Slade Craven
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Weight 235 lbs
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As a young boy Slade Craven looked up to one man in wrestling and his name was Jeff Hardy. Slade studied the things Hardy did in the ring and overtime learned how to use them on his own. At the time Slade was breaking into wrestling he didn't have much knowledge of the sport and relied on the guidance of Assassin and many others in the beginning of his career. Slade had a way to connect with the fans, becoming a fast-rising crowd favorite and quickly becoming known as the Main Man around the wrestling circuit.
Craven was nothing more than a daredevil who would jump off of anything no matter how high up it was or what was waiting for him on the ground. Of course Slade's favorite weapons would be ladders chairs & tables but he would also find his new favorite weapon, light bulbs. As stated before Slade would leap off anything. This was never more clear than the night Slade leaped off a hell in a cell going through a table and still managing to win the match. Though most would say Slade's career will be a short one he doesn't seem to care, as long as he has fun and gets to fly.

Slade Personal Website

Career Highlights

  • ECFW Intercontinental Champion (2x's)
  • EWE Tag Champion
  • EWE International Champion
  • EWE X Core Champion
  • TCW Tag Champion
  • PCW World Champion (3x's)
  • PCW Tag Champion (2x's)
  • EEW World Champion
  • EEW Hardcore Champion
  • EEW Tag Champion
  • PCW World Champion (Phoenix Champion Wrestling)
  • ECFW Tag Team Champion (2x)
  • WAW Tag team Champion
  • ECFW Hall of Famer

Other Information

  • Slade Craven's entrance music is "The Way You Like It" by Adema
  • Slade Craven loves to give the fans exactly what they want.
  • Slade is a founding member of the Ass Kickers Anonymous (The A.K.A.)

Mercy Driver

The Mercy Driver is Slade's Finisher
The Mercy Driver is wheel barrel catch into front face sweep

Cliq Kick

Slade's second finisher is the Cliq Kick
The Cliq Kick is a Super Kick

Craven Effect

The Craven Effect is Slade's third finisher.
The Craven Effect is a reverse spinning neckbreaker

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