Simone Frost is an American Female Professional Wrestler, who just recently joined GWC. She once wrestled for the Total Warstruck Entertainment promotion until it's demise nearly two weeks after it opened. Simone is accepting bookings currently. Contact Info:


After losing both parents in an unfortunate ‘wrong time-wrong place’ incident, Simone grew up with her brother in a gang in LA. They were taught how to steal and deal as well as hold their own in fights. A year later, Simone’s brother was killed after protecting her from a rival gang member that tried to assault her. After hitting adult hood, a somewhat broken and cold Simone decided to do something with her life, she wanted to be someone. She left the gang with two broken ribs, cracked lips and nose, internal bruising and both arms ripped right out of socket to get an education and become someone. Soon after, she was introduced to wrestling where she decided she could take out some of her personal angst and pain.

Total Warstruck Entertainment

Simone was booked in a Diva's Battle Royal for TWE's first show, Wednesday Night Warpath against Andie, Fyre La Femme, Nikki Masters, and Nadia. Simone won the match and later on in the night shared some tough words with TWE Diva, Cashmere. On the next episode of Warpath, Simone Frost defeated Thunder in a Tournament Match. TWE then closed it's doors before really opening them in the first place.

Global Coalition Wrestling

Simone Frost has just joined the roster and has yet to see any action. Check back for more updates soon!

Wrestling Facts

Finishing and Signature Moves

Frost Bite (Fisherman Buster from the second rope/Fisherman Buster)

Ice Breaker (Back Cracker)

Frozen Heart (Crippler Crossface)

Chill Out (Sit-Out Facebuster)

•Wheelbarrow Bulldog

•Diving Clothesline

•Swinging Neckbreaker

•Double Arm Suplex

•Gutwrench Suplex

•Running Face Wash

•Reverse DDT

•Seated Jawbreaker

•Running Yakuza Kick

•Spinning Back Kick

•Running Knee Strike in the Corner


The Frost Bitten Diva

Entrance Music

"Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio

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