So Ryung Park
Real Name 박내령(Park So-Ryung)
Ring Name(s)So Ryung Park
Previous Ring Name(s)Miss Naked
NicknamesGreen Giant
Height7 ft 2 in
Weight240 lbs
BornMarch 18th, 1986
Place of BirthUnknown; rumored to be North Korea
Current ResidenceJapan
DebutFWA: 2005
Entrance ThemeDUMMY - Aucifer

So Ryung Park is a Korean born professional wrestler. She was a former manager in the American indy scene. She now works for Olive Japan: FWA.

Signature & finishing moves

  • Finishing moves
    A Walk in the Park (Powerbomb Whip)
  • Signature moves
    Big Boot
    Side Effect
    Running Knee


Little is known about Park's true origins, as she remains tight-lipped about her past. There has been much speculation, however.

Early Life

According to a well-sourced rumor, she was born in North Korea. At the age of eight, her family, apparently tired of the propaganda and meager existence allowed from the Communist regime in power, attempted to defect to China. While their attempt for asylum did succeed in crossing the border, the Chinese government, fearful of North Korea's reaction, caught them and sent them back. As a result, her entire immediate family was executed. She, however, was merely imprisoned.


During her imprisonment, she was experimented on medically. To this day the reason remains unknown. Those experiments would have numerous profound lasting effects on her life.

"Happiness Team"

When she was of the age of 16, she began to be groomed to become part of the leaderships infamous "Happiness Teams." When when the experiment's side effects began to show, they sold her to a sexual freak show exhibit. Details after this become shady, but it is assumed that she somehow got away and ended up in the United States.

Effects of her Experience

The most obvious effects of the experiments performed on her are her larger than normal size and strength, as well as her distinctive green skin. As for the pink/purple color of her hair, it is unknown whether this is also an effect of the experiments, or if she simply dyes her hair. Also, it is unknown as to the extent of the effect, if any, her experience had on her psychologically.

Park's Account

Park has repeatedly denied these rumors, saying that she was born and raised in South Korea, her skin color is the result of a permanent tan treatment (whatever it is, it is most definitely NOT makeup), and her size is simply a genetic anomaly. It should be known that this denial could simply be a result of fear of being recaptured and taken back to the North.

Indy Scene & Olive Japan: FWA

By claiming that she was trained by a local indy wrestler, she was able to get her foot in the door of the business. Originally booked as a heel manager, she quickly gained in popularity. This gain was so great that she was eventually booked as in-ring talent, and got a positive reaction from most audiences.

She was eventually recruited to the Reiko Hikawa's Female Wrestling Association (FWA) shortly before it merged with New Olive Japan Pro-Wrestling to become Olive Japan: FWA. She tends to get a heel reaction in Japan, while still maintaining a face reaction whenever the group has shows in the States.

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