Skorp is an American professional wrestler currently competing in PrYde Wrestling as the company's current Money In The Bank holder. He is perhaps most well known for his incredibly devout and stringent religious beliefs, with a clear misanthropic complex and an intense desire to "return to the world to paradise". Skorp apparently supports the theological idea of apoctastasis, the belief that God will restore the universe to its pure form of paradise by reconciling good and evil after the apocalypse. As a result of this ideology, Skorp believes it is a mission from god to eliminate human beings, the ultimate source of sin, so that the reconciliation may come faster and the world will thus not have to suffer as long. This support had led to an ultra-fanatical mindset, as his faith literally dominates his entire existence. As a result, Skorp has been known to exhibit such characteristics as self-flagellation after perceived poor performances, clear mental instability, and at times seemingly suicidal tendencies. In spite of this perceived insanity however, Skorp has a genius level IQ well into the 170s, a fact that helps him in terms of waging psychological warfare against opponents.

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Height 6ft 4in
Weight 235
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PrYde Wrestling
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Background Information

Very little is known of the mysterious enigma known as Skorp. Of the little information that is known, it is evident that the young man has endured a hellacious and troubled past. Nothing more is known though, as only Skorp knows the details and never reveals them. Skorp never gives interviews and seemingly shuns human interaction, as he is always sitting in the dark in contemplation, always alone. Skorp's main goal in life is his faith. The young man holds an absolutely fanatical devotion to a deity known only as "The Higher One" and will do absolutely anything in this god's name. Skorp is constantly speaking of something called "The Grand Design" and the necessity of following it. In this troubled soul also lies an incredible danger. Skorp is one of the most dangerous people alive, as he literally despises the human race with every fiber of his being. To Skorp, sin has polluted "Mother Earth" and ruined it, which Skorp blames on human beings, calling them the ultimate source of sin. Skorp's desire is the resurrection of Eden, and to him, the only way to accomplish this is the swift and immediate eradication of anyone who fails to follow the faith. This fanaticism and hatred yields way to Skorp's great durability and tenacity. Skorp will gladly put his own body through mutilation if it meant causing pain to a sinner. Skorp believes all humans without faith to be inferior, and thus will never yield any semblance of power to them. One such example is submission. Skorp will not submit. Ever. To anyone. He sees this as defiant of the faith and therefore would rather burn in the flames of hell than see it happen. Skorp literally believes in his mind that he himself is not human, but rather a denizen of the gods. While obviously untrue, this belief instills in Skorp a type of power, as it allows him to injure and cripple without the slightest sense of mercy. Skorp is as psychotic as they come and a threat to anyone he may come across. If at all possible, Skorp should be avoided.

Anything Goes Wrestling Federation & Burning Desire Wrestling

Skorp first appeared in the professional wrestling world on August 20th, 2001, debuting in a tiny independent federation known as the Anything Goes Wrestling Federation. While maintaining his trademark aura of mystery the entire time, Skorp quickly accelerated through the ranks of the federation, becoming one of the top wrestlers mere months into his career. His first title came later than year when he defeated The Demolisher for the AGWF Intercontinental Championship. He would hold this same title for over 10 months, resulting in the longest AGWF Intercontinental Title reign in history. While Intercontinental Champion, Skorp once again came into the history books when he defeated Lord Pyro for the AGWF Hardcore Championship, becoming the only man in company history to hold two titles at once.

After relinquishing the Hardcore Title, Skorp began to focus on the AGWF Heavyweight Championship while still defending his Intercontinental Title. Eventually, the radical religious zealot got what he wanted, when he defeated the reigning champion Havok in 2002 to claim the title. He would lose that title around 6 months later in a major upset to The Pimp, but quickly regained the title only a week later in the rematch. During this time, Skorp also found tag title gold when he won the AGWF Tag Team Titles with a man known as Snake. Despite being longtime rivals and having an intense hatred for one another, the two managed to form a formidable tag team due to their naturally similar fighting styles. The AGWF folded soon afterwards, with Skorp holding both the AGWF Heavyweight and AGWF Tag Team Titles upon its closure.

The federation quickly became reborn as Burning Desire Wrestling and recognized Skorp as both its Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion. Unfortunately, the financial situations of the new federation were a lot more severe than the owners would let on and the promotion folded after only 5 months in existence. Skorp was the promotion’s only Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion.

Project Mayhem Wrestling

Skorp would resurface several months later in the renegade hardcore promotion known as Project Mayhem Wrestling. Known for it’s brutal death matches and bloody brawls, the fanatical religious fighter seemed to transition beautifully into his new world, holding an unbeaten streak of over 14 weeks before finally facing defeat. Unlike his previous forays into wrestling, Skorp did not quickly climb the ranks in the traditional manner thanks to PMW’s unique title known as the Anarchy Championship.

Created by the federation to even out chances of success, the Anarchy Championship was defended every show, regardless of if the champion was double-booked or not. If the champion amassed 4 consecutive wins, he would surrender the championship to the owner and in return be given a contract for a PMW World Heavyweight Title opportunity. Skorp quickly acquired the championship and amassed the 4 required wins, becoming only the 7th man in company history to do so. He would make the most of this opportunity, as would go on to defeat the champion Raine McCain and become the new PMW World Heavyweight Champion. He would defend this title for months before finally losing to Xeno in what many called the most brutal match in PMW history. A Doomsday Triple Cage Match covered in barbed wire and land mines spelled the end for Skorp in PMW, as he was thrown off the top through a stack of 5 tables to the floor, resulting in Xeno claiming the title. His injuries severe, Skorp was forced to take significant time off to heal and left the company shortly afterwards.

Pride & Honor Wrestling

The next sighting of Skorp in the wrestling world came over a year later when Skorp appeared in Pride & Honor Wrestling. Quickly making an impact, Skorp rose through the ranks quickly thanks to a newly remodeled physique and a massive overhaul of his style. Gone were the days of bloody brawls and fights, in its place was a unique hybrid of martial arts, high flying maneuvers, and power fighting, a combination that frustrated many opponents. He claimed his first championship when he defeated Harry Cockles for the PHW United States Championship and went on to defend it many times before encountering the man that would change PHW forever.

Around this time, Skorp met an individual by the name of Logan Darkholme. A wrestler also seemingly in tune with the darkness, Darkholme appeared to be a “good” version of Skorp, beloved by the fans and a devout believer in the inherent good of men. The two waged a brutal war over Skorp’s U.S. Championship, yet somehow the champion was able to retain. The feud ended seemingly out of nowhere however when Darkholme’s longtime rival Erik Murdock appeared in PHW. Quickly capturing the company’s Television Title, Murdock began to divert the attention of Darkholme while Skorp went his own way. After another successful succession of title defenses, Skorp vanished for several weeks, without a trace of where he might have gone.

During this same time, a mysterious individual in a cloak appeared in PHW and began manipulating Darkholme, taking advantage of a fragile psychological state. This individual preached of Darkholme’s internal rage and of the necessity of harnessing that power to achieve success. The preaching worked, as Darkholme went on a maniacal rampage, ending the careers of two fellow wrestlers in the process. Oddly enough however, Darkholme never once attempted to battle his hated rival Murdock, for reasons that soon became clear and changed PHW forever.

In October of 2005, Darkholme and Murdock appeared set to finally meet in the ring for the first time ever in PHW. It was to be a double header for Darkholme, as he was set to challenge for the PHW Tag Team Titles later that evening with a mystery partner. Before he could begin his match against Murdock however, the cloaked man appeared in the ring and somehow convinced them both to kneel in prayer. It was then he ripped off the cloak and revealed himself as Skorp, having converted the two blood rivals to his warped religious dogma. Later that evening, Skorp would team with Darkholme to win the PHW Tag Team Titles, once again making Skorp a double champion. That same night, the new PHW World Heavyweight Champion Ravnos joined the group, resulting in the formation of the Divine Descent, the most dominant stable in PHW history.

For months the Divine Descent ran through the promotion holding every championship the company offered. Ironically, Skorp exercised control over the three men despite not holding the ultimate gold. The power trip would not last for long however, as Darkholme soon grew distrusting of Skorp’s maniacal control and eventually broke free of the psychological bonds, vacating the tag titles and effectively breaking up Divine Descent. Enraged, Skorp challenged Darkholme to a match and was quickly defeated in one of the most extreme losses of his career. This clearly had an impact on him, as he soon after lost his United States Championship to the 44-year-old Joseph Torra in a monumental upset. Soon afterwards, unable to exercise control any longer and devoid of championship gold, Skorp quietly left the promotion to plot his next advance in the wrestling world.

Empire Wrestling Federation

His next foray into wrestling would be with the Empire Wrestling Federation. Again climbing the ranks quickly, Skorp would soon find championship gold once again in the EWF Trifecta Championship, a unique title defended exclusively in triple threat matches. As he had done in the past, Skorp made history by becoming the longest-reigning Trifecta Champion ever, relinquishing the belt only when he claimed a greater prize. Skorp relinquished his title when he laid claim to the EWF World Heavyweight Championship, again showing amazing progress for an individual only involved with wrestling for 3-4 years. This title win also began the shift in Skorp’s demeanor, as he became far more radical with his bizarre faith, going so far as to self-flagellate himself as punishment for losses. However, his activity within the promotion soon slowed as he became more and more enveloped in his religion. Ultimately this led to a rather uneventful end for his tenure in the EWF, as he left shortly after losing the title in a triple threat match where he wasn’t even involved in the decision. He never went after his rematch and left the company to “become closer to god”.

Triad Wrestling

Apparently finding himself once again, Skorp returned in 2006 when he became involved in an upstart independent promotion known as Triad Wrestling. Like so many times before, he climbed the ranks with incredible speed, debuting by defeating the current World Heavyweight Champion Leroy St. Croix in a non-title affair. He would soon get his rematch with the title on the line and took full advantage, laying claim to the TW World Heavyweight Championship only 2 months into his tenure. He would be the last champion however, as the company shut down mere months later due to managerial issues, once again leaving Skorp without a wrestling home.

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment

Enter Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment. Debuting in July of 2007, Skorp quickly made an impact with UWE with quick wins and decisive matches. Not surprisingly, he soon found title glory when he defeated Angelus for the UWE Intercontinental Title on August 28, 2007. Angelus would get the final word however; as he would win the company’s Royal Rumble and become the new World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 2. Skorp also found success at that same show however, as he would win the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, earning the right to challenge for the UWE World Heavyweight Title at any point within the next year. On December 10, 2007, Skorp lost his Intercontinental Title to James J. Now devoid of all honors except the Money In The Bank, the indication given is that Skorp has vanished from UWE on a quest described only as "a movement to become closer to god". After vainly attempting a comeback and losing the Money In The Bank, Skorp left the company, obviously dissatisfied with his standing among his faith and unable to compete with this lack of focus.

Pryde Wrestling

Skorp reappeared in Pryde Wrestling in February of 2008. Quickly ascending the ranks with unparalleled speed like so many times in the past, Skorp quickly established his dominance with dominant victories over former 2-time Pryde World Heavyweight Champion Trey Ortega, then number one contender Shatter-X, and former Pryde Anarchy Champion James Hughes. He was placed in the Pryde Rumble at the Ruthless Intentions pay-per view and was unlucky in that he drew the third entrance. Despite the overwhelming odds, Skorp lasted until the very end, becoming one of the final two men in the Rumble and losing a very close decision to Chris Moore by just barely hitting the floor first. The next week, Skorp took Moore and Justin Possible to the limit for the Pryde Evolution Title, however threw away a guaranteed title win by walking away from the ring, later noting that he did not want to succeed with the help of others. On April 5, 2008, Skorp won the promotion's Money In The Bank match at the Fatal Fool's Day pay-per view event by defeating Trey Ortega and Validus Eversor. Only time will tell when Skorp will utilize the title shot, which can be used at any point within the next year. On May 14, 2008, Skorp acquired his first title in PrYde when he successfully captured the belts by himself in a six-team Ladder Match after partner Claude Baptiste Rainer walked out on him to win the PrYde Xtreme Tag Team Titles. On May 29, Skorp and Claude Baptiste Rainer lost the tag titles when Skorp, apparently on instruction of his god, refused to come out to the ring and forced Rainer to defend the belts alone.

Finishing and signature moves

  • The Eliminator - (Psycho Driver)
  • The Suicidal Tendency - (Spiral Tap)
  • Eternal Damnation- (Modified Top Rope Powerbomb)
  • The Overflow- (Shooting Star Press into Guillotine Legdrop)

Championships and accomplishments

  • AGWF Heavyweight Champion (2x)
  • AGWF Intercontinental Champion
  • AGWF Hardcore Champion
  • AGWF Tag Team Champion (w/Snake)
  • BDW World Heavyweight Champion
  • BDW Tag Team Champion (w/Snake)
  • XIW World Heavyweight Champion
  • WXWF Universal Heavyweight Champion
  • PMW World Heavyweight Champion
  • PHW United States Champion
  • PHW Tag Team Champion (w/Logan Darkholme)
  • EWF World Heavyweight Champion
  • EWF Trifecta Champion
  • TW World Heavyweight Champion
  • UWE Intercontinental Champion
  • PrYde Xtreme Tag Team Champion (w/Claude Baptiste Rainer)

Entrance Musics

  • AGWF/BDW/PMW- "Runaway" by Linkin Park
  • PHW- "Prayer" by Disturbed
  • EWF/TW- "Architecture Of A Genocidal Nature" by Dimmu Borgir
  • UWE/Pryde- "The Human Stain" by Kamelot

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