Simon Sensation
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Real name Simon Derek Thomas
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Height 6'3"
Weight 227 lbs
Date of birth December 6, 1984
Place of birth Las Vegas, NV
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Billed from Las Vegas, NV
Trainer TNA Wrestling Academy
Handled by Josh
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Debut 2004
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Simon Derek Thomas, better know by his ring name of Simon Sensation, is an American pro wrestler. Sensation is perhaps best known for his appearances with the American Wrestling Association, Non-Stop Wrestling Alliance and Underground X. He is currently working in Elite Wrestling Champions and has been recently contacted by UX management's John Fisher about returning to the company when UX starts operations once again, which by all reports may be soon.


Simon is the son of a Las Vegas businessman and grew up with a "silver spoon" in his hand. Though he enjoyed the luxuries that his social status warranted, he decided to try and distance himself as much from his father as he could after he graduated high school. He has had affairs with several female wrestlers and currently has three children, Derek Michael Thomas (1 year old), Simon Derek Thomas Jr (1 year old) and Noelle Desirae Thomas (1 year old). Though all three of his children are one year old, only Noelle and Simon Jr are twins. He currently lives in Las Vegas and remains friends with Ben Eckford, Martin Scott and Scotty Polo, all of which were some of his former tag team partners in various promotions. He also trained Johnny Moxie, who is currently wrestling in Elite Wrestling Champions with him.



Simon was trained at the TNA Academy in Orlando and made his debut in November 2004 at the Academy in a match against Grim Reaper. Grim and Simon would go on to have a heated feud, with both establishing themselves as future stars with TNA. During this time, Sensation would compete in a battle royal at TNA's Turning Point 2004 pay per view, have his ass handed to him by half the roster including, but not limited to, Black Viper, Dallas, and Raven, and then he'd main event TNA Xplosion the following week in a tag match with Ben Eckford against Blaze and Black Viper. Shortly afterwards, he'd end up losing a best two out of three falls match against Reaper, in which the loser was forced to leave TNA.


Simon would sign a deal with the AWA after leaving TNA and would rise to superstar status with the company. At the promotion's debut PPV, he would come in second in a battle royal determining champions in the promotion and would walk away as the Continental Champion. He would hold the title for three months, defeating and facing some of the top stars the company had to offer in the process. He'd feud with Zeek Williams and would defeat Caleb Cale, the World Champion at the time. However, after a brief promotion-wide hiatus, he would decide to hand his title over to Eden Demure and opt out of his contract. After nearly two months of being away, he would return to the AWA. He would form a team with Hell's Guardian called The Enterprise and would unsuccessfully challenge for the AWA Tag titles. He would, however defeat Guardian's brother Deathstroke to win the AWA X title and would hold the title for months. He would successfully unify his X title with Angela Jameson's Primetime title to form the AWA Youngblood Championship. However, he send in his notification to AWA management before a rematch with Angela, in which he asked for release. For the second time, he would leave the company and give away a belt in the process. He would make a return in the AWA's hour of need, however, and get a World title shot almost automatically against Rick Young in May 2006. He'd lose, but would capture the Continental title for a second time. He'd go on to have an amazing nine month reign where he would feud with Seth Thomas, Jimmy Stryker and several other stars in the process. After losing the title in March 2007, he would unsuccessfully challenge for the AWA World title against Callisto several times. He'd remain with the AWA until it's closure in June 2007.

NON-STOP WRESTLING ALLIANCE (2005 -2006, 2007, 2008)

Simon would sign with the NSWA in January 2005 as well and would go on to instantly capture the NSWA Championship. He would go on to defend it in several matches, including a memorable match against Rip Hogan at NSWA WrestleFest '05 in which he successfully defended his title. He also formed the Primetime Players with Martin Scott at this time. The two would successfully win the NSWA Tag Team titles. After three months, he would lose the NSWA title but he would quickly recapture it and hold it for another month before losing it to Rip Hogan. After losing the title, he'd leave the company for a brief sabbatical but would return in full force and go on to defeat Daredevil for the title in November '05. He'd also win the Hardkore title (he'd have four reigns as Hardkore title overall) and simultaneously hold both belts before losing the Hardkore title to James Rock in early '06 and then losing the NSWA title to Rage at NSWA WrestleFest 2. He'd ultimately leave the company after this, taking his love interest at the time, Desirae Kain, with him. Simon would return, however in early 2007 for the NSWA's third anniversary show and would win his fourth Hardkore title, but he'd lose it eventually to Kirk Storm and then he'd leave NSWA again. He would return to NSWA at November 2 Remember 2007 in a six man tag match in a cage, teaming with Larry Fields and Anthony Phoenix to take on Crazy Joker, Blake Chambers and Jack Stone. He also competed in the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Tournament where he lost to NSWA Owner Danny Maher in the finals. He recently competed against Larry Fields for the vacant Television Championship at Seasons Beatings. Larry came into the match under his new name Brent Carter as Simon lost. After a brief hiatus from action in NSWA, he returned in early 2008 to capture his fourth NSWA Championship. Soon after losing the title at Wrestlefest 2008, he left the company. He would return briefly in June with Johnny Moxie to form another variation of the Sin City Saints, but both would only make a few appearances before leaving. NSWA would buy out the remainder of the contract Simon signed in November 2007, making any kind of return to the NSWA for Sensation highly unlikely.


Simon signed with CFW in fall 2006 and made an instant impact, feuding with Jack Diamond for the European title. He'd eventually capture the title and join Terry Marvin's Forum Horsemen stable with Levinator and then Adam Majors. They would feud with Jack Diamond's Wild Cards (Jack, Ace Andrews and Steve Southward). Despite being a top star in CFW, Simon would jump ship to PXW in December 2006. He would make several appearances for CFW in 2008, including booking their At All Costs pay per view early in the year and challenging for the CFW World Television title, unsuccessfully, several times. Currently, CFW is on a hiatus. According to recent comments from Simon, a CFW return for him is most likely not going to happen due to conflicting creative ideas between him and CFW Owner Todd Vickers.

PRO X WRESTLING (2006-2007)

With many other CFW stars at the time, Simon would jump to PXW and would instantly make an impact. He would become a top contender for the PXW Global title and would begin to feud with former ally Terry Marvin for the title. The two were set to face off at PXW Rebirth, a pay per view, but the event would never take place.


Simon joined UX after the AWA closed and would make a huge impact upon his debut. He would quickly get into the title picture and would become UX Tag Champion with Leito Blake as his partner in the second incarnation of the Sin City Saints. He would be forced to forfeit his titles after Blake left UX, but would get an Undisputed title match instead. He would defeat Sinister Fiend and go on to hold the title until UX closed it's doors. A return by Sensation was hinted at several times on UX's website in January 2008, but the company folded before he could make an actual appearance.


Simon joined DW after UX closed the first time and made a statement by going undefeated in all of his matches there. He was one half of the Legion Tag Champions with Blunt and has rekindled is feud with Zeek Williams, even finally beating Williams which he failed to do in the AWA. He has also defeated Zeek to win the DW World title, becoming the first and last DW World Champion.


Simon joined SCW with several other former CFW stars such as Jack Diamond, Joey Reyes and Dirk Bentley. He made his debut around Thanksgiving 2007 and made several appearances with the company, including an uscuccessful challenge for the SCW World Championship in a three way dance involving himself, Jack Diamond and the defending champion, Joey Reyes. SCW lasted a month or so before finally shutting down due to financial problems.


In November 2007, Simon would sign an EWF contract and be sent to their Monday Night Revolution brand as a manager to his friend Johnny Moxie. He would manage Moxie during his first and only appearance in the EWF, a dark match against Kerry Karson before an episode of Revolution was taped. Soon after, management began to shuffle around in EWF. Moxie was drafted to Thursday Night Mayhem in an impromptu brand extension draft and Simon went with him. Before either could appear on Mayhem, the EWF closed it's doors.


In February 2008, Simon inked a deal to compete with Elite Wrestling Champions, which was run by Alexander Stryfe, former General Manager of the EWF's Revolution brand. Sensation was sent to EWC's Tuesday Night Titans brand and debuted by beating the then Anarchy Champion Alyx Gates, ending his undefeated streak. Sensation would then join forces with former EWF superstars Liam Alexander, Alex Liddel and Adam Linn in the stable Bloody Karma, which had a very short war with the Icons By Design, which was led by Ryan Mackenzie. Sensation would start teaming up with another new member of BK, Dark Daze and the two would prove to be a formidable duo, even competing in the tournament to crown the first ever EWC Tag Team Champions, though they would be eliminated by Alyx Gates and "Wonderboy" Tom Burgess. Soon after this loss, Bloody Karma imploded with Liddel and Linn leaving and Liam disappearing. Sensation would turn on Daze and the following week, Simon would join the Icons by officially turning on Liddel and taking part in a gang beat down of Alex, including him spitting on "The Iceman". Sensation also captured the Anarchy Championship from Alyx Gates soon after joining the Icons. He'd hold the title a little over two months before finally losing it to Supreme Machine in a contest that would prove to be Machine's last match for a while. Simon also won the Titans side of the Legendary Title Tournament, along with Camilla Pazzini, which led to Simon taking part in a three way Death By Degrees match at the event of the same name, which was won by Camilla. After this event, Simon would take a few weeks off before coming back and losing his Anarchy title to SuMa. The week after, he made an appearance at EWC's Last Stand pay per view, cutting an in ring promo against his Icons team mates. He would mend things up quickly with them, however and would face Luther Thunder over the next two weeks at Titans, with both men winning a match respectively. He'd beat Liddel the following week and then with Alyx Gates as his tag partner, would defeat Christian Xavier and Liam Alexander. The week after, he'd beat Liam at EWC's Violent Tendencies pay per view to become Sacrifice Champion in a match where Tiffany was the guest referee. He'd lose the title back to Liam two weeks later in a Last Man Standing Match that saw Bryan Deas interfere. Liam and Simon would face off for a third time with Alyx Gates now involved in a three way Punjabi Prison Match at EWC's Dark Reckoning pay per view that saw a situation arise at the end where no real winner was decided in the match. After that, Simon would join the Gods Among Men, the rivals of his former group, the Icons.

As a Member of the Gods

After joining the Gods Among Men, Simon would take part in a ten man tag match at August's Uprising supershow that saw five Icons take on five Gods in an elimination match. Simon and Jackson were the sould survivors, giving the Gods the win. Simon would then go on to gun for the Sacrifice title that was vacated by Liam Alexander and defeated rival Icon, Alyx Gates in a match to win it on Titans. During this reign, he'd feud briefly with Noah Mackenzie, facing Noah in a match that would end up resulting in a double DQ to retain his title once, then he ended up just barely managing to keep his title over Arianna Millar. He would meet Noah again, as well as Stacey Mackenzie in a three way dance at Criminal Minds that saw him lose the title to Noah. At EWC's Malicious Intent pay per view one month later to end November, Simon would use his rematch clause to take on Noah in a House of Fun match, which would see him defeat Noah and win back his title for his third reign as champion. However, as a result on the match on that card where Liam Alexander lost to Ryan Mackenzie, the Gods have disbanded and as a result, Simon is once again on his own in the ranks of EWC.


Sin City Saints

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