Professional Wrestling Career


Skye Jones burst onto the wrestling scene of June 2002, appearing both on WOWZ as a wrestler and WZCW as valet to Sober Jimmy. By August of that year, she was crowned the new WOWZ champion, defeating Lolli to obtain the gold, but her stint as champion would be short lived as a rapidly exceeding debt claimed the company. She was never defeated for the title and still remains champion to this day, marking a five year long reign.


Now out of one job, Skye returned to the other, WZCW. For months, she played the role of manager and bartender to the drunk, but loveable, Sober Jimmy, accompanying him to the ring and cheering him on from the outside. But something yearned in her to begin wrestling again, and her hopes were finally realized when the company put on its first women’s match: Skye Jones vs. Vixxen. Unfortunately, history would be made in Vixxen’s honor that night, but it would not be the last we heard of the Baltimore beauty.

Soon, she would defeat Kid Disturbed for his Sick and Twisted championship, becoming the first woman ever to hold a predominately male title. Success would flourish around her, until Truth came into her title hunt, eventually stealing the gold after a two week defense.

But greener pastures lay ahead for Miss Jones. The next night, she faced Kane Ootsy in an Xtreme title match, capitalizing with a shooting star press onto his mangled body for the pin and her third championship win. Her reign would be one of success, until newcomer, Katia Denkova, jumped into the title scene. The two would eventually meet at Rapture, putting on one of the best women’s matches in history. Katia overcame the odds to win the title, leaving Skye an injured mess.

A month after receiving bruised ribs and a concussion from her match, Skye was back in action at Infusion, teaming with Cobain and Katia in a six person tag against La Costa Nostra. She came out victorious, and eventually gained a protégé from the match, Rianna Karvina. The newcomer soon became enamored with Skye, but the veteran had other intentions. Through a series of failed matches from her protégé, Skye turned on Rianna, setting up a match for the two at Exodus. Skye prevailed, but not without a hellacious fight from her opponent.


New opportunities would soon arise for the blonde bombshell. Soon after her epic battle with a rookie, she would soon be propelled into the World Heavyweight Title scene with the help of an unknown man. After being brainwashed by his ideas and philosophy, she took it upon herself to grow closer to the current World Champion, Cobain. Through seduction, manipulation and undying affection, she lured him into a trap of lust and betrayal, only to turn on him at the 100th Infusion show, setting up a match at Rumble in the Bronx III for his beloved title.

The match in itself was a classic, with many twists and turns from start to finish. But the pivotal point came when the masked man entered the ring, giving Cobain his finishing move, the F-5. He ripped off his mask, revealing himself to be none other than Irish Pride. One shooting star press later, and another title was in Skye Jones’ hands.

She eventually defended the title against competitors like Ryan English and Vinnie Lazarro, until hanging up her boots with the company in 2004.


Most of 2005 was spent recovering from a herniated disc in the cervical portion of her back. With wrestling taking a backseat to recovery, Skye managed to work with up and coming WCCW Superstars at their training facility in Miami, Florida, teaching them how to take bumps, as well as character development. It was not until Christmas time that she felt comfortable to get back in the ring, and unforunately for Skye, the death of her mother forced her to see that.

One week after her mothers death, she granted her final wishes by reclaiming her throne, entering the realms of BQWA.


Within three months, she was Women’s Champion, defeating Kelly Alexia for the title. A slew of other battles ensued, but she would meet her match in a newcomer named Harmony.

The two went to great lengths to prove their disdain for one another, even several attempts at murder. But the biggest shocker of all came when Harmony defeated Skye at Immortals V, stealing her title. Infuriated, Skye took her anger out on everyone who crossed her path, wrestlers and fans alike. She even went as far to attack a man in a parking lot, igniting a rage that would send her into Dolly Madison’s office. Now required to get assistance for her anger issues, Skye went into therapy for a month, then came back to BQWA a renewed woman.

Now a babyface, Skye Jones joined up with the biggest stable of them all: Regeneration X. The team rivaled with Generation Now, an equally dominant stable in sports entertainment. The two would clash at Powderkeg in a War Games match, only to meet again the next night at Meltdown in a TLC elimination match. Skye proved to be a huge asset to the team, even eliminating Generation Now’s cockiest member, Adam Edge. Harmony was next in line to be eliminated, which Skye did easily after hitting a shooting star press for her team’s victory.

The next portion in the Skye Jones saga would not be as glorious. Infuriated with her team’s loss the night before, Harmony set out to seek vengeance on her foe, even going as far as accusing Skye’s husband Andrew “Kip” Freeman of raping her. The accusations sent Skye’s spirit into a heaping mess, until she found out that they were a hoax. Now motivated to let justice prevail, she took it upon herself to turn the tables on her enemy, playing the mind games she became famous for.

The rivalry culminated at High Incident in a Last Woman Standing match for the BQWA Women’s Championship. With both Adam Edge and Kid Disturbed at ringside, the match lasted a staggering 25 minutes and ended with Skye administering a spinebuster on Harmony through a flaming table. She got up just in time to receive the Women’s title for a second time, a feat no other woman has accomplished.

After her title win, Skye was not put in an immediate feud. Instead, she focused on securing a relationship with Kid Disturbed, which was solidified after Ignition, where she retained her Women's Championship in a five pack elimination challenge. But a battle was brewing inside the mind of Jessie Baltos, who took it upon herself to issue a challenge to the Women's Champion and her cohort, Angelica Haze. After a brutual decimation of both divas, a hostage situation arose, with Jessie pointing the barrel of a gun in the direction of the entire women's locker room. Skye did not come out unscathed, sustaining a wound to the arm, but she left the situation alive, ready to take on her newest hindrance at Collision Course.


After a successful title defense at Collision Course, the Skye Jones/Jessie Baltos story continued, this time, getting more emotional with every week passing. In addition to being used with Jessie Baltos, Skye was also thrusted into the Kid Disturbed/Big Evil feud, posing as the centerpiece for their rivalry.

Alas, Jessie defeated Skye at the PPV, and Skye was without a title. Contemplating retirement, at the first Meltdown after Collision Course, Skye Jones announced to her fans that she would indeed be hanging up her boots. Tears were shed worldwide, until DXkid came back from a long absence, preventing Skye from leaving. He would soon challenge her to a match at Hell's Fury, an icon vs. a legend. Skye agreed to participate, and the fans rejoiced in her decision to stay with the company.

In the meantime, Skye faced male competitors, such as Adam Edge, and on a special addition of Meltdown, Rowdy Roddy Piper stepped into BQWA's halls and made a match later on that night for Skye to take on Halo for his title, making her the first woman ever to get a World Title shot in BQWA. Unfortunately, she lost the bout, but the next night at Hell's Fury, she was victorious beyond words. By implementing the Sharpshooter, Skye became only the second person in history to make DXKid tap out, a feat that sent shockwaves through the locker room and world alike.

The next Friday on Meltdown, however, held a somber tone. Skye came out to a Parisian crowd and announced to the world that she might be pregnant. Kid Disturbed soon trotted to the ring, preparing to rejoice alongside his girlfriend, but soon, Skye announced the biggest shock of all: it might not be his child. Angered, yet curious to who the other man was, Kid demanded to know the truth, and he got it in the form of Adam Edge. It was soon revealed that the two were trapped on an elevator together and thus created a sensual encounter.

After being ordered to take a pregnancy test within 24 hours by Dolly Madison, Skye delivered the news on the next Meltdown, that she was not with child. Ever the opportunist, Skye weaseled her way into the number one contenders slot for the Women's Title at Nemesis, sharing the position with her former foe, Harmony, who was also Adam Edge's girlfriend and a very mad one at that. The two would later duke it out that evening, with AE as the special guest referee. Everything seemed to run smoothly through the match, Harmony mainly taking out her frustrations on Skye, until the very end, when Adam Edge speared Harmony. Thinking that he had chosen her side, Skye ran up to him to rejoice, but received a Head Check tornado DDT instead. With both women laid flat out on the mat, AE had made his decision. He would take neither of them. Instead, waiting out in a car, was his longtime girlfriend, Kelly Alexia. The two drove off together into the night and away from the company.

With no hope left to live, Harmony attempted suicide, only to have her once foe make her step down from the ledge and cradle her in her arms. Now aligned by a common enemy, Skye and Harmony have joined forces with one goal in mind: to dethrone the current champion, Jessie Baltos at BQWA's next pay per view, Nemesis. But, of course, fate intervened that night, and Skye found herself at the mercy of Miss Baltos. Jessie got the three count, retaining her championship after Harmony accidentally hit Skye with her Perfect Cadence Spear. Afterwards, Harmony attempted to help her friend to her feet, only to be planted with a tornado DDT. Skye's true colors came back to haunt wrestling that night, and as soon as they arrived, so did the third chapter of Harmony vs. Skye.

It began innocently enough, but within days, it took a turn for the worse. Skye left a mark on Harmony's psyche by blowing up her family home and killing Chip, the family's chocolate lab. In the weeks to come, she would trap Alice Scott, Harmony's mother, in a morgue chamber, torture her 16 year old sister, Faith, in Harmony's presence, and eventually plot Harmony's own demise. It wasn't until Harmony stepped up her game that Skye ceased all of her plans. Creeping into her bedroom window late at night with a knife in hand, Harmony methodically watched her as she slept, then almost committed the worst sin of all. Skye woke up the next morning with a knife on her pillow, pieces of her hair missing, and an eerie quote written on the mirror in lipstick. "'He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.' - Lao Tzu. I could have done, but I didn't. See you at Immortals, bitch."

It was these events that made Harmony request a match with Skye at Immortals, a three stages of hell's match. While the stipulation regarding the falls is yet to be announced, the third time may be the charm for these talented divas.

And it was. Immortals rolled in with a bang, Skye winning the first fall of the match, thus being able to pick the stipulation for the second fall. It was something near and dear to her heart: hardcore. The two ladies battled backstage, used various objects to torment each other, and eventually made their way back into the ring, where Harmony was able to garner the win for a second fall.

Now being able to pick the final stipulation, the wrestling world let out a collective gasp, as Harmony announced the match would be an "I Quit" stipulation, with a twist: the loser would have to quit the company. Skye took on the challenge with a demented head, going as far as to attempt to set Harmony on fire during the match, ending not only her career, but her life. But in the end, it was Skye who was physically beaten to her breaking point, being powerbombed into staging equipment, followed by a 450 Splash from her opponent. Soon thereafter, she uttered the words "I quit" and her fate was sealed. Skye Jones officially retired from wrestling on August 17, 2007.

In Wrestling

Championships and Accomplishments

Former WOWZ Champion (2002)

Former WZCW Custom Champion (2003)

Former WZCW X-treme Champion (2003)

Former WCCW World Champion (2004)

Former 2x BQWA Women’s Champion (2006)

WZCW Female of the Year (2003)

WZCW Promo of the Year - Skye Jones: Confidential (2003)

WZCW Match/Feud of the Year - Skye Jones vs. Katia Denkova at Rapture (2003)

WCCW Heel of the Year - shared with Vinnie Lazarro (2004)

BQWA Female of the Year (2006)

Best Feud of the Year - shared with Harmony (2006)

Best Match of the Year - writing honors shared with Adam Edge (2006)

Trademark Moves

1. Spiritually Scorned (Standing Shooting Star Press)

2. Fall From Grace (tornado ddt)

3. Gentle Demise (Victoria Sideslam)

4. Crumbling Innocence (Rolling Thunder with Cartwheel instead of front flips)

5. Handspring to face crusher (Molly Holly style)

Finishing Moves

Primary Finisher - Femme Fetale (powerbomb to facecrusher)

Secondary Finisher: The Skye is the Limit (Shooting Star Press)

Theme Songs

Current: "Tearing Away" by Drowning Pool

Past themes:

"Dani California" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

"(You Shook Me) All Night Long" by AC/DC

"Limitless, Endless" by Brody Dalle

"Hell in High Heels" by Mötley Crüe

"Tear Away" by Drowning Pool

"Control" by Puddle of Mudd

Wrestlers Managed

  • Sober Jimmy
  • Kid Disturbed
  • Cobain
  • Irish Pride
  • Rianna Karvina


- Was born Skylar Elizabeth Jones

- Is an strong animal advocate

- She was married to Andrew "Kip" Freeman for over a year (They separated in late 2006)

- Considers humor to be the sexiest quality in a man.

- She has a rottweiler named Sadie

- Has a bachelors of science in Psychology.

- Is friends with on-screen rivals Harmony and Adam Edge outside of the federation.

- Loves Mexican food

- Claims her sweet tooth often craves Sour Patch Kids.

- Plans to become a trainer after her wrestling career expires.

- Considers Shawn Michaels to be the person who inspired her to wrestle.

- Appeared in the 2006 smash "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby".

- Says the person she would like to take on the most is Amy "Lita" Dumas, because she knows she'd win.

In mid August, Skye did in fact face Dumas at a CMLL show in Mexico. Although the match was not televised, she did live up to her promise to beat the former Diva.

- Has noted feuds with: Lolli, Truth, Kid Disturbed, Cobain, Rianna Karvina, Vinnie Lazarro, Ryan English, Harmony, Adam Edge, Katia Denkova, and Jessie Baltos.

- Is a self-proclaimed Mickie James freak.

- Halloween is her favorite holiday

- Is of English, Scottish and Polish decent

- Has never met her real father.

- Considers her legs to be her greatest asset

- Will participate in the very first Last Woman Standing match at High Incident.

- On November 1, she became the first two-time BQWA Women's Champion, defeating Harmony.

- Was defeated at Immortals VI, forcing her to retire.

Personal life

After being abandoned by her father at birth, Skye was raised by her mother and sister, Lena. Tragically, Lena died at the age of 18 in a drunk driving accident, leaving Skye to live the rest of her life without a companion. She has since been a strong advocate against driving drunk and is seen at numerous charity events for the cause.

Skye is currently married to Andrew Freeman. The pair celebrated their second anniversary last June and currently reside in Asheboro, North Carolina. They own a Rottweiler named Sadie, who is two years old.

As of October 2007, Skye announced she is pregnant with her first child.

Further Information

[1] Skye's Myspace

[2] BQWA

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