easily enter the World's Strongest Man competition, and likely do very well.

As such, Silvermane's wrestling style is all power, all the time. He uses a number of slams and other moves that make use of his overwhelming size and strength. Unfortunately, Silvermane is also rather slow moving, and he finds it very hard to keep pace with some of the smaller, faster wrestlers. Also, he has only a basic grasp of hold-by-hold wrestling, and can be outclassed in that regard by many people.

Finishing Moves

Silvermane has two moves that he uses to finish matches with. That's not to say that he hasn't used any others, such as the Stretch Muffler Hold and a rather sturdy lariat, but these are his most often used finishers.

The Tempest of Destruction: This move is power and violence on a grand scale. Silvermane wraps one hand around the opponent's neck, and the other near the top of their back. Then he spins, slinging his opponent around two or three times. Finally, he plants his feet, causing the opponent's body to sling back, which allows for Silvermane to remove the hand he had set on their neck, and use all of his force to ram them down to the mat face and chest first. This move, at times, has been known to break the ring itself.

The Beast Breaker: Silvermane has joked about this move being "The Humane Finish" being that it is not so outwardly violent as the Tempest of Destruction, but it is a rather effective move. Silvermane lifts his opponent up into a form of a vertical suplex, grabbing hold of both of the opponent's ankles in the process. From there, he walks slowly around the ring, almost as if he's showing the opponent off before finishing them. And then he drops, landing in a seated position and driving his shoulder into the base of the back of the opponent's neck. He lets them fall to the mat behind him, before rolling over and making the pin.

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