The Sin City Saints is an American professional wrestling tag team. The name was first used to refer to the team between Simon Sensation and Scotty Polo in the American Wrestling Association (AWA). The name has been used by Sensation in other tag teams formed by him as well as a team Polo was in.


Simon Sensation would bring his real life friend, Scotty Polo, into the AWA after AWA World Champion Rick Young attacked Simon's fiancee at the time, Desirae Kain. Polo's role at first was to help Simon protect his fiancee, but within a few weeks Simon and him had formed a tag team and had dubbed themselves the Sin City Saints, due to Simon living in Las Vegas and Polo residing in nearby Reno. The two would quickly prove to be a force in the AWA by establishing themselves as a dominating tag team. They would challenge the AWA Legion Tag Team Champions, Callisto and Christian Barrows, several times but would end up walking away without the titles both times. Simon, who had already established himself as a singles threat in the past in the AWA, once again won the Continental title while Polo ended up attaempting to make a singles name for himself as well by winning the Chaosweight title. He'd hold the title until losing it in a unification match to Orphan Mysterio, where it was combined with Orphan's Youngblood title. Soon after, Polo would go after the Continental title once Simon lost it and would actually capture it. Meanwhile, Simon would unsuccessfully go after the AWA World title. In the last days of the AWA, the Saints would attempt to go back to being a regular tag team but now under the name Those 80's Dudes. Simon would adopt the nickname "Vice" and Scotty would go under nickname "Night Rider". Soon after, the AWA would close and the team would officially disband.


Simon would resurrect the Saints name in Underground X upon forming a team with Leito Blake. Despite the fact that Blake himself resided nowhere near Las Vegas and actually lived in Miami, Simon justified the use of the Saints name by citing the fact that him and Leito both embraced the kind of lifestyle that gave Vegas the nickname "Sin City". The duo would prove to be more successful than the original version of the Saints, with Leito and Simon immediately capturing the UX Tag Team Championships from the Rebels With Attitude (Colby G and Rockin' Lunatic). The duo would hold the titles for a little over a month but would earn themselves the honor of being the most dominant tag team in UX history. Both would get stripped of the titles when Leito left UX. Simon attempted to lobby to get the titles back and defend them by himself but management ultimately opposed it and ended this incarnation of the Saints. Blake and Simon would both get employed by the Non Stop Wrestling Alliance later on that year, with Blake now going by the name "Blake Chambers", but they would fail to team up again.


When Simon became General Manager of the Underground Wrestling Association, he brought in Moxie and Polo to be his "enforcers", thus reforming the original Sin City Saints in a reunion of sorts as well as adding Moxie into the group and effectively making it a stable. The group would run roughshod over UWA for about a month with Moxie and Polo teaming up consistently and getting themselves in line for a UWA Tag Team title shot. The company folded before they'd get their title match.


Simon, who had trained Johnny, ended up siding with his protege in the European Wrestling Federation as his manager. The two would fail to do much in EWF, and would move to Dynasty Wrestling, where they'd be at each other's necks for a while. The two would officially team up in the Non Stop Wrestling Alliance, using the Sin City Saints name. Both have been released by the NSWA, but are currently under contract to Elite Wrestling Champions, albeit on separate brands within the company. The possibility still remains that both could team up again in the future. Given how Moxie has also formed a team with Kayden Christopher called Revolution X, the possibility also remains that the some sort of stable could be formed under the Saints name.


Underground X Tag Team Championships (Simon and Leito)

AWA Continental Championship (Simon, Scotty)

AWA ChaosWeight Championship (Scotty)

DW Platinum Championship (Moxie)

DW World Championship (Simon)

DW Tag Team Championship w/ Blunt as his partner (Simon)

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